How to Write a Resume Headline for Fresher (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 11 February 2021 | Published 15 December 2020

Updated 11 February 2021

Published 15 December 2020

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A resume headline for fresher summarises your profile and highlights your suitability for the job. An impressive resume headline or title increases your chances of getting shortlisted for a job interview by making you stand out among thousands of other applicants. Even during the interview, it saves time for the interviewer, since they can quickly get a gist of the skills you possess for the job. In this article, we explain how to write an effective resume headline for fresher and provide some tips and examples.

What is a resume headline for fresher?

A resume headline for fresher is a brief summary of your profile highlighted at the top of your resume. It tells the employer about your skills and experience and the type of job you are looking for. Since employers usually get a large number of applications, it is not possible for them to go through each and every resume. Hence, they often use resume headline to shortlist candidates for a job interview.

A resume headline is different from a resume summary. Both provide quick information about your skills and qualifications. However, a resume headline is a brief phrase placed at the top of the resume, whereas a resume summary is in the form of a few sentences or bulleted points written within the body of the resume.

Why should freshers write a resume headline?

Freshers should write a resume headline because it offers the following benefits:

  • Helps you grab recruiter's attention: Recruiters can get thousands of applications for a given position. They try to quickly skim through the resumes they consider to be relevant. Writing an impressive resume headline gives you an opportunity to grab the recruiter's attention.

  • Highlights your suitability for the job: Your resume headline quickly tells the hiring manager whether you are the kind of candidate the company is looking for. It conveys your most important skills and qualifications in a single line. The rest of the content of your resume becomes relevant only if your resume headline manages to make an impact.

  • Helps you get past the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS): Some resumes go straight to the recycle bin after being sorted out by the ATS. Sometimes, only a few job applications get the opportunity to be seen and read by a human. A resume headline with the right keywords helps you get past the ATS.

  • Showcases your skills and abilities: As a fresher, you typically don't have much to share with your hiring manager in terms of work experience. A resume headline gives you an opportunity to pitch for a position based on the most relevant skills and abilities you possess for the job.

How to write a resume headline for fresher

Use the following steps to write a powerful resume headline:

1. Review the job description

Go through the job description to understand the specific requirements of the job. Think about the skills and qualifications that you have, which would be a great match for the job you are applying for. Put yourself in the recruiter's place to understand what type of candidates would stand a good chance of securing the job.

2. Write a job-specific headline

Write a separate headline for each job you are applying for. Tailoring your resume and headline to a specific job position shows your seriousness in securing the job. Moreover, a job-specific headline attracts a recruiter's attention better than one that just talks about your skills and attributes in general.

3. Choose appropriate keywords

Choose appropriate keywords, preferably from the job description, to highlight your skills and qualifications. Employers usually search the database of applicants using these keywords and are more likely to pick up resumes that have desired keywords in the headline. For example, if the job position of a networking engineer requires knowledge of specific security software, using that software name in your resume headline is sure to give it a boost.

4. Keep it short

Restrict the length of your resume headline to a short phrase. The idea is to highlight the value you bring to the job. Recruiters may only give a cursory glance to your resume headline. Anything longer than a phrase may distract the recruiter and defeat the very purpose of a headline. Make sure the headline sums up your skills and abilities required for the position.

5. Remove clichés

Make sure your resume headline does not include clichés commonly seen on other resumes. Avoid using generic phrases like highly skilled, hard worker or very dependable that do not provide any specific information. Instead, keep your resume headline relevant, interesting and impressive to make it stand out from your competitors.

6. Put the headline at the top of your resume

Place the headline at the top of your resume. Since it is not part of the resume's body, it should be after your name and contact information. Profile summary, career objective and everything else should come below the headline.

7. Format your resume headline

Format your resume headline to make it attractive and easy to read. Capitalize each word to make it in title case as you would do with the title of an article. It helps your headline stand out from the rest of the content. Use the same font that you have used in the resume to maintain a professional look. Even if you decide to use a different font, make sure it is a professional one. Avoid using informal styles and too many different fonts and colours.

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What should you include in a resume headline for fresher?

As a fresher, you will not have any work experience to include in your resume headline. However, there are several other things worth highlighting, such as the following:

  • Educational qualification: If a job position requires any specific qualification or you possess a certain degree that increases your chances of getting hired, try to include such educational qualification or degree in your resume headline. For example, if a job description for the post of marketing executive asks for an MBA degree and you have one, consider including it in the headline.

  • Certifications and professional memberships: Some positions may require professional certifications and memberships. For example, an accounting position may require membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Include such certifications in your resume headline.

  • Academic achievements: If you have accomplished some extraordinary achievements or received some awards during your project work or internship, they can look great in a fresher's resume headline. For example, winning quiz contests can be a great achievement for journalism jobs.

  • Relevant skills: If you have some unique skills, strengths and abilities relevant to the job, including them in your resume headline can help you sell yourself as a good candidate. For example, excellent research skills can be a good point to mention for an entry-level data scientist job.

  • Language fluency: Some jobs like that of a language translator, international program coordinator or foreign correspondent may require fluency in more than one language. You should include your language skills in your resume headline for such jobs.

  • Any other vital information: There are no strict rules as to what you should include in your resume headline. If you have any important information that can increase your chances of getting hired or shortlisted, you can include it in your resume headline.

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Resume headline for fresher examples

Here are some sample headlines for fresher resumes to help you get started:

Resume headline for fresher: Mechanical engineer

Example: ‘Highly proficient in Catia and AutoCAD software with ability to design 2D and 3D models'

Example: ‘B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with sound knowledge of static, fatigue and fracture analyses'

Resume headline for fresher: Computer engineer

Example: ‘B.Tech in computer science with proficiency in C++ and Java programming'

Example: ‘Inquisitive computer science graduate with strong foundation in cross-platform coding'

Example: ‘Highly skilled in software algorithms and integration testing with 3 months of industrial training'

Example: ‘Can build reusable code using HTML and JQuery for optimising app performance'

Resume headline for fresher: Electrical engineer

Example: ‘Excellent reporting skills with ability to draft project reports for managers'

Example: ‘Working knowledge of MIS. Can prepare purchase orders and delivery schedules'

Resume headline for fresher: Civil engineer

Example: ‘NIT Jamshedpur 2020 batch topper in B.Tech (Civil Engineering)'

Example: ‘Civil engineering graduate looking to make a career as site engineer in the construction industry'

Example: ‘B.Tech in Civil Engineering with strong knowledge of steel and RCC structure looking for an entry-level position'

Resume headline for fresher: Chemical engineer

Example: ‘B.Tech in Chemical Engineering with exceptional knowledge of polymer properties. Did six months' internship in a rubber factory'

Example: ‘Excellent familiarity with chemical engineering processes of the paper industry'

Resume headline for fresher: BBA

Example: ‘BBA graduate with an excellent understanding of cross-selling and lead generation'

Example: ‘Ability to make cold calls and generate new leads. Comfortable working in a target-based environment'

Resume headline for fresher: MBA

Example: ‘MBA graduate looking for an entry-level position in sales and marketing. Flexible with working hours'

Example: ‘MBA in marketing with strong knowledge of running online campaigns. Can analyse trends and deploy Google Ad campaigns'

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