How To Write A Resume Objective For A Part-Time Job

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Updated 30 September 2022

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Part-time work provides a flexible employment solution that can help you achieve the work-life balance you require while earning an income. A compelling resume objective can help you highlight your background and skills effectively. Learning how to write a suitable resume objective for a part-time job can help you improve your resume and increase your chance of getting the job. In this article, we explain what a resume objective is, show you how to write one and provide example resume objectives and tips to make yours attractive to employers.

What is a resume objective for a part-time job?

A resume objective for a part-time job is a section on your resume that you can use to introduce yourself to a prospective employer and explain your career aims. It is usually beneath your name and contact details on your resume and is concise, persuasive and easy to understand. This one or two-sentence paragraph can include:

  • your desired job title

  • your key qualifications

  • your professional skills and experience

  • your notable career achievements

  • a statement of your desire to work part-time

  • reasons why you are the right candidate for the job

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The benefits of including a resume objective

Including a resume objective can help you show what you can offer to the person who reviews your resume. It provides a helpful summary and can effectively communicate who you are and why you are the best candidate for the job. Here are some notable benefits of including a resume objective:

Helps make it easier for an employer to evaluate your resume

Use your part-time job resume to make it clear to an employer that you meet the requirements of the job description. A headline that outlines matching qualifications and experience can direct the resume reviewer to verify the relevant areas in the resume's body. By saving your prospective employer's time in evaluating your resume, you may increase your chances of a positive response.

Makes your resume noticeable

With employers reviewing multiple resumes for a single role, your compelling resume objective may enable interviewers to notice it. Take the opportunity to attract attention to your resume by using the objective. A bold and intriguing resume objective can stimulate the curiosity of the reviewer, who may then read the resume in more detail to learn more about you.

Highlights your strengths

Use your resume objective to highlight your strengths. Prioritise skills, experience and accomplishments that are unique or distinguished. They can be effective conversation starters in interviews.

Provides the opportunity to insert relevant keywords

The resume objective is a helpful section for inserting keywords that are relevant to the job. Many employers scan resumes for certain keywords with software, submitting the resumes that contain them. If your resume includes those keywords, it may increase your chance to move on to the next stage of the hiring process.

How to write a part-time job resume objective

A resume objective can be a prudent addition to your resume for a part-time job. Aim to keep it clear and concise so that the employer can easily understand its message. Here are some steps you can follow to create your own resume objective:

1. Review the job description

Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the job by reading the job description. Identify the keywords in the description and highlight them using relevant information. Use this information to create a summary statement for your resume that aligns with the job descriptions, so you can clearly outline your suitability for the job.

2. Add your job title to the resume objective

If you routinely work as a professional with a specific job title, include it in your resume objective. Many HR professionals usually hire for many positions at once and a job title can remind them of the role for which you are applying. Describing yourself using the job title can align you with the role and you can then evidence the title with a succinct summary of your qualifications and experience.

3. Outline your skills

Take some time to write a comprehensive list of your skills and highlight a few that apply to the job description and role. Prioritise any skills that are also keywords that are likely to appeal to the employer. Skills that are commonly required for part-time jobs include:

  • communication skills

  • listening skills

  • team skills

  • problem-solving skills

  • interpersonal skills

  • research skills

  • critical thinking skills

4. Describe your experience

You can use the resume objective to describe your previous experience. Keep this as short as possible, highlighting one or two points about your previous employment or education that apply to the role. You can also include experience in other roles that apply to the duties of the job for which you are applying.

6. Be clear about your aims

Help your prospective employer understand your career objectives by stating your goals. You may view the part-time role as an entry-level position for a new career or plan to be with the company long term. Ensure to show that your goals are in alignment with the advertised position and the company values and objectives of the employer, as this can encourage employers to consider taking your application forward.

7. Edit your resume objectives

By the time you have completed the previous drafting steps, you may find you have a long resume objective that requires editing to a shorter length. Aim to produce a summary sentence or a few sentences that highlight the key points in your draft. Read the resume objective aloud to see how it may sound to someone who reads it.

8. Have someone review your resume objectives

Share your resume objective with a trusted mentor, friend or relative who can read and review it. They can provide valuable feedback on how your resume objective sounds. Their proofreading can help you receive greater clarity in your writing and assist you in amplifying your message.

Examples of resume objectives for part-time jobs

Here are some examples of part-time job resume objectives:

  • Diligent food service professional with four years of front of house experience and impeccable presentation and customer service.

  • Warm and engaging childcare professional with two years of experience supporting families in part-time child-minding roles in private homes.

  • Motivated and team-oriented sales assistant with experience in personal shopping, merchandising and inventory management.

  • Confident and attentive customer service professional with experience in supporting customers excellently by phone, email and webchat.

  • Private tutor with a master's degree in mathematics accomplished in providing targeted support to students with special educational needs.

Tips for writing part-time job resume objectives

Putting time and effort into creating a resume objective that represents you positively can be a worthwhile investment. Refining the resume objective by redrafting can help you get it just right. Here are some additional tips for making your resume objective effective:

Take care with formatting

Though a resume objective is compact and concise, making it prominent can alert the employer to read it. There are several ways in which you can attract attention to the resume objective. Using a bold or italicised font is a common method for enhancing your resume objective. Placing the resume objective in a shaded box can also highlight it to a reader.

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Include unique qualities

If you have unique skills or experiences that would enrich the workplace culture or make you an advantageous hire, make sure you share them upfront in your resume objective. Thinking about what makes you unique for the role can help you identify qualities that are ideal to share. Favourable personality traits like being considerate, paying attention to detail or being an active listener can also be worth including.

Adapt a template

You can create a great resume objective by adapting or personalising a template or example. This can be helpful if you are having difficulty keeping the resume objective short. Search for relevant resumes for part-time jobs and look at how the author writes and formats the objective.

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Mention soft-skills

Soft skills provide employers with an understanding of how you are likely to fit into an existing team. If you have little or no employment history, make your soft-skills prominent to compensate. Soft skills like teamwork, decision making and organisations skills can be excellent examples to include in your resume objective.

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