How To Write A Practice Manager Resume (Example And Skills)

Updated 21 April 2023

A practice manager oversees various business activities in a medical office or clinic. Their daily responsibilities include managing business operations, finances, human resources and inventory. While hiring, an organisation often evaluates your resume to assess your work history to see if you have leadership qualities and excellent communication skills. In this article, we learn what a practice manager resume is, explore the skills you may highlight on your resume and review a template and example to help you write a compelling one.

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What Is A Practice Manager Resume?

A practice manager resume is a document that allows you to highlight your educational qualifications, work experience and skills. With this document, you can summarise your professional accomplishments and highlight awards you have won and the academic achievements you have earned. To work as a practice manager, it is often essential to have varied skills, such as those in leadership, teamwork, management, communication and problem-solving. Referencing a skill set that applies to the job description enhances your chances of getting hired. A comprehensive but brief resume typically allows you to leave a positive impression on a hiring manager.

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How To Write A Resume For A Practice Manager Role?

Here are some steps you may follow to write an impressive resume:

1. Examine the job description

Examining the job description before writing your resume helps you better understand the requirements of a job. Recognising these requirements and writing a resume that aligns with the job description typically gives you a better chance of getting a job. To do so, you can note down some key responsibilities associated with the job and then describe how you are the perfect candidate to perform these tasks. You may want to select some keywords from the job description and put them on your resume to make it more searchable.

2. Include your contact information

Including contact information on your resume helps a hiring manager contact you about the position. At the top of your resume, you can insert your contact details, such as your full name, mobile number, home address and e-mail. Consider using a different font size for this section so that it is easily seen by a hiring manager. Below is an example of contact information on a resume:

Bijin Bhanwadia
Number 10, Shantiniketan Society, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, India, 110063

3. Write a resume objective or a summary

A resume objective or a summary is a statement that defines your strengths, skills and experiences. This usually includes two or three lines, which set the context for the rest of the resume. It is often beneficial to communicate your qualifications and strengths in this section. Using action verbs, such as dedicated, disciplined and motivated typically enhances your resume. Here is an example of a resume summary:

Motivated practice manager with a record of accomplishments that span over a decade. Disciplined and results-oriented healthcare professional with experience in both hospital and clinical environments. Adept at solving problems, thinking critically, communicating objectively and motivating staff.

4. Highlight your education and work experience

Following the resume objective, you can highlight your educational qualifications and work experience. Write your educational achievements in reverse-chronological order, starting with the most recent. It is important to include the name of the educational programme, the name of the institute where you studied and the programme's start and end dates. After this, you can list your jobs in order, starting with your most recent work experience. It helps to mention the employer's name, your designation, the length of employment and your key responsibilities. You can also include awards and certifications in these sections. The example below can guide you:


Certified Veterinary Practice Manager
India MediCentre Online Training Institute, New Delhi
July 2012–November 2012

Bachelor of Business Administration
State College of Business Administration, New Delhi
August 2009–July 2012

  • Received silver medal for academic excellence

  • Attended a risk management conference and received a participation certificate from the School of Global Practice Management

Work Experience

Senior Practice Manager
Care Institute of Haryana
Gurugram, Haryana
February 2014–January 2016

  • Supervised maintenance activities to enhance medical standards of practice

  • Promoted internal marketing programmes to boost the patient visitation rate

  • Contributed to the development of culture aligning with the values of the practice

5. Highlight your skills

This section can help you highlight your soft and technical skills. You can mention the skills that apply to your career as a practice manager with bullet points to make this section highly scannable for the hiring manager. To give your resume more impact, consider keeping it under two pages. The example below shows how to highlight your skills in bullet points:

  • Maintain accurate financial records for the practice owner

  • Develop and implement a range of practice policies and procedures

  • Maintain patient and practise confidentiality at all times

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Resume Template For A Practice Manager

Here is a useful template for creating a resume for the job title of practice manager:

Contact information

[Your full name]
[Your address]
[Your phone number]
[Your e-mail]


[One to three sentences briefly describing your skills, qualifications, career goals and work experience]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Company's location]
[Dates worked]
[Two to four key responsibilities]


[Name of institution and location]
[Dates attended]
[Use bullet points to list any awards won]


[Mention a few relevant practice manager skills]


[Use bullet points to list any certifications you have earned and memberships you have signed up for]


[Scholarship or awards in competitive exams]

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Example Of A Resume For A Practice Manager

Here is an example of a resume for the post of practice manager:

Contact information

Bijin Bhanwadia
Number 10, Shantiniketan Society, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, India, 110063


Motivated and disciplined practice manager with nine years of experience in the management of business operations, financial records, human resources and quality assurance. Skilled in business maintenance, marketing, public relations and resource planning to meet organisational targets. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, including the ability to engage and motivate others.

Work experience

Senior Practice Manager
MediServe Corporation India
Gurugram, Haryana
February 2013–January 2015

  • Developed and maintained business continuity and asset register

  • Monitored the cleanliness and accessibility of practice rooms

  • Led risk management and quality improvement processes

Practice Manager
WorldWide Medi-Limited, India
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
January 2011–January 2013

  • Developed a schedule for hospital and vehicle maintenance

  • Designed and implemented safety and security regulations

  • Promoted a client-centred environment and resolved staff issues


Bachelor of Business Administration
College of Business Administration, New Delhi
August 2007–July 2010


  • Understands the value of teamwork and a cooperative working environment

  • Shows enthusiasm and determination to perform as necessary

  • Establishes and maintains effective professional relationships

  • Identifies and implements innovative service improvements

  • Excellent at record keeping and file maintenance


  • Won the first prize in the all-India project management contest, 2009

  • Earned a ₹5 lakh scholarship from MediTech and Management Foundation, 2008

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Common Practice Manager Skills

A practice manager is adept at multitasking and possesses strong financial and accounting skills. They realise the importance of understanding the varied health and safety standards of the medical sector. They also have excellent computer skills. Here are some other common practice manager skills you might develop and highlight on your resume:


Working as a practice manager means taking over the responsibilities of managing a medical facility and leading a team. A practice manager helps their team to organise their work and motivates them to achieve a common goal. Decisiveness, conflict resolution, delegating tasks and team building are important elements of management.


An organised professional ensures timely completion of work and completes routine tasks without issues. These skills help a practice manager structure, order and prioritise different activities daily. They also possess analytical thinking and excellent time management skills.


A practice manager engages with clients and staff daily. To do this efficiently, they employ their communication skills to give and receive a variety of information. Some of the essential components of effective communication are listening, speaking, observing and empathising.


Negotiation skills play an important role in dealing with suppliers, consultants and service providers. Knowing how to negotiate helps these professionals ensure the lowest possible costs on supplemental services, such as removal of waste and buying utilities and office supplies. These skills also help practice managers when hiring new employees.

Conflict resolution

Occasionally, a practice manager may deal with disputes between patients and physicians or patients and their insurance companies. Conflict resolution skills allow them to intervene and amicably resolve these issues. Resolving conflicts also helps a practice manager to maintain a balanced work environment, which is both safe and inviting.

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