How to Write a Teacher's Resume (With Tips and Example)

Updated 18 March 2023

When you apply for the position of a teacher, you will need to submit your resume that highlights your credentials, your experience and your passion as an educator. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a teacher, you should pay special attention to the information you include in your resume and cover letter as this will help you stand out from the crowd and will increase your chances of getting a job offer. In this article, we define the job of a teacher, list what to include in a teacher's resume, provide a sample format for a teacher's resume and help you write your own.

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Teacher?

If you are interested in the role of a teacher and apply for the same, you not only need to create a resume but you also need to be clear about the role and responsibilities that you will have to fulfil when you become a teacher. Teachers are required at all levels of education including elementary, middle, high and post-secondary. They instruct students on their respective subjects at these various grade levels. Here are some of the main responsibilities that you will need to fulfil when you become a teacher:

  • Prepare lectures and present them in the classroom

  • Instruct students on their respective subjects

  • Assign homework to students

  • Make sure that the discipline and decorum of the class is maintained

  • Motivate students to excel in studies and help them in grooming their overall personality

  • Prepare tests and mark students based on their performance

  • Interact with students and their parents to provide constructive feedback on the performance of the students

  • Monitor and track the performance of the students and prepare student records

How To Write A Teacher Resume

Writing a resume that highlights your credentials, skills and experience is necessary to attract the eyeballs of the recruiter. Follow the below steps to write a teacher's resume:

1. Include your name and contact information

The first thing that should be mentioned is your full name followed by your contact information at the top of your resume. Including this information is important so that the recruiters are able to contact you in case they find your profile suitable for a teaching job. Make sure to include your e-mail address along with a working phone number so that the recruiters can contact you in case they want to schedule an interview.

2. Write an objective statement

An objective statement is important to introduce your resume to the recruiter. An objective statement is generally a short paragraph of one or two sentences that highlights your credentials and your motivation for the teaching job.

Your resume objective needs to showcase your skills, abilities and your personality to the recruiters so that they can judge whether you would be a suitable candidate for a teaching job or not. You should customise your objective statement according to the needs of the school and the job description. You can gather more information about the school's mission and vision, its goals and objectives for its students to personalise your objective statement.

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3. Include your educational credentials

It is important that you include a section that features your educational qualifications for the job. You will need to list all the degrees and certifications you have to make it easier for the recruiters to decide on your candidature. In addition to having a degree in your subject of interest, having other qualifications like a B.Ed might help you in getting a job as a teacher. While mentioning your educational qualifications, you should include the name of the college and university from where you earned the degree, the name of the degree, your field of study and the dates when you attended the college.

4. Mention your relevant work experience

Most of the recruiters prefer candidates with relevant work experience when making hiring decisions. Because of this reason, it is necessary that you include a list of your recent and relevant work experience that consists of your previous employers, your previous job responsibilities and accomplishments.

When filling in the experience section of your resume, it is important to include your relevant teaching experience followed by your main accomplishments for each position you have held. If you have done multiple jobs as a teacher before, you should start with the most recent employment and work your way back. In case you do not have formal teaching experience and you are just beginning your career as a teacher, including experiences like tutoring, informal teaching and student teaching might help you secure a teaching job.

This section not only needs to highlight your knowledge of the subject matter but also needs to showcase your willingness and enthusiasm to help students and improve their academic performance. This is the most important section in your resume as this essentially allows the recruiters to see you at work through the details you provide. There will be hundreds of other applicants competing with you for a particular job and you must give recruiters a reason to hire you over the other job applicants.

5. Include a list of your skills

In this section, you need to include a list of your most relevant teaching skills. A teacher not only needs hard skills like subject matter expertise but also needs soft skills like strong communication, organisation and leadership skills to excel as an educator. While teaching is the most important skill that you need to possess to succeed as a teacher, recruiters typically look for candidates who possess a strong work ethic, compassion and other soft skills. You can refer to the job description to get an idea of the skills that the recruiter is looking for in the teacher's role and you can add them to your resume.

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Format For Writing A Teacher Resume

It is important that you follow a format while writing your teacher's resume. Properly formatted resume will help the recruiters to read your resume quickly with greater ease. You can use this template to create your own teacher's resume:

[First name] [Last name]
[Email address]
[Phone number]


[One or two sentences that highlight your credentials and your motivation for the teaching job]


[Name of institution or university]
[City], [State]
[Name of degree and field of study]
[Years attended]


[Job title]
[Name of school, organisation or institution]
[City], [State]
[Employment dates]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

[Job title]
[Name of school, organisation or institution]
[City], [State]
[Employment dates]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Job responsibilities and accomplishments]


  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

  • [Skills]

Sample Resume For A Teacher's Job

Here is an example of a resume for a teacher's job:

Shruti Jain



To obtain a position as a Science teacher that utilises my passion for the subject and help students improve their performance and achieve their full potential


Punjab University


Bachelor of Science

July 2015- Mar 2018


Science teacher

St. Mary's High School


July 2018- Mar 2021

  • Planned and presented lessons on various science topics in accordance with C.B.S.E. curriculum

  • Assigned homework to students for better learning

  • Prepared tests for students and evaluated them to track student's progress

  • Interacted with parents to communicate student's progress

  • Coordinated a variety of student activities to foster a greater learning experience


  • Communication

  • Organisation

  • Time management

  • Critical thinking

  • Flexibility

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Tips For Writing A Teacher Resume

Use the following tips while writing your resume to make it more effective:

  • Use action words: While describing your experience in your resume, use strong action words like "organised" or "planned" to emphasize on your accomplishments. Using these action words will add weight to your resume and will help you stand out from other candidates for the role.

  • Check grammar and spellings: A resume is a professional document and you should always make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in your resume. Scan your resume thoroughly and make necessary corrections to any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors before submitting it.

  • Use keywords from the job description: Your resume needs to help the hiring managers understand how you can help their students gain a better understanding of a particular subject. In order to make sure that you have the required skill set and experience, they often look for target keywords. You can go through the job description to gain an understanding of what specific skills are required for that job role. Look for these keywords in the job description and make sure that you include them while writing your resume.

  • List your digital skills: Most of the schools are now using technology to educate their students and teachers are expected to operate a variety of technological equipment like computer, projector and tablets. Make sure that you list your digital skills in your resume to stand out from other candidates.


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