Quality Assurance Specialist Resume Format (With Examples)

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Updated 2 December 2022

Published 12 May 2022

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Quality assurance specialists are often responsible for checking products for any defects. A quality assurance specialist usually works in a fast-paced and competitive environment, and employers in this industry look for detail-oriented professionals, can manage multiple projects and are team players. Learning how to write your resume to highlight these skills and your expertise can be helpful when applying for jobs. In this article, we discuss how to write a quality assurance specialist resume and also share some sample resumes for your reference.

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How to write a quality assurance specialist resume

Writing an impressive quality assurance specialist resume is a vital step when applying for jobs. Here are some crucial tips to help you create a resume that highlights your work and skills as a QA specialist:

1. Choose an appropriate resume format

To create a flawless resume, start by choosing a suitable resume format. You can use the chronological resume layout. Using this layout, you can effectively showcase your skills, expertise and previous work experience. Professional resume formats are easily available online or on text processing applications. Make sure you choose the right font size and colours to ensure that all information is clearly legible.

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2. Write the objective or summary

This section usually consists of two parts, the resume summary and the resume objective. If you have previous QA experience, you can write a resume summary. The summary statement summarises your QA experience by highlighting your accomplishments. Make sure you mention quantifiable achievements to get the recruiter's attention.

If you do not have any QA experience, opt for the resume objective statement. State your career goals in this section, and give the recruiter a quick explanation of why you are a suitable candidate for the position. You can also highlight your skills that are relevant to the job profile. Instead of writing the objective or summary first, complete the other resume sections and then revisit this part to summarise the resume effectively.

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3. Describe your job experience

In this section, you can highlight all relevant professional experiences. Mention your previous job roles as a QA specialist, or any other role you have previously had, the duration for which you worked in that role and the name of the company for which you worked. Also, include a list of key qualifications and responsibilities you performed in that role. You can also mention some prominent professional achievements. This can help your resume make a positive first impression and establish why you are a suitable candidate for the position.

4. Document your education

Use a reverse chronological order by writing the highest or most recent qualification at the top. If you have a specialised educational degree, mention the name of your degree, followed by the college or university you earned it from and add a section to mention the related coursework in your degree. If you are still pursuing your degree, use the same format and replace the year of completion with the expected year of graduation.

If you have only finished high school, mention the name of your high school and the year of graduation. In case you have no work history, you can move the education section higher, right after the resume heading statement. Recruiters who are hiring entry-level quality assurance analysts usually pay special attention to candidates' educational backgrounds.

5. List your QA skills

In this section, make a list of relevant technical skills and soft skills. While mentioning technical skills, refer to the job description and prioritise the technical skills mentioned in the requirements for the job profile. While listing the soft skills, make sure to include essential skills that are valuable for this job profile, like problem-solving, time management, attention to detail and communication skills. Also, make sure you use relevant keywords in your resume to improve the chances of getting shortlisted for the next round.

6. Add relevant extra sections

Adding extra sections apart from the standard ones can make your resume interesting and unique. You can add the following sections to your QA specialist resume:

  • Certifications: This is one of the most essential non-core sections to add to your resume. These certifications can be beneficial in demonstrating your skills and expertise, particularly if you do not have specialised educational degrees.

  • Volunteer work: This section is important for freshers or students who do not have paid work experience. Add a brief overview of where you have volunteered and what motivated you to do so.

  • Language skills: Knowing an additional language can be beneficial for software testers, especially if the company has software or documentation in more than one language. Mention all the languages you know, along with your proficiency level.

  • Hobbies and interests: Including hobbies and interests in your resume helps in demonstrating how you fit into the company's culture.

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7. Attach a cover letter

Avoid writing a generic cover letter. Create a customised letter, depending on the job profile. Write a compelling opening paragraph where you introduce yourself. Explain how you identify with the company's goals and plans and how hiring you can be beneficial for the company. Conclude with a powerful call-to-action to keep the recruiters interested. Write accurate and earnest information that displays your personality and mention your contact details towards the end of the letter.

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7. Edit and proofread before submission

Before you start applying for jobs, make sure you edit, format and proofread the resume and cover letter. You can also share with close friends and acquaintances to elicit their feedback on how to improve these documents further. Download the resume in different formats and extensions to verify whether the font, design and formatting is consistent. While saving the resume file, include your name to make sure that the hiring manager can locate it quickly.

Quality assurance specialist resume samples

Here are two sample resumes for experienced and entry-level quality assurance specialists that you can refer to while writing your own resume:

Resume for experienced quality assurance specialists

Here's a resume sample for an experienced quality assurance specialist:

Rajesh Arora
Borivali, Mumbai

Resume summary

Result-oriented quality assurance specialist with more than five years of expertise in fast-paced technology industries. Proficient in performance testing, benchmarking and competent in multiple scripting languages. Collaborative but with a distinct personal style. Effective communicator and problem-solver.

Professional experience

Wavewood, Mumbai - Quality Assurance Specialist

July 2019 - Present

  • Conduct testing and perform inspections of raw materials to ensure high-quality production

  • Drive QA initiatives and process improvements and testing on-premise Cloud applications

  • Recommended, developed and executed method to obtain post-production product feedback from customers, leading to an increase in satisfaction ratings from 60% to 85%

Sink Technologies, Hyderabad - Quality assurance specialist

August 2016 - June 2019

  • Recommended, developed and reviewed QA standard policies and procedures for functions related to quality and testing, in accordance with the company standards

  • Established relationships and responsibilities within a team of 15 staff

  • Ensured all the QA tools, including bug management, automation and test management, were fully utilised by the team

Air Corp Tech, Mumbai — Quality Assurance Specialist

September 2013 - July 2016

  • Evaluated the quality of assigned products and projects to be delivered

  • Communicated major status of projects, QA personnel and customer concerns and feedback to the QA manager in a timely manner

  • Delivered weekly status reports and applied escalation skills

Education qualifications
Bachelor of Science in computer science, Star University, Mumbai (2009 - 2013)

Core competencies:

  • blueprint reading

  • inspection methods and techniques

  • system analysis

  • sustainability

  • quality planning

Fresher's quality assurance specialist resume

Sarthak Mehta
Bangalore, Karnataka

Career objective

Computer science professor and a quality assurance specialist dedicated to ensuring the quality of engineered products and resolving issues involved. Excellent at analysing, problem-solving and decision-making.


  • Familiar with a variety of automation testing tools and able to provide recommendations

  • Skilled with production testing and post-production monitoring

  • Adept at improving efficiency and increasing product quality

Professional experience

June 2019 - Present

Star University, Bangalore - Computer science professor and placement advisor

  • Edited assignments, solved problems and identified solutions along with the students

  • Oversaw university applications and placement testing

  • Instructed and guided students on relevant strategies and software systems

  • Ensured 100% placement of students into reputed companies

Educational qualifications:

June 2017 - April 2019
Masters in Computer Science - Star University, Pune


  • English (fluent)

  • Hindi (native)

  • Spanish (conversational)

  • German (conversational)

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