How To Write A Professional Tutor Resume (With Example)

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Updated 2 March 2023

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Professional tutors teach and train students in specialised subjects. When applying for jobs or attracting new students, a strong resume showcasing your strengths and skill can be extremely helpful. Learning how to write a resume for professional tutors, what to include in it and how to structure it can aid career progression and development. In this article, we discuss the importance of a professional tutor resume, explain how to write one, provide tips and share a template and example resume for your reference.

Importance Of A Professional Tutor Resume

A professional tutor resume is an essential document that can help demonstrate your professional experience in teaching and mentoring students. Whether you work as an independent tutor or at an educational institute, an impressive resume can enhance available career opportunities. These resumes can be extremely significant when you are applying for new tutoring job opportunities or convincing students and their parents about why to join your classes.

A well-written resume can effectively highlight your strongest skills and specialisation to potential employers. This document represents you and your entire professional career and aims to convince hiring managers that you are ideal for the job. A resume acts as a personal branding and marketing asset for your career by summarising your achievements and career goals. In addition to creating a positive first impression, a resume help convey the value you can potentially bring to an organisation and result in expedited career development.

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How To Write A Professional Tutor Resume

Follow these steps to write an impressive resume:

1. Select an appropriate format

Study different resume formats and choose the one that seems most suitable for your role and industry. If you have several years of professional tutoring experience, choosing a reverse-chronological format can help you highlight the same. Alternatively, if you have just started teaching, you can create a functional resume that focuses on your skills and qualifications. You can also select a hybrid resume format that combines elements of both these styles.

2. Add your contact information

Begin the resume by adding your name and contact details at the very top. You can include your phone number, email and current location. This helps hiring managers and employers contact you if you get shortlisted for the next round of the hiring. Make sure this information gets highlighted so that it is prominent. You can use a different font, size or colour to achieve this.

3. Write a short professional summary

A resume objective or professional summary is a short description that highlights your skills and top achievements as a tutor. It includes all relevant information for a hiring manager to review quickly and decide whether you are a right fit for the role. Write a short summary of two to three sentences that showcases your specialisation and career goals.

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4. List your skills

Add a list of all your skills and abilities in a bulleted format. Make sure you include both hard and soft skills in this section. Hard skills include your subject knowledge, expertise and technology skills. Similarly, soft skills can consist of communication, patience, problem-solving and facilitation skills.

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5. Discuss your professional tutoring experience

In the next section, explain your tutoring experience. You can start with the most recent position and list the different jobs and roles in your career, along with your core responsibilities and achievements. Also include the name of the institute, your exact designation and how long you performed these duties. Keep your sentences short and if required, use phrases instead of complete sentences to convey information and reduce wordiness. You can also add whether your expertise is in tutoring large groups, individuals or different types of students.

6. Describe your education

Including the details of your degree programme, diploma and certifications can help indicate that you have comprehensive knowledge of the subjects you teach. In this section, name the school or institute, the name of the programme and the year you completed the degree. If you have any merit or distinction grades in any subjects, you can mention them here.

7. Add any other relevant experience

If you have any relevant professional experience that can help showcase your skills and specialisation, you can mention it in a separate section. For instance, if you have experience training other teachers or developing the learning curriculum for the academic year, it can show that you have additional skills that make you suitable for the job. You can follow a similar format as used to describe your professional tutoring experience here.

Resume Writing Tips For Professional Tutors

Here are some tips to follow when writing and submitting your resume for tutoring jobs:

1. Format and proofread

Before you finalise the resume, make sure you edit and proofread it multiple times to improve clarity and remove errors. Make sure you format it suitably to make it easy to read. If possible, ask a close friend or mentor to review your resume and give you feedback on how to improve it. Remember to customise your resume as per the role when applying for jobs.

2. Add relevant keywords

Study the job description to identify relevant keywords and phrases that are essential for the role. These can include specific skills or experience related keywords to help the hiring manager quickly shortlist resumes. If your application gets screened through an applicant tracking system, using the right keywords can ensure that your resume gets shortlisted for the next round.

3. Use powerful action-verbs

When explaining your responsibilities and professional experience, try to use action-oriented verbs that demonstrate your achievements. For example, you can use verbs like ‘trained,' ‘mentored,' ‘helped,' ‘taught' and ‘assisted'. You can also include information on how many students you can teach at once. For example, you can mention, ‘have successfully conducted classes for more than 25 students simultaneously'.

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4. Follow employer guidelines

Some employers may have specific guidelines related to file format, size and length. They expect all candidates to follow these guidelines as it can help simplify the review process. If the job post mentions the maximum word or page count of the resume, make sure you follow these guidelines. Similarly, following any guidelines on using a specific format or font is also equally important.

Resume Template For Professional Tutors

Here is a template that you can refer to and create your own tutor resume:

[Full name]
[Current city]

Professional summary

[Two or three short sentences showcasing your top skills and achievements]

[Skill 1]
[Skill 2]
[Skill 3]
[Skill 4]

Professional experience
Employer, location
Job title, duration of employment
[Key responsibility 1]
[Key responsibility 2]
[Key responsibility 3]
[Key achievement 1]

Employer, location
Job title, duration of employment
[Key responsibility 1]
[Key responsibility 2]
[Key responsibility 3]
[Key achievement 1]

Education qualifications
School or college, city
Name of degree programme or certification, year of graduation

Professional Tutor Resume Example

You can review this resume example before writing your own:

Rakesh Sinha
New Delhi

Professional summary

Committed and innovative professional tutor with more than eight years of teaching experience in math, algebra and trigonometry. I have worked with students from grades six to nine and taught large groups of more than 40 students simultaneously. Specialisation in helping students understand complex theory concepts easily.


  • Active listening

  • Communication

  • Patience

  • Remote learning

  • Algebra

  • Trigonometry

  • Lesson planning

Professional experience

Wavewood Tutor Academy, New Delhi
Math tutor, September 2014 - Present

  • Explain key mathematical concepts to students and evaluate their assignments

  • Assist students in solving problems and preparing for exams

  • Help students complete their school homework and holiday projects

  • Update parents about the progress and development of the students

Educational qualifications
Wavewood Academy, New Delhi
Bachelor of Art in mathematics, 2011 - 2014

Bachelor of Education (distance learning), 2014 - 2017

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