How To Write A Resume For A School Bus Driver (With Template)

Updated 25 August 2023

Creating an effective resume when applying for a school bus driver position can help make a positive first impression before a hiring manager. Your resume allows a potential employer to know about your strengths, experience and qualification in the field. Understanding how to write an effective resume can increase your chances of getting the job. In this article, we define a school bus driver resume, explain how to write one, provide a template and an example resume you can use as a guide when writing your own and share some tips to help you write an impressive resume.

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What Is A Resume For A School Bus Driver?

A resume for a school bus driver is a written document that summarises the work experience, skills and qualifications of a candidate applying for a school bus driver position. It includes all the information a potential employer wants to know about a candidate, including their contact information. To work as a school bus driver, it is important to possess various skills, including driving, patience, professionalism, people management, communication and attention to detail. Mentioning a skill set relevant to a job's description can increase your likelihood of getting hired.

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How To Write A Resume For A School Bus Driver?

Here are some steps you can follow when writing an effective school bus driver resume:

1. Choose a format

Select a format for arranging the information on your resume. You may select the one that best aligns with the job description and emphasise your skills and experience. Here are the three most common resume structures:

  • Chronological: This format emphasises your experience by beginning the resume with your work experience. Candidates with an extensive work history in the field usually prefer this structure.

  • Functional: In this format, you mention your job-related skills at the top of your resume, allowing the employer to see the skills first. Freshers and candidates with limited experience can benefit from using this structure.

  • Combination: This format is a hybrid of the chronological and functional resume structures, allowing you to highlight your industry experience and competencies equally. This format is useful for candidates having experience and core competencies that correspond with the position's requirements.

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2. Start with your personal details

Start your resume with your personal details, including your first and last name. Beneath that, include your phone number, email address, city and state. Providing these details can make it easier for the hiring manager to contact you if they want to proceed with you. Make your name bold and a font size bigger than the rest of your resume to help the employer identify you easily. Be sure to include correct and up-to-date contact information.

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3. Add your professional summary

In this section of your resume, include the most relevant information regarding your skills, experience and career objectives. Use this section as an opportunity to impress the hiring manager, as it is the first section they read. Write your professional summary in two to three sentences and keep it clear and precise.

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4. List your work history

Including your work history on the resume helps recruiters understand your experience in the industry. In this section, include all positions you have held that are relevant to the position. Under the header work history, mention the job title and dates of employment and make it bold. Outline the key responsibilities in a bullet list beneath that. You can list five job duties for the most recent role and three for the previous job title. Use strong action verbs when describing the responsibilities, achievements and recognition from your previous roles.

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5. Include your skills

In this section of your resume, add the most relevant skills you possess. Your skills help the potential employer determine if you are a suitable candidate for the position. You can consider including the following school bus driver skills on your resume:

  • Patience

  • Attention to detail

  • People management

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Traffic rules

  • Road safety

  • Dependable

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6. Highlight your education and certification

Usually, there is no specific college degree required for this role, but you can mention higher secondary qualifications or any relevant degree you have. In the education section of the school bus driver resume, you can also include all relevant associations you belong to, your driver's licence and any relevant certifications you possess. Be sure that you only include certifications, organisations and licences that align with the job description. When adding certification, mention the year of completion or renewal, as some certifications require renewal at regular intervals.

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School Bus Driver Resume Template

Here is a resume template for a school bus driver role you can follow when writing your own:

[First name] [Last name]

[Contact number] | [Email ID] | [City], [State]

Professional Summary

[Two to three sentences highlighting your professional experiences, skills, education and other relevant career accomplishments.]

Professional Experience

[Your job title] [Dates of employment]
[Company Name] | [Company Location]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

[Your job title] [Dates of employment]
[Company Name] | [Company Location]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

[Your job title] [Dates of employment]
[Company Name] | [Company Location]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]

  • [Action verb] + [job responsibility]


[Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill]


[Qualification awarded]
[Institution's name] [Year of completion]


  • [Certificate awarded], [year of completion or renewed]

  • [Certificate awarded], [year of completion or renewed]

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School Bus Driver Resume Example

Here is a sample resume you can refer to when applying for the role of a school bus driver:

Ashish Shrivastav

+91 97998 96798 | | New Delhi, Delhi

Professional Summary

Sincere and safety-conscious driver with over seven years of driving experience, looking for a job as a school bus driver in a well-established school where I can interact with diverse students. Want to utilise my social skills along with excellent and safe driving skills as a responsible driver.


School Bus Driver, May 2018–current
City Public High School | Central Secretariat, New Delhi

  • Transport school staff to different meetings and events

  • Pick up and deliver students to their homes

  • Regular maintenance and repair of the school buses

  • Take care of student safety during the bus travel

  • Maintain good discipline on the school bus

School Bus Driver, January 2014–April 2018
Community Centre Kids School | RK Ashram Marg, New Delhi

  • Delivered students to their respective homes sincerely

  • Assisted students in crossing roads when getting to their homes

  • Followed all the traffic and safety rules to fulfil my responsibilities properly


Patience | Communication | Attention to detail | Road safety | Hand-eye coordination | Leadership | Vehicle safety | Safe driving


  • Diploma in transport management, 2013

  • Commercial driver's licence, 2013

  • Certificate of transportation and logistics, 2014

  • Higher Secondary Certificate, 2012

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Tips For Writing A Resume For The School Bus Driver

Here are some tips you can follow to write an effective resume for a school bus driver role:

Include the keywords mentioned in the job description

Read the job description before writing your resume to determine the keywords and preferred skills for the position. Note down the keywords and consider them when writing your resume. Including preferred and industry-specific keywords is an effective way to increase the probability of getting past the initial screening.

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Keep your resume short and precise

Keep your resume concise and informative and limit it to one or two pages. This makes it easier for potential employers to evaluate the complete resume in a single scan. You can emphasise particular words or phrases by making them bold or italic. A concise, well-formatted and scannable resume shows your efforts and commitment as a candidate.

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Proofread your resume

Check your resume for grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors before sending it to a potential employer. Once you finish writing your resume, consider asking a friend or family member to review it to check the readability, tone and preciseness. Submitting an application free from mistakes can demonstrate to the hiring manager your level of organisation, attention to detail and interest in the position.

Customise your resume for each role

Customise your resume for each position based on their job description when applying for the position at multiple schools. This can help you highlight your pertinent skills, knowledge and experience for a particular school bus driver position. Try to organise the resume sections to make it easier for potential employers to identify your skills and other relevant keywords.

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