Preschool Teaching Resume Skills And How To Improve Them

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 2 July 2022

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Preschool teachers play an important role in helping children build strong educational foundations in their early years. This requires skills to teach students, manage them in the classroom and help them develop their cognitive and motor skills. If you want to become a preschool teacher, learning about the skills to highlight in your resume can help you secure a job. In this article, we discuss the meaning of preschool teaching resume skills, explore a list of these skills, understand how you can develop them, look at them in the workplace and learn how you can highlight them.

What Are Preschool Teaching Resume Skills?

Preschool teaching resume skills are a set of skills and capabilities that recruiters look for while hiring a preschool teacher. These skills help preschool teachers create lesson plans for students, provide instructions, teach them different skills and create a fun learning environment for them. Some of these skills include the ability to manage a classroom, communicate with children, be patient with them and play with them. These skills may also help preschool teachers coordinate with parents and administrators to ensure that the children are ready for kindergarten.

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Examples Of Preschool Teaching Resume Skills

Here is a list of skills that are important for preschool teachers:


One of the most important skills for a preschool teacher is the ability to communicate well. This includes communicating with children, parents, colleagues and the management. Excellent communication skills make it easy to understand a child better and respond in the right manner. This skill can help preschool teachers teach difficult concepts to students in a simplified manner. It also helps teachers communicate about a child's progress with their parents and colleagues so that they can create an improvement plan. You can mention this skill under the strengths section of your resume.


Often, preschool teachers may work together in teams to take care of students in a class. They may organise events for children like picnics, annual functions and competitions. Being able to collaborate and work in teams can help preschool teachers create a warm and constructive environment for children. While collaborating, it is important for teachers to create plans and timetables together and work towards a common goal. Collaborating and helping each other can make it easier for preschool teachers to manage large groups of students. mentioning this skill in your resume shows the recruiter that you are a team player.

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In a nursery, each student may have different emotional needs. Some students may be quiet and playful, while others may be naughty and stubborn. Some students may ask teachers a lot of questions, while some may be very energetic. Being patient is very important for preschool teachers so that they can handle such students calmly. It can help them understand each student, pay attention to them individually and answer their questions. By mentioning this skill in your resume, you show the recruiter that you understand the importance of patience while handling children.


Creativity can help preschool teachers create interesting lesson plans for students that help develop their creative skills. They can use this skill to develop immersive activities for children and keep them engaged. Teachers can use their creativity to identify innovative solutions to problems that may arise in the classroom. You can mention this ability in the skills section of your resume.


It is important for preschool teachers to be enthusiastic and full of energy while handling students in the classroom. It can help them match the energy levels of children and pay attention to their different needs. You can mention this under the strengths section of your resume to show the recruiter that you can utilise your energy on the job.


In preschools, there may be students who face issues at home. These students may require extra attention and kindness from their teachers in school. By being empathetic, preschool teachers can try to understand the emotional state of children and respond accordingly. This ability in preschool teachers can help improve a child's self-worth and confidence. By mentioning this skill in your resume, you can show the recruiter that you understand the importance of empathy in a preschool teacher's job.


While it is important for preschool teachers to be kind, it is equally important for them to be strict. It ensures that students listen to them and follow their instructions. It also helps them understand that even in fun environments, some behaviours like hitting, biting or fighting are unacceptable. Being strict also helps teachers ensure they can manage their class with fewer distractions. Mentioning this skill in your resume tells the recruiter that you are aware of the challenges of the job.

How To Improve Your Preschool Teaching Skills?

Here are some steps that you can take to improve your preschool teaching skills:

1. Get qualified

One of the best ways to improve your teaching skills is to undergo professional training. It is important to gain formal education as the minimum eligibility criteria to become a preschool teacher is graduation. After your graduation, you can enrol for a one-year diploma course in Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) to become a preschool teacher. There are several other teacher training programs that can help you gain the skills required to become a preschool teacher.

If you have a Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) degree you can also teach higher classes in the future. These formal courses help you learn about teaching methodologies, children's education, nursery level subjects and communication. Through a structured learning environment, you can develop the skills and knowledge that you may require handling children as a preschool teacher.

2. Practise your skills

Once you are certified, it is important to apply your skills and practise them regularly. You can apply your learnings to children in your family and neighbourhood. It may be a good idea to organise play times for the children and try to manage them. You can also interact with their parents, understand children's behaviour and learn what parents expect from preschool teachers.

3. Learn from observation

Another great way to improve your skills and learn about new ones is by observing other preschool teachers at work. If you know someone who is a preschool teacher, you can ask for their guidance and tips. If the preschool they work for permits, accompany them to work and help them manage children. You can also enrol in a short internship after your education so that you can learn to apply your preschool teacher skills under supervision.

Preschool Teaching Skills In The Workplace

Here are different ways in which you can apply your preschool teacher skills at your workplace:

  • Work in teams - Sit with other teachers and plan activities for children together, even if you handle different classes. This can help you brainstorm and identify unique ideas to keep children engaged.

  • Communicate with your peers - Sometimes your colleagues may face the same difficulties as you or may have experience handling children with special needs. Communicating with them and learning from their experience can help you.

  • Apply your creativity - You can identify innovative solutions to workplace problems and conflicts by applying your creativity. It can also help you identify different ways of creating schedules, managing students and engaging with parents.

How To Highlight Your Skills For Preschool Teaching?

When you are applying for a preschool teacher's job, it is important to highlight your skills wherever possible so that your recruiter notices them. Here are different ways of highlighting your skills while applying for a preschool teacher's job:

On your resume

Try to mention your skills in different sections of your resume. You can include some of the abilities that can help you perform your responsibilities under the skills section, like collaboration and strictness. You can then mention the other skills that can help you do well at your job under strengths like patience and empathy. Instead of mentioning your skills in single words, you can use bullet points and highlight how you can use them while handling children.

In the cover letter

Use your cover letter to elaborate on your skills and experience as a preschool teacher. You can explain how your previous experience or education helped you develop the skills required to become a preschool teacher. Explain how you can use your capabilities to help children prepare for kindergarten and form their educational foundation.

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During your interview

In your interview, you can present situational examples where you faced challenges at work and how you addressed them using your skills. Use this opportunity to include any other ability that can help you do well. You can also tell the recruiter how you plan to contribute to their organisation through your role as a preschool teacher.

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