How To Write A Production Supervisor Resume (With Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 28 May 2022

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Production supervisors oversee the production and employees of the factory. Companies usually look for experienced candidates for the role of production supervisors to ensure efficient and uninterrupted workflow. If you are applying for a job as a production supervisor, it is important to have a good resume that reflects these skills to add value to your candidature. In this article, we guide you through the steps of writing a production supervisor resume and share a template and example of the same to help you draft your own.

How to write a production supervisor resume

Follow these steps to write a production supervisor resume:

1. Pick the right format for your production supervisor resume

As a production supervisor, you may require multitasking daily. Your job responsibilities may include managing several staff members, quality assurance, training employees, and managing production. To prove your ability to perform these duties, your resume requires demonstrating effectively your proficiency in these skills.

If you are an experienced production supervisor, you can use a reverse chronological resume format that lists your experiences from the latest to the earliest and best shows relevant experiences. You can also choose a hybrid resume format to include both work experiences and skills in the resume to increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

2. Write your resume profile

Once you decide on a format for your resume, the next step is to write your resume profile. A resume profile is a gist of your work experience or a brief introduction about you. It can also explain your suitability for the role and how the company may benefit from hiring you. Use this opportunity to highlight the major accomplishments of your career to increase the chances of getting your hiring manager's attention.

3. Write about your work experience

Following some simple tips can help you write about your work experience in a way that impresses the employer. The first step is to start with your most recent work experience and the previous ones subsequently. Make sure the company name, job title and the duration of the job accompany each work experience. Follow this by mentioning the duties you accomplished at the job and your achievements. You can write these in a few bullet points.

4. Mention your educational background

Though formal education is not always a prerequisite for a production supervisor job, it is helpful to have a relevant degree or diploma along with professional experience to increase your chances of getting hired. Mentioning your educational information is especially important if you are a fresher and have less or no work experience to show. Include your school name, college name and degree, along with your year of graduation. It can also include information about your internships or awards. If there are any other relevant professional courses you have completed, you can include them here.

5. Describe relevant skills

It is important for the employer to know that you can meet all the key performance indicators (KPIs) set by them. An effective resume can convey to the employers of your suitability to deliver consistent and efficient performance as a production supervisor. You can mention your soft skills along with your technical skills in this section to show how you can successfully perform the duties of a production supervisor.

Shortlist these skills based on the job description provided by the employers to increase the chance of getting shortlisted by applicant tracking systems, as they scan for requisite skills and keywords in your resume to determine your suitability for the role.

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6. Include additional information

Besides these sections, you can improve your resume by including your hobbies, certifications, industry references and languages. The idea is to create a unique resume to help you gain a competitive advantage and increase the chances of getting the job. Consider including your talents, hobbies, awards or anything interesting about you. It can be personal or professional, as long as they are relevant.

7. Include a cover letter

Cover letters are extremely important, as they help in impressing potential employers by including the most relevant work experiences and why you are suitable for the role for which you are applying. Many employers make it mandatory to submit a cover letter with your resume to apply for a job. Finish the cover letter by writing about your aspirations as an employee of the company.

Production supervisor job responsibilities

Production supervisors oversee a company's performance and help it maintain efficiency and productivity levels. They work with factory workers daily and ensure that they remain productive. Some of their duties include ensuring to maintain quality standards, mentoring staff, creating shift schedules, communicating with customers, monitoring operations, implementing organisational strategies and meeting production targets.

Helpful resume statements for a production supervisor

Here are some helpful resume statements you can add under the work experience or skill section in your resume:

  • Deployed solutions to enhance the production process by 15% and successfully implemented policy changes to increase retention rate.

  • Proven interpersonal skills that help with improving the production processes and maintaining workflow with clients effectively with four years of experience as an assistant product supervisor at Genelia Industries.

  • Proven experience in managing different aspects of a factory, including its safety measures, operations, production schedules, health checks and quality assurance.

  • A motivated professional who thrives on teamwork and can motivate, train and mentor fellow team members to improve overall performance and productivity.

  • Demonstrated work experience in managing inventory and building healthy business relationships with vendors.

  • Expertise in resolving customer queries in-person through field visits.

  • Proven ability to direct production, safety, budgets and quality for large-scale productions.

  • A collaborative mindset to resolve issues by connecting with engineers with 12 years as a product manager at Rena Infotech with excellent documentation skills that help in creating resources for the employees.

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Key skills of a production supervisor

Here are some skills helpful in a production supervisor's job:

  • ability to develop standard operating procedures

  • stay up to date with safety criteria of the factory

  • ability to motivate others

  • work on written and verbal communication skills

  • ability to read and follow instructions

  • lead the team on a daily basis

  • stay up to date with the business and company profile

  • manage the company budgets

  • ability to solve problems

  • ability to shoulder responsibility

  • oversee inventory

Resume template for a production supervisor

Here is a template to use as you create your resume:

[Your first and last name]
[Your address]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

Professional summary

[Two to three sentences that briefly mention your personality, work experience and skills.]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Dates worked]
[Three to four key responsibilities.]

[Name of the school or university]
[Dates attended]

[List a few relevant production supervisor skills.]

[Mention any awards you may have won as bullet points.]

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Sample resume for a production supervisor

Here is a resume sample you can refer to before drafting your own:

Aditya Rane

Production Supervisor

8th street


Telephone: 98765 01234



A motivated production supervisor who thrives in competitive work environments. Highly experienced in solving production problems, motivating teams and supervising staff. I come with an elaborate knowledge of mechanical equipment and its maintenance. As a multitasker, I can create schedules and document data efficiently, which helps improve the productivity and quality of goods. I am looking forward to joining an institution that supports employees in helping them learn through collaboration.

Work experience

Production supervisor

January 2018–Present

Manindra Tech

  • Responsible for managing the production unit to ensure achieving production goals.

  • Worked on enhancing product quality by identifying issues in the production process.

  • Supervised over 85 employees across rotating shifts.

  • Overlooked assigning and direction of production work.

  • Enhanced workflow and increased productivity by 11%.

  • Worked on improving the safety standards by deploying standard operating procedures.

Key skills

  • Ability to draft standard operating procedures

  • In-depth knowledge of machinery

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Ability to read instructions and official correspondence

  • Business knowledge

  • Leadership and mentoring

  • Non-discriminatory approach

Educational background

Master's in Business Administration (MBA)

Central University of Karnataka, 2008

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