How To Write A Sales Coordinator Resume (With Template)

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Updated 30 September 2022

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A sales operation coordinator or sales coordinator ensures customer satisfaction and smooth sales. A resume for a sales coordinator can help you provide recruiters with an overview of your experience and accomplishments in the field. Before you create your resume, it is critical that you understand the important details to include in your resume that can help you stand out. In this article, we discuss how to write a sales coordinator resume, explore skills to incorporate into the resume and provide a template resume to help you write your own.

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What Is A Sales Coordinator?

Sales coordinators manage sales, oversee operations and guide sales teams to increase company revenues. Their role includes overseeing major client accounts, recruiting and training staff, setting sales targets, implementing sales strategies and reporting their work to the senior managers. Sales coordinators also help coordinate different sales responsibilities, such as scheduling meetings and presenting sales data.

How To Write A Sales Coordinator Resume?

Here are the steps you can follow when preparing sales coordinator resume:

1. Read the job description

Read the job description carefully before writing your resume. Examine how well you match the company's required or desired qualifications for a recruit. Taking the effort to ensure that each job you apply for is a good fit for you may boost your chances of progressing to the next stage of the company's application process.

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2. Choose a suitable format

Select a resume format that best highlights your qualifications. There are a variety of resume styles available to assist you in organising your personal information in a way that prospective employers can easily comprehend. The chronological resume style is a popular resume format that might be a good choice for experienced employees. Another popular structure is the functional format, which may help individuals with less experience or those who are changing careers highlight their important talents.

3. Set up your document

To create the format for your resume, consider using word processing software. Setting up the framework of your resume before you start writing it can help you visualise how a potential employer may perceive it. Write the body of your content in a formal or legible typeface, such as times new roman in 11 or 12 point size. You can make the resume easier to read for the employers by writing the headings, such as experience and education, in a slightly bigger font size than the rest of the content.

4. Collect your information

Collect all the relevant data and information you may require for writing your resume. For example, you might be required to do some research to find out when you received particular qualifications or degrees, the names of your prior employers, or other information about your previous careers. Having this sort of information on hand might help speed up the resume writing process.

5. Find keywords

Look for keywords and include them in your resume. Keywords are terms or phrases that apply value to the job you are looking for or the industry in which you work. You may locate keywords by looking for desirable or needed qualities that match yours in the job advertising. Then, examine whether you want to include those keywords in your CV. If the job description calls for a sales coordinator who is familiar with compliance rules, you might discuss tasks you had at a former position that were relevant to regulatory adherence.

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6. Consider writing an objective

Including an objective in your resume might be beneficial. Candidates often list their objectives below their contact information at the top of their resumes, making it one of the first things prospective employers notices when reviewing your application. While not needed, a resume goal might provide an overview of your sales coordinator qualifications to potential employers. It may also help you communicate why you are interested in a certain job or organisation, and even in how it ties to your professional ambitions.

7. Describe your professional experience

Give the details of your professional experience in the following section of your resume. Provide the name of your employer, your position title, the dates of your work and the location for each of your previous jobs or other employment opportunities, such as internships. If you have worked as a sales coordinator or in sales before, emphasise the duties that are most relevant to the job offering. If you have little to no expertise in sales or as a sales coordinator, focus on your transferable skills, which are broad professional talents that might be useful in a sales coordinator function.

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8. List your education

Include a section regarding your schooling. You may have a high school diploma, a college degree or a certificate in sales, depending on the educational requirements for sales coordinators. You can add the programme title, the type of certificate you got, the name and location of the school or organisation and the dates you attended for each educational experience. You can also include in-progress credentials in this area if you are presently completing in a certificate, degree or training programme.

9. Incorporate data or facts

Include statistics or examples from your experiences and skills. You can add quantitative sales data on your resume if you know how many sales you made on average each week or how much you raised team sales. Specific statistics might show that you are a good fit for the open sales coordinator position at a prospective firm.

Skills To Include In A Sales Coordinator Resume

On a sales coordinator resume, potential employers look for the following skills:


Sales coordinators regularly interact with a range of individuals, including sales representatives, clients, sales managers and other departmental supervisors. They know how to clearly and courteously convey their message to others, whether in-person, over the phone or through written correspondence like email. A sales coordinator can also interpret nonverbal communication signals, like body language or tone of voice, and use these to help them respond appropriately to others.

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Active listening skills

When a sales representative is unavailable, sales coordinators may address customer complaints or questions. A sales coordinator employs active listening skills to understand and resolve client complaints or questions. They can also use active listening skills to provide assistance to each of their team members based on their level of expertise and requirements.

Organisation skills

Sales coordinators are sometimes responsible for clerical tasks such as organising meetings, inputting sales data, responding to customer mail, and building file and database systems. Sales coordinators with good organisational skills may handle these administrative tasks with ease. Because sales coordinators have a variety of responsibilities, possessing time management skills can help them plan their calendars more successfully.

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Data analysis

Sales coordinators gather and evaluate data on the success of their sales team. Sales coordinators can analyse this data more successfully if they know how to assess data efficiently. After that, a sales coordinator can create data-driven techniques to help their team achieve their sales objectives or plans.

Sales Coordinator Resume Template

Here is a template you can use as a guide when composing your own resume:

[Your name]
[Your city and state]
[Your phone number]
[Your professional email]

[Write a few sentences that summarise your work experience, achievements and professional goals]

Work experience
[Write the position you held, name of the companies or organisations, locations, dates, job responsibilities and achievements]

[Write the details of degree received and certificated earned, name of college, university or institute, location and date of completion]

[Write the details of your relevant skills]

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Sample Resume For Sales Coordinators

Here is a sample resume for sales coordinators you can refer to when writing your resume:

Rajesh Singh
Bangalore, Karnataka
+91 9123456789

A goal-oriented and experienced sales coordinator is looking for a full-time collaborative sales role with the XYZ Trading Inc team. Has over five years of expertise assisting sales teams in increasing their sales volume by over 40% and providing support to both new and seasoned sales people.

Work experience
Sales Officer
XYZ Trading Inc
Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Made cold calls and generated enquiries

  • Converted enquiries into sales

  • Reported to the sales officer every day

  • Achieved sales quotas and monthly targets regularly

  • Participated in sales events, team outings and internal training sessions

Sales Coordinator
XYZ Trading Inc
Mangalore, Karnataka

  • Collaborated with ten sales officers and twenty sales representatives to meet sales quotas and monthly targets

  • Trained new hires in sales techniques and internal policies

  • Fostered and maintained relationships with clients in four international markets

  • Educated prospects on service offerings through phone calls, testimonials and presentations

  • Answered customer enquiries and concerns

Bachelor's degree in business administration
IMB College of Marketing
Bangalore, Karnataka

Bachelors in Commerce
John's Marketing College of India
Bangalore, Karnataka


  • Outstanding customer service abilities

  • Ability to speak with a variety of individuals in a variety of scenarios

  • Data entry skills and a basic understanding of computer troubleshooting

  • Committed to provide excellent customer service

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