Resume For Freshers: Guide With Template

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Updated 19 September 2022

Published 6 June 2021

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If you are a fresher applying to a job for the first time, you may find it difficult to write a resume because you may not have work experience. When you are about to complete your education, it is helpful to get started with writing and updating your resume as early as possible. With a properly formatted fresher resume, you can impress hiring managers and increase your chances of getting interview calls for graduate jobs, even with little to no experience.

In this article, we discuss the meaning of resume for freshers and its typical structure, provide a template and suggest helpful tips to assist you in creating your first resume.

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What Is Resume For Freshers?

A resume for freshers is a document which lists the skills and educational qualifications of a fresher or recent graduate. If you are pursuing a diploma or a bachelor's degree, you may or may not have industry experience in your field. In such cases, you can use a fresher's resume to showcase your abilities and achievements.

In your search for an ideal starting point to create a fresher's resume, you may discover many templates online. Most of these templates refer to chronological and functional resumes as the primary resume types. A typical chronological resume focuses on employment history, skills and achievements. You may also find a third type of resume called combination resume, which emphasises achievements while still listing work experience. So, a chronological or combination resume template is not useful for you as a fresher, unless you have employment history between your qualifications.

A functional resume highlights your skills instead of work experience, making it convenient to use it as a template. The primary advantage of using a functional resume template is that it allows you to relate your talents to your accomplishments.

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Structure Of A Resume For Freshers

Most functional resume templates follow a standard layout. Use the following guidelines to create a structure for your fresher's resume:

  • Personal details: In the first section, start by typing your full name, phone number and email address. You can also provide your Skype or Discord ID. If the employers use Microsoft Teams, they can invite you for an online interview call through your email address.

  • Summary: Place this section directly under personal details. Here, you can mention your career goals and objectives. You may find that some sample templates do not contain this section. However, providing a summary can be useful in showing your passion about the field and your desire for progress in your selected career path.

  • Skills: Most HR managers pay special attention to this section, because they want to know if you have gained any skills and how you have used them to achieve meaningful results. For example, if you mention leadership skills, try to explain how your leadership skills led to the success of your sports team or a debate team.

  • Qualifications: Under this section, you can mention your educational qualifications, starting from your diploma or degree if you have just graduated, followed by the Higher Secondary School (HSC) certificate and finally the Secondary School (SSC) certificate. Be sure to mention the grades for each qualification.

  • Accomplishments: Usually, candidates specify their achievements in the skills section. However, you can create a separate section and mention your accomplishments in an organised manner. Examples include awards in inter-school or inter-state competitions, scholarships, consistent top grades and volunteer awards.

  • Extracurricular activities: You can also mention some extracurricular activities or hobbies if they are relevant to the job you are applying. However, this section is not compulsory and you can omit it if you want to add more accomplishments instead.

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Resume For Freshers Template

Here is a sample structure of how to write a resume if you are a fresher:

Personal details


[Phone number]

[Email address]

While completing this section, use the following tips to format it correctly:

  • Ideally, your name and surname is sufficient. However, you can include initials for your middle name or spell it if required. You can also capitalise it, increase its font size and make it bold for more impact, but it depends on your preference.

  • Make sure that your phone number includes the country code for India (+91). Double check the entry to avoid giving out the wrong number.

  • If you use Microsoft Word, it automatically creates a hyperlink to your email address. This feature is helpful in verifying its access in Outlook or other email client. You can check if the link works properly by pressing the control button on your keyboard and clicking on the email link.

Career objective

Try to keep your career aim as concise as possible. Mention your short-term goals in one or two sentences so that employers can understand your background quickly.


Under this section, you can specify your skills that relate to the job. It is better to use bulleted lists to make them easy to read. You can also create two different subsections for soft skills and technical skills. Number each skill and provide examples where it was useful. Try to limit the skills and examples to a maximum of four to keep your resume short and to the point.

[Technical skills]

[Skill 1]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

[Skill 2]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

[Skill 3]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

Operational knowledge or expertise in software is an additional qualification because of automation in various fields. So, you can mention any software or technical certifications in this section according to the job requirements. For example, if you are applying for a graduate or junior IT position which requires knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, Javascript, ASP or PHP, you can add these in the above section. However, you need to mention your level of proficiency in that software to help the employer get an idea of your knowledge.

[Soft skills]

[Skill 1]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

[Skill 2]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

[Skill 3]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

  • [Example of skill use]

Use the soft skills section to mention the abilities that complement your personality and aptitude. Examples include communication, problem-solving, creative thinking, analytical ability, leadership, teamwork, active listening, conflict resolution, social influence, organisational skills and project management.


You can use reverse chronological order to list your educational qualifications as shown here:

[Bachelor's degree / Diploma] - [Year] - [Institute or University] - [Grade]

[HSC certificate] - [Year] - [College] - [Grade]

[SSC certificate] - [Year] - [School] - [Grade]


Your achievements section should contain a bulleted or numbered list of tangible outcomes as a result of your activities or using your skills. Try to avoid beginning your sentences with the phrase, ' Responsible for'. Instead, write the sentence using active voice in first person language to show what you did and how it benefitted the situation. Here are some examples of achievements:


  • Successfully led our student team to win the first place in the annual inter-college robotics competition in the junior category

  • Won gold medals in the state shot put and javelin throw competitions for two consecutive years

  • Raised donations in excess of ₹50,000 by conducting a charity event for underprivileged children in coordination with Bright Futures Charitable Trust in our university

  • Qualified for physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology scholarship exams held by the state board for five years in a row by ranking in the top three positions

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to consider when formatting your fresher's resume:

  • Try to restrict your resume to one page. Most employers receive thousands of resumes and they may not get the time to read a lengthy document. Keep your resume brief and impactful.

  • Use Unicode fonts. For typed resumes, use Unicode fonts for maximum compatibility with all browsers and word processing applications. Most commonly used fonts are Arial size 11 for English, or Mangal size 12 if the application requires Devanagari script.

  • Use headings for section names. Properly formatted resumes look attractive and catch the attention of HR managers. If you use Microsoft Word, make use of the different headings in the styles tab for your sections. You can also try the design menu to select a theme for your entire document to make it look organised and professional.

  • Keep the structure simple. Try to avoid using tables, graphics or borders in your document unless you are applying for creative or art jobs.

  • Make use of all available space. Avoid using borders and adjust the page margins on moderate or narrow settings to make use of the white space in the document as much as possible. If you are using the A4 size for printing, the default margins in the page layout menu provide an optimum start. This setup will ensure that you have enough space for punching and filing your resume in a folder.


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