Resume For A Part-Time Second Job (With Tips And Example)

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Updated 30 September 2022

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Writing a resume can be quite challenging. This is especially true if you are applying for a secondary job where the requirements are different from standard applications. When writing your secondary job's resume, you typically write it in accordance with the company's specifications while ensuring that it directly relates to your intended position. In this article, we review tips on how to write a resume for a part-time second job and what to include, along with an example.

Why Is It Important To Have A Resume For A Part-Time Second Job?

A separate resume for a part-time second job is essential, as the position may require you to highlight separate knowledge and experiences. People seeking additional income typically pursue part-time jobs they may over-qualify for because of their experience or training. Many of these positions might not lead to career growth. This is why the person generally pursues work that does not require a long commitment or a position where they might get stuck in a dead-end role.

Due to these reasons, a person's resume may showcase certain skills and abilities that they might use for other opportunities. For example, a human resources professional might want to apply for the role of a part-time content writer. This requires them to update their skills and experiences to suit the role they are applying for. The probability of securing the job may increase as they highlight the necessary skills required for doing the job well.

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How To Write A Resume For A Part-Time Second Job

Whether you are a college student looking for a part-time job or a professional looking to supplement your current income, here are some tips to help you write a resume for a part-time job:

1. State the role you are looking for

When writing your resume for a part-time second job, state the role you are looking for in the objective or summary section of your resume. Elaborate on what skills you are hoping to acquire along with the experience you want to obtain. It is also a good time to clearly explain any existing work schedule commitments and what hours you are available for your part-time shift. This may clear any confusion or conflicts before the interview and make the best use of time for both parties.

2. Explain why you want the job

When applying for a new job, many people only write a list of what they think their greatest accomplishments are and then send it to potential employers, hoping that their experience may speak uniquely to their qualifications. A better practice to follow when looking for a new position is to explain current job-related knowledge on your resume.

Discussing your employment goals and the reasons you wish to attain them may aid in propelling you towards success in your next interview. Also, it shows employers that you view yourself as someone with real skills who is willing to take on even more responsibility. You may highlight how skills you use in your full-time job may easily transfer to a part-time job. Continuing with the previous example, an HR professional applying for a part-time role may have keen attention to detail and time management skills that a content writer also requires.

3. Share how your skills might be helpful to the job

When writing a resume for a part-time job, list your previous positions and company names in chronological order with the start and end dates of your employment. More importantly, be sure to highlight any unique responsibilities you had. Skills like proficiently using software for office tasks might impress managers. Additionally, if you managed a project by yourself, you can highlight your responsibilities, soft skills and hard skills that helped you perform well at the job.

4. Customise it for every application

While you may have worthwhile experiences owing to your previous roles, not every single one would be pertinent to the role you are applying for. Be sure to update your resume for each job you apply to. This may make your application relevant and appear more promising than other candidates. Alternatively, you may highlight your flexible schedule to increase your interview chances based on the job requirement.

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Resume tips for a part-time second job

It may be challenging to interpret what skills a potential hiring manager might be looking for. Still, here are a few tips to help you build a solid resume and land a second job:

Be specific

The most successful job applicants use targeted resumes to increase the chance of getting an employment offer. Such an application is more convincing to hiring managers because it is evident that the applicant has taken the time to design their resume specifically for a particular position. For example, if you have spent a significant part of your professional life in sales, then focus on the skills and experiences you gleaned from this role, like selling, customer service and client management skills, when you write your resume.

Highlight technological skills

In the past few years, many companies have adopted a hybrid office concept, if not entirely virtual, which allows employees to work from home most days instead of only on campus. This work model requires highly skilled employees with extensive computer knowledge. Candidates who have comprehensive computer skills and experience using the latest software can have a higher chance of getting a remote position. That is why it is crucial to highlight these skills on your resume.

Keep your options open

A part-time second job is a great way to pick up new skills and plan for a future career. If you are still deciding what interests you or are considering if your current job is the right place for you, having a diverse background might broaden your options. For example, an individual who has experience as a sales executive at digital marketing firms may succeed working as a SaaS sales executive, even without technical knowledge.

What To Include In Your Resume

While writing a resume for a part-time second job, you can include the following three things:

Professional summary

Smart job applicants use the 'professional summary' section of their resume to their advantage, especially when searching for a part-time second job. This is because it may be the first section a hiring manager reviews. They use this section of the application to match qualified candidates with the role they are hiring for, which leads to faster processing. So, you may concisely and honestly mention what you are looking for along with your availability in under five sentences.

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It is important to list any relevant skills in a tidy column so that employers find the information they need quickly. Be concise when listing your skills and keep the information focused by writing the most relevant skills at the top of the list.


In this section, write about your previous roles that align with your intended job, as it might make you appear to be a suitable candidate with relevant experience. Make sure that each background section lists 3 to 5 bullet points detailing the responsibilities of your job duties in each position. Feel free to mention any part-time jobs along with full-time positions.

Example Of A Resume

To achieve favourable results while applying to jobs, you may implement the above tips in your resume. Here is an example of a resume for a part-time second job:

Kevin Pereira

9981850515 | | Mumbai, Maharashtra

Professional summary

Enthusiastic and skilled sales executive with one year experience seeks a part-time role with flexibility. Due to my time management and customer-facing skills, I can add value to your company. My sales background makes me a top candidate for this position.

My availability for this role: weekdays from 6 pm to 10 pm
Work experience

Lead Generation Intern, July 2019–January 2020
Vision Marketing, Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Reached out to 100 leads per day

  • Pitched company services to clients

  • Assisted in client onboarding

    Junior Sales Executive, February 2020–March 2021
    Talkline Agency, Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Cold called and emailed potential leads

  • Secured clients for marketing vertical

  • Client service

Sales Executive, April 2021–Current

Absolute Marketing Co., Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Conduct market research to identify sales opportunities

  • Meet with clients to present company services

  • Maintain records of sales and finance data

  • Collaborate with the team to assure client satisfaction

  • Gather client feedback to improve the services


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