How To Write A Sales Manager Resume (With Examples And Tips)

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Updated 10 August 2022 | Published 29 November 2021

Updated 10 August 2022

Published 29 November 2021

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A sales manager is a professional who leads the sales team by guiding and giving them training about analysing data and building plans for sales. Individuals willing to pursue a career as a sales manager can highlight their skills and expertise in their resume that may increase their chances of getting a job offer. A well-written resume with proper formatting can grab a recruiter's attention. In this article, we discuss some helpful tips to write a sales manager resume and provide a sample format so that you can write your own.

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What Is The Importance Of A Sales Manager Resume?

Sales professionals can introduce their skills and objectives to the recruiters by tailoring a great sales manager resume. A resume is an amazing tool to showcase your skills, abilities and personality. This helps recruiters understand more about you and decide whether you are suitable for the sales job. Highlighting your visions and objectives can help recruiters understand what values you can add to their organisation. A well-written resume can give an overview of your background and experience as a sales manager.

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What To Include In The Resume For A Sales Manager Job?

You can add the following elements to your resume for the resume of a sales manager:

  • Contact information: Add your name, email address, phone number and portfolio link in the header section of the resume.

  • Resume objective: Write two to three sentences highlighting your skills and experience in the sales department.

  • Work experience as a sales manager: Include the name of the organisation and write duties you had during the employment.

  • Internships: Enter the name of the organisation and your job duties as a sales intern.

  • Skills: Highlight the skills from your sales experience.

  • Education: Write your education history by adding a degree, the name of the organisation and dates.

  • Languages: Highlight your languages skills. For example, beginner, intermediate, fluent or bilingual.

How To Write A Resume For The Post Of Sales Manager?

Here are the essential steps that you can follow to write a resume for a sales manager position:

1. Review the job posting

It can be helpful to research and review the job posting before drafting a resume. This can help you identify the essential skills for that job role. By studying the job posting, you can learn more about the requirements of the organisation. Having a knowledge of the requirements and challenges can help you write an effective resume for a sales job. You can also identify a few keywords from the job posting and highlight them in your resume.

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2. Format your resume

Proper formatting of your resume can gain the attention of many recruiters. A resume with proper formatting can make you look more professional in front of employers. You can select a good font size and style that is easy to read. Recruiters often give a very short time reading a resume. With proper formatting, they can easily read your resume. You can format your resume in the following three ways:

  • Chronological resume

  • Functional resume

  • Combination resume

3. Start with a proper heading

The first step is to write your full name, followed by your contact information. Adding contact information to your resume can help recruiters to contact you if they find your resume suitable for the job. You can enter your full name in a slightly larger font. Add your contact information, such as phone number, email address and website links below your name. The header section can help recruiters contact you for any follow-up regarding the sales manager job.

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4. Write an objective for your resume

An introductory overview of your skills and work experience is a crucial part of writing a good resume. In your resume objective, you can mention your professional work journey, including your experience and biggest achievement. Make sure to convey your whole objective in two to three sentences. This part of the resume can help recruiters understand your professional traits and skills. Sales professionals can add their goals and adapt their resume objectives to the job posting. A clear and concise objective can help recruiters understand the values that you can offer to the organisation.

5. Add skills and certifications

You can add relevant sales skills to this section of your resume. Sales professionals can add both hard and soft skills to their resumes. Many recruiters look for sales managers who have a strong work ethic and compassion. This is why it can be helpful to add soft skills that define your professionalism. You can also take an idea of the skills that recruiters are looking for by studying the job description. Add a separate section in your resume to highlight skills and certifications.

Sales managers can add the following skills to their resumes:

  • Account management

  • Negotiation skills

  • Enterprise sales

  • Outbound sales

  • Strategic planning

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Written and verbal communication skills

6. Highlight areas of sales experience

Many recruiters prefer hiring sales managers with more work experience. You can mention your relevant sales experiences, including your responsibilities and performance in the previous jobs. Candidates can also add internships to their sales manager resume. Adding the job duties that you have performed in the previous job roles can help recruiters understand your capabilities. Sales professionals can add the dates of employment and a bulleted list of duties for previous job titles. Using strong action verbs to describe the job duties can make your resume more effective.

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7. Mention your educational background

A separate section in your resume showing your educational details is equally important as other sections. Aspiring sales managers can mention their school, college and university from where they got the degrees. Mention the name of your degrees with the year of completion. You can also add other accomplishments in this section. Adding educational background to your resume can help potential recruiters understand what you can bring to their organisation. You can add your educational background at the bottom of your resume.

8. Review and proofread your resume

After writing all the essential sections and drafting a complete resume, proofread it carefully to avoid any grammar mistakes. Review the format of your resume with attention to detail and make sure it demonstrates your professionalism. Sales professionals can scan their resumes in any proofreading app to fix the errors.

Sales Manager Resume Format

Candidates can use the following format as a guide to craft their own resume for a sales manager job:

[Enter first and last name]
[Enter phone number]
[Email address]

[Write two to three sentences to highlight your skills and professional experience relevant to the position.]

Skills and certifications

  • [Skill 1]

  • [Skill 2]

  • [Skill 3]

Work experience
[Job title 1]
[Company or organisation]
[Employment date]

  • [Duty 1]

  • [Duty 2]

  • [Duty 3]

[Job title 2]
[Company or organisation]
[Employment date]

  • [Duty 1]

  • [Duty 2]

  • [Duty 3]

[Name of the college or university]


  • [Fluent language 1]

  • [Fluent language 2]

  • [Fluent language 3]

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Sales Manager Resume Sample

Here is an example that follows the above format of a resume for a sales manager:

Neha Kumari


Dedicated and results-driven sales manager with extensive knowledge and experience in increasing revenue and exceeding sales targets. Proven track record in refining strategies and their implementation. Bringing ten years of experience, strong leadership and sales skills to work with other professionals.

Skills and certifications

  • Sales planning and negotiation skills

  • Extensive market knowledge and accounting skills

  • Forecasting sales results and meeting sales goals

  • Developing budgets and staffing

  • Certified sales leadership professional

  • Expertise in recruiting and hiring sales professionals

Work experience

Area sales representative
StarTech Private Limited
January 2015-April 2017

  • Developed sales outlets depending on order placement.

  • Executed several campaigns and activities for promotions.

  • Developed growth opportunities for the organisation and identified 40+ new sales outlets.

  • Implemented lead-generating strategies and techniques.

  • Conducted meetings and presentations to increase the visibility of the organisation.

Sales manager
Moon Private Limited
January 2017-April 2020

  • Planned effective strategies to meet the sales targets of the organisation.

  • Maintained internal quality control standards and detailed records of the financial services transaction.

  • Took responsibility for development, leadership and team performance management.

  • Prepared work schedules for 25+ employees and assigned them tasks.

  • Maintained and improved good relationships with clients.

  • Generated leads and new opportunities for the growth of the organisation.


Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
University of Mumbai
Master of Business Administration
University of Mumbai


  • Indian English: Advanced proficiency C1

  • Hindi: Native proficiency C2

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