35 Sample Resume Lines (With Meaning And Some Useful Tips)

Updated 8 August 2023

An objective statement is an essential section on your resume that can increase your chances of attracting the attention of recruiting managers. Hiring managers can review this statement to better understand your professional history and career goals. Learning more about how to create an effective objectives statement can help you create an impressive resume and increase your chances of getting hired. In this article, we define resume lines, share a few useful tips to write an effective resume objective and provide a list of samples you may refer to when drafting yours.

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What Are Resume Lines?

Resume lines or objectives are a brief description of your skills, professional experiences and career goals. This helps demonstrate to recruiters why you are suitable for the role. You typically include it near the top of your application document, and is often the first information a hiring manager reads about you. Writing this section effectively and keeping it relevant is imperative to increase your chances of getting shortlisted for a role. Resume objectives are usually helpful for fresher candidates or professionals who are looking to change or advance their careers.

Useful Tips To Write Resume Objectives

Here are some tips to create an attractive resume or career objective that can increase your chances of impressing hiring managers:

  • Keep it brief. Recruiting managers may not always have time to look through your entire resume, so try keeping your resume objective brief, impactful and easily scannable.

  • Mention your best attributes. As it is essential to explain why you are a good fit for the position you are applying for briefly, highlight the most relevant skills you have per the requirements of the position.

  • Modify each application. When you apply for numerous positions, customise your resume objective according to each job description. Understand what the employers are looking for and then create a statement that best suits the role.

  • Get your objective peer-reviewed. It can be helpful to have a peer, friend or family member review your resume, including the objective, to make sure it is comprehensible and attractive and highlights the benefits of hiring you effectively.

  • Write in paragraph form. Though you may use bullet points in other sections of your resume, it is imperative to use paragraph form when writing the resume objective.

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35 Sample Resume Objectives

Here are 35 sample objectives for professionals at various stages of their careers:

13 entry-level examples

Here are some samples for entry-level professionals:

  1. Entry-level marketing professional, looking for a full-time position where I can create engaging social media content to advertise a company's mission and products.

  2. Dedicated sales professional with expertise in software as a service (SaaS) sales, looking to provide clients with technical information about company products to increase sales.

  3. Motivated learner with exemplary communication and organisational skills, looking to secure an apprenticeship to enhance my technical skills and knowledge.

  4. Fresher with an interest in building a customer service career, looking for a position that can help me enhance my problem-solving and communication skills by assisting customers and clients get a quick resolution to company-related issues.

  5. Highly dedicated individual with excellent interpersonal skills, looking for an insurance sales position in which I can create and foster positive customer relationships and provide them with consistent assistance with their policies.

  6. Entry-level professional with effective communication and attention-to-detail skills, looking for a cashier position as it can help me interact with customers and utilise my organisational and multitasking skills.

  7. Fresher with a bachelor's degree in English literature, looking for a part-time position where I can use my knowledge of poetry concepts and strategies to provide thorough research on renaissance-era poetry.

  8. Dedicated learner with a bachelor's degree in finance, seeking to implement my knowledge of investments and asset management to help clients maximise their profits and enhance the company's reputation.

  9. Motivated graduate with a post graduate degree in information science, looking for a full-time position which can help me apply my knowledge of software programming to create robust and effective network architecture.

  10. Recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in nursing and one year of internship experience, looking to use my communication skills and experience in the intensive care unit to ensure patients get high-quality care and feel comfortable during diagnosis procedures.

  11. Dedicated fresher with a diploma in business accounting, wanting to employ my accounting skills and budgeting experience to ensure better financial management.

  12. Motivated graduate with an associate degree in graphic design, looking for a full-time position where I can create appealing graphics and logos to enhance a company's visual brand.

  13. Fresher with a bachelor's degree in linguistics, seeking a part-time position in an educational institution where I can teach children about various languages and cultures.

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11 examples for career advancement

Below are sample resume objectives for professionals who are looking to advance in their careers:

  1. Driven educator with 15 years of experience as a school teacher, looking to advance to an administrative position to help make crucial decisions that can benefit the students positively.

  2. Detail-oriented technician with 13 years of experience conducting repairs to heating and cooling systems of commercial properties, searching for a position as a supervisor to share knowledge and assist team members in fostering their technical skills.

  3. Experienced marketing professional with four years of experience in developing and executing social media campaigns for software products, looking to advance to a senior supervising marketing role where I can contribute to the overall growth of the company.

  4. Accomplished maths professor with 14 years of experience in developing and teaching college-level maths courses, looking for a tenured position in the university's maths faculty.

  5. Graphic designer with seven years of experience in creating brand logos, looking for a full-time position as a social media design manager where I can provide appealing visuals for all social media campaigns within our marketing department.

  6. Accomplished librarian with 16 years of experience in library circulation and reference, aiming to get hired as a head librarian and increase public engagement and draft beneficial policies for staff.

  7. Experienced professional with 12 years of experience as a head software engineer, seeking a chief innovation officer position to provide support to software developers effectively.

  8. Detail-oriented sales associate with five years of experience in retail, looking for a general managerial position where I can lead a team of store associates effectively.

  9. Experienced vet assistant with nine years of experience working with small animals and reptiles, wanting to apply for a part-time position as a veterinary technician where I can dedicate my work to mid- and large-sized animals.

  10. Highly dedicated human resources management professional with five years of experience in planning and implementing employee events, looking for a full-time position as an HR manager to increase employee satisfaction and improve retention rates of the organisation.

  11. Dedicated server with six years of experience in serving diners, seeking to get hired as a restaurant manager, where I can support restaurant staff and deliver exemplary customer service to enhance the company's reputation.

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11 examples for a career change

Here are sample resume lines for professionals who are looking for a career change:

  1. Experienced finance professional with five years of experience in financial management, looking for an opportunity where I can use my mathematics skills to teach children in a school.

  2. Driven sales representative with four years of experience in insurance sales, looking to enter the marketing field to help develop effective campaigns and increase company revenue.

  3. Empathetic and patient teacher with 13 years of experience in a high school, wanting to use my experience in education to lead onboarding and training sessions within a large or medium-scale company.

  4. Driven customer service representative with 17 years of retail industry experience, looking to enhance my skill set by working in the sales department.

  5. Accomplished manager of social media marketing, looking to provide my experience to a nonprofit organisation where I can contribute more to the community.

  6. Detail-oriented cashier with eight years of experience in retail stores, looking to provide my in-depth experience and accounting knowledge to a financial institution where I can help individuals manage their finances.

  7. Experienced paralegal with 12 years in the legal industry, seeking to employ my knowledge to assist technology companies in adhering to the existing state and national legal regulations.

  8. Dedicated team player with six years of experience in the software industry, looking to use my technical proficiency and collaborative abilities to teach computer science courses.

  9. Driven journalist with four years of experience and a degree in communications, seeking to use my editing skills and market knowledge to assist in developing a company's marketing campaigns.

  10. Hardworking warehouse associate with 14 years of experience, looking for a full-time role where I can collaborate with a team of quality assurance professionals to enhance the company's reputation and operational efficiency.

  11. Hardware engineer with eight years of experience in designing hardware solutions for operating systems, looking to enter the sales department.

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