How To Write A Resume Summary For Teachers (With Examples)

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Published 12 July 2022

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When applying for a teaching role, your resume is crucial for showing your teaching skills and experience. The summary section at the top of your resume is an opportunity to impress potential employers. Understanding how to create a strong summary can help employers to determine whether you are qualified to teach in their institution. In this article, we explain how to write a resume summary for teachers and provide templates and examples for reference.

What Is A Resume Summary For Teachers?

A resume summary for teachers is a short section at the top of your resume that outlines your talents, accomplishments and experience. You can use this section to summarise your teaching philosophy, qualifications and how your unique expertise in education has helped you contribute to the academic achievements of your pupils and the success of your school system. An excellent resume summary gets employers' attention right away by explaining why you are suitable for a faculty position.

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Details To Include In A Resume Summary

Consider the following details when writing your resume summary:

Work experience

Provide a few details about your unique teaching experience in a few sentences. For example, if you have substantial knowledge and experience tutoring students in algebra, include this in your summary. Employers want to know right away what kind of experience you have, especially the subjects and grade levels you have worked with. Make sure you only include work experience that is relevant to a teaching position rather than professional experience that is unrelated to academics.

Necessary skills

Your skills can help to distinguish you from other applicants. Highlight your classroom skills in your resume summary so that employers are aware of your abilities. For example, use the first line or bullet point to explain how your leadership, classroom management and problem-solving skills have improved education for your students.

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Quantitative successes

Quantifiable accomplishments, such as accolades or statistics, can distinguish you from other candidates. Student successes in examinations or academic growth in core areas and cumulative test scores are valuable achievements to discuss because they demonstrate to employers how you assisted students in achieving success. Similarly, if you assisted other colleagues in supporting student accomplishments, make sure to include these examples with your quantitative experience.

Qualifications for teaching

In addition to your expertise, emphasise your teaching credentials and any additional qualifications you may have for the position. Special education teachers, for example, may provide specific credentials and teaching endorsements that demonstrate their abilities and experience working with special needs pupils. National board certificates and special publications are also valuable.

How To Write A Resume Summary For Teachers?

When writing your resume summary, follow these steps:

1. Choose a summary style

There are a few distinct summary styles to choose from, each with its own benefits and focuses. A paragraph summary is the most common style in resumes, but you can include something more original. For listing your occupation, job title, personal goal statement and qualifications for the position, the segmented resume summary style is helpful. Another summary format is the bullet list, which includes 3 to 4 of your resume's most relevant features, such as credentials, skills and experience.

2. Use active voice

When introducing yourself in your resume summary, use action words and active voice. This allows employers to immediately see your abilities and judge your suitability for the job. Employing action words can also retain employers' attention on your resume for longer. Consider using action words like engaged, developed, implemented, innovated and other phrases that demonstrate your ability to take initiative, support your students and achieve success.

3. Mention relevant keywords

Many organisations scan resumes and screen prospects using applicant tracking systems. To help your resume pass through these systems, include keywords and phrases from the job description in your summary. For example, if an employer is seeking instructors with national board certification and you have this credential, it is important to add this key phrase because employers are likely to enter it in applicant tracking systems to scan resumes for the specific term. Employers are more likely to read your full resume summary if you include keywords and phrases from the job description that match your qualifications.

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4. Include key details

Keep your resume summary concise and only include information that is pertinent to the position you are applying for. For instance, if you are seeking the position of a kindergarten teacher, highlight only the qualifications that demonstrate your competence to manage and instruct kindergarten pupils. Consider the job description as well so you can add skills and qualifications that match those that the employer is seeking. Employers can swiftly examine your credentials and suitability for the role if you keep your resume summary brief.

5. Proofread your summary

After you have finished writing your resume summary, proofread and modify it if necessary to make sure it is free of errors. Check for grammatical mistakes, misspelled words and formatting errors before sending it to recruiters. It is also a good idea to have a friend, family member or colleague go through your resume to check its clarity and formatting.

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Templates For A Teacher Resume Summary

Here are three templates for a teacher's resume summary that you can use to create your own:

Paragraph style template

[First sentence: Describe your experience, credentials and strongest skills.]

[Second sentence: Include a specific example to highlight an achievement, such as a statistic or award.]

[Third sentence: Emphasise your ability to support student achievement.]

[Last sentence: Include relevant skills that can benefit the school to which you are applying.]

Segmented style template

[Subjects], [grade levels]

[Second line: Include a quote from a recommendation letter or share your mission statement.]

[Third line: Write a brief paragraph outlining your experiences, skills and teaching credentials.]

Bullet point style template

[First bullet point: Provide information about your qualifications and any notable accomplishments.]

[Second bullet point: Describe your classroom abilities and experience.]

[Third bullet point: Include your previous contributions to student achievement.]

Examples Of Teacher Resume Summaries

Below are three examples of a teacher's resume summary you can use as inspiration to create your own:

Paragraph style example

Passionate and driven English teacher with over 15 years of experience working with students in grades 9 to 12. Named Teacher of the Year by the school in 2016 and an active member of the school board, participating in fundraising and community events. Dedicated to involving students on all levels and increasing their social experiences through group classes and learning. Skilled in a wide variety of teaching methods to engage students, including physical demonstrations, drawn pictures and visual presentations.

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Segmented style example

Chemistry, grades 9–12

A driven and passionate teacher for M Malviya High School who does not compromise when it comes to student achievement.

High school chemistry teacher with seven years of experience teaching high school students. Proficient in English, Hindi and Marathi and uses language skills to build solid relationships with both students and parents. Confident in presenting learning material through smartboard and presentation technology or other digital teaching tools. Helped over 500 students score above 90% in class 12 exams. Trained six newly hired teacher's aides and helped them prepare lesson plans.

Bullet point style example

  • Dynamic mathematics teacher for grades 9 to 12 with experience in using social skills to manage student behaviour and utilising feedback to create effective lesson plans and teaching strategies that consider the strengths and weaknesses of students

  • Proficient in English and Hindi, which helps to adopt unique methodologies to support bilingual students in both languages

  • Successfully helped 8 students rank within the top 10% of candidates in 2017's National Math Olympiad

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