Guide To Writing A Preschool Teacher Resume Objective

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Updated 4 March 2023

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A resume objective helps employers know more about your interests, skills and professional goals. As a preschool teacher, you can consider including a strong objective to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Knowing what to include in a resume objective for a preschool teacher can help you improve your chances of securing a job interview In this article, we define a preschool teacher resume objective, discuss when to include it, explore the steps for writing one and share a few examples you can use as reference.

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What Is A Preschool Teacher Resume Objective?

A preschool teacher resume objective is a high-level resume paragraph that outlines your professional goals and specifies the role you are looking for in your next position. Though it is an objective, you can include your prior experiences, relevant skills and unique capabilities that highlight your suitability for the position. Candidates with no or limited previous experience can use resume objectives to highlight their transferable skills relevant to the role.

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When To Include An Objective In Your Preschool Teacher Resume

The resume objective section is optional. If you are an experienced professional with prior experience as a preschool teacher, you can include a professional summary to better describe your critical skills and experiences. You can opt for an objective during these scenarios:

  • You are searching for your first job. If you are a recent graduate with no prior experience, you can use it to express your initiative to develop the right skill-set for the role.

  • You are switching careers. If you have previously worked in a similar role and wish to transition to a preschool teacher, you can use the objective to highlight how your current skills are relevant to the new position.

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How to write a resume objective for a preschool teacher

You can follow these tips to write an engaging objective that impresses recruiters:

1. Highlight your skills and career goals

Start the objective by including two to three critical skills relevant to the position. Even if you have no experience as a preschool teacher, you can specify your current skills that match the required skills for the role. Describe your skills and career goals with strong action words to maximise the impact.

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2. Describe your contribution to the employer

Besides explaining your skills, you can explain how you plan to use your knowledge and abilities to help the preschool achieve its goals. This shows that you add value to your potential employer and can help boost your profile during the selection process. Ensure you tailor the objective to the specific position and the educational institution to make it more engaging.

3. Quantify your skills

Avoid first-person pronouns and subjective language in the objective section. Instead, use numbers and facts to quantify your skills and experience. For example, instead of stating, Experienced preschool teacher, you can make it more effective by saying, Certified preschool teacher with 3+ years of experience working in a senior kindergarten classroom.

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4. Keep it short and simple

Keep the objective short, preferably within two to three sentences or about fifty words. Avoid using complicated words and technical jargon as it can make the objective confusing to read. Instead, use simple words that add value without confusing the reader.

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Writing Resume Objectives For Different Scenarios

Here are some common scenarios and tips on how to write the objective statement in each situation:

For freshers

Candidates with no prior experience and who are just getting started on their career can include the following information in the objective statement:

  • Strong trait

  • Key skills

  • Position and name of the preschool to which you are applying for

  • The value you add to the employer

Example: Motivated and passionate graduate with solid time management and organisational skills. Seeking to join Tiny Tots playschool as a teaching assistant to help provide students with individual attention and develop their creativity.

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For Graduates With Preschool Teacher Training Certification

If you have completed the relevant formal training required for preschool teachers, you can start the objective by mentioning the certification name and explaining how it equips you for the role. You can also include your educational qualifications and explain how you plan to use your acquired skill-set to add value to the employer.

Example: Motivated graduate with a Bachelor's in Education and with a diploma in preschool teaching from Chennai University. Looking to fill a position as a preschool teacher at Newman's Learning Centre. Keen to use my strong teaching and creativity skills to help students progress in their early learning assessments.

For career changers

If you have prior experience in a related field but no professional experience as a preschool teacher, you can begin the objective with a strong trait followed by your current job title. Next, describe your transferable skills and relevant experience and show how you can use these skills to add value to your future employer.

Example: Diligent and dedicated child care assistant with 4+ years of experience working at an urban daycare centre in Bengaluru. Seeking to leverage my skills in child growth and development to coach and train young children as a preschool teacher at Tiny Tots Play School, Hyderabad.

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Resume Objective Template For Preschool Teachers

You can personalise the following template to create a compelling objective section:

[Strong verb] + [job title] with [skill/certification/educational qualifications relevant to the position]. Looking to utilise my [months/years of experience relevant to the job description] at [preschool/educational institution you are applying to] to help with [explain how you add value to the employer.]

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15 Examples Of Resume Objectives For Preschool Teachers

Here are a few sample resume objectives that you can use as inspiration while writing your preschool teacher resume:

  1. An early childhood teacher with 3+ years of experience in a Montessori preschool seeks a position at Kinderbuds school to utilise my skills and knowledge of early childhood education.

  2. Friendly and motivated college graduate seeks a position as a preschool teacher at Trivandrum global school. Looking to utilise my love of children and early education skills to provide preschoolers with the confidence to graduate to higher classes. Have prior experience working in a daycare and a strong understanding of the Montessori classroom structure.

  3. Experienced preschool teacher seeks a teaching position in a kindergarten with small classrooms to provide one-on-one attention to students. Proven communication skills and a desire to continue my education and gain new skills to deliver my responsibilities effectively.

  4. Skilled and patient child-loving preschool teacher with 10+ years of experience working in kindergarten settings. Talented in connecting with young learners and using different teaching methodologies based on the individual interests of each child.

  5. KLAY and CENTA® certified preschool teacher with 5+ years of experience working in kindergarten classrooms. Helped improve parent satisfaction scores by 20% in my previous role. Skilled in teaching methodologies and public speaking.

  6. Dedicated and passionate graduate with volunteer teaching experience at daycare centres. Strong work ethic, warm personality and skilled in classroom management techniques.

  7. Highly energetic and committed preschool teacher with strong academic background and practical experience in early learning methodologies. Seeking the position of preschool teaching lead at Early Academy to apply my strong teaching knowledge to help students achieve their highest learning potential.

  8. A highly motivated and passionate early learning teacher with three years of teaching experience in playschools in Chennai. Seeking a permanent teaching position at Budding Tots Playschool Chennai to provide phonics and early reading lessons to kindergartners.

  9. Certified phonics trainer, seeking to start my career as a preschool teacher at Tiny Tots Early Learning Centre. Passionate about helping students build their confidence and develop a love for learning.

  10. Friendly and fun art school graduate with a passion for pencil sketching and watercolour painting, looking for a position where I can use my artistic skills to build and inspire the creativity of young students.

  11. Passionate and dedicated Montessori graduate looking for an opportunity as a preschool teacher where I can employ my knowledge of early childhood development to help young learners begin their academic journey.

  12. Enthusiastic individual with a love for children, seeking the position of preschool teacher at New Steps Academy, Delhi. Looking to implement my strong organisational skills and knowledge of child development to create a child-centred curriculum in my classroom.

  13. Energetic professional with certification in first aid, looking to work as a preschool teacher at Steps Playschool, Bengaluru. Offering my firm knowledge of early learning and child development to assist the growth of young learners.

  14. Passionate team player with a diploma in Early Childhood Education. Looking to leverage my attention to detail and creativity to help in the growth of young learners.

  15. Graduate in Literature with one year of experience teaching early learners. Seeking to apply my skills as a playschool teacher to support the growth and development of young learners.

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