Benefits Of A SAP MM Resume (And How To Create One)

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Updated 30 September 2022

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Systems, applications and products in data processing (SAP), is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software program that helps businesses streamline their activities to assist various departments with their roles. SAP material management (MM) professionals can support all phases of procuring materials from vendors, regulate business processes and help optimise an enterprise's daily operations. If you want to start your career in a related field, learning about effective resumes for the role might help you get the position. In this article, we discuss SAP MM resumes and their benefits, explain how to write one and review a template and an example.

What is a SAP MM resume?

A well-crafted SAP MM resume can help you impress hiring managers and make them notice your suitability as an SAP MM consultant. This makes it important to list your most relevant skills on the resume to ensure recruiting managers understand you are suitable for the job. A resume for an SAP MM consultant helps you highlight your business expertise and understanding of the procurement process, material handling, inventory, purchase and vendor management.

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How an SAP MM consultant resume benefits you

If you prepare an appealing resume for the position of SAP MM consultant, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Recycling your resume for different jobs

Drafting a resume is a convenient way to apply for multiple jobs. You can get an essential document that you may use as a reference after you complete writing your resume when applying for several positions in different companies. You may then incorporate minor changes to your CV for each job you apply for to establish that your qualifications suit the job requirements. For example, if you possess an SAP MM certification, you can use the resume to apply for different roles, like SAP MM associate, project manager, logistics manager or supply chain specialist.

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Introducing yourself

You can use the resume to make an excellent introduction. Recruiters seeking an SAP MM consultant may receive several applications. They usually examine them to identify prospective candidates before hiring one. A compelling resume might help you establish yourself as a knowledgeable, competent and, ultimately, a qualified professional suited for the job.

Establishing yourself as an ideal candidate

You can utilise it to distinguish yourself from other candidates. A resume enables you to list all of your proficiencies and expertise, along with describing your credentials and accomplishments to a potential employer. You may possess a better chance of getting an interview and eventually securing the job, with an impressive resume that satisfies the employer's criteria for the ideal professional.

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How to write an SAP MM resume

Follow the steps given below to write a resume SAP MM professional:

1. Choose the proper resume format

The first step in writing a resume is to determine which resume format suits you the most. If you are an experienced professional searching for a job as an SAP MM consultant, a chronological resume format can help you attract the attention of hiring managers more. A chronological resume helps list all of your relevant work experience from your previous jobs. It is especially helpful if you possess a few years of experience.

While a functional resume that puts an emphasis on your talents can be valuable for analysing your potential, it does not describe your training and experience. A recruiter may not find it as relevant for assessing your potential. A skills-based resume might be a better fit for you if you are new to the field.

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2. Put in your contact details

Start writing your resume by creating a section for your personal information. You can lead this section with your name. Consider putting your name in bold letters to catch the recruiter's attention. In the next lines, add your physical address, phone number and email address. You may also choose to include your social media address. Make sure you give up-to-date contact information so hiring managers can connect with you immediately if they choose to call you for an interview.

3. Include your resume summary

Your resume summary statement summarises your professional qualifications and experience. If you are a recent graduate, you can discuss your undergraduate projects, applicable skills for the job, educational details and other accomplishments in your resume. Hiring managers may determine how you might benefit their organisation and the level of professional competencies after reading the statement. Place your profile summary directly below your contact information at the top of your resume. This can assist the employer in learning about your most relevant abilities and your overall experience to decide whether you fulfil the job requirements.

4. Add your work history

Many prospective employers search for candidates who provide a long history of work experience. As an SAP MM consultant typically fulfils a multitude of responsibilities, a recruiter usually tries to ensure that the candidate can handle them effectively. Consider the previous roles you want to add. Many candidates choose to skip mentioning positions that may not be pertinent to the business. List your job title, the name of the organisation, the year you started working there till the year you left and the key responsibilities for every role you include.

5. Mention your educational background and certifications

Most SAP MM consultants are generally experts who hold strong academic credentials. You can provide information about your educational background for each qualification by entering the name of the school, the degree you hold, your grades and the year of graduation. You can also include specific accomplishments from your academic career. For instance, if you were the president of a relevant co-curricular club in school or university, consider mentioning that in your resume. You can also add any special certifications that you completed, especially the SAP certifications. If you are pursuing additional certifications currently, include that.

6. Add relevant skills

You can conclude your resume by including a section for all the skills that apply to the role. A recruiter can match your skills to the scope of work in the job listing to see if you are fit for the position. The recruiter can then evaluate all of your skills in a single section. This might make the recruiting process easier for them. A prospective SAP MM consultant's CV can include skills like time-management, inventory management, business process, communication, problem-solving and coordination.

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Template for an SAP MM professional

Here is a template you can follow and adapt to your requirements when writing your resume:

[First and last name]
[Current address]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional summary
[One to three sentences briefly describing your skill, qualification, career goals and experience]

Work experience
Current or the most recent position held
[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Company's location]
[Dates worked]

  • [Key responsibility 1]

  • [Key responsibility 2]

  • [Key responsibility 3]

  • [Key responsibility 4]

  • [Key responsibility 5]

The second most recent position held
[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Company's location]
[Dates worked]

  • [Key responsibility 1]

  • [Key responsibility 2]

  • [Key responsibility 3]

The third most recent position held
[Job title]
[Company's name]
[Company's location]
[Dates worked]

  • [Key responsibility 1]

  • [Key responsibility 2]

  • [Key responsibility 3]

[Name of institution and location]
[Graduation date]

[Name of institution and location]
[Graduation date]

Certifications and memberships

[Use bullet points to list any certificates, licenses you earned and registered memberships.]

[Use bullet points to list all the relevant skills.]

[Use bullet points to list your accomplishments.]

Example of an SAP MM consultant resume

Here is an example of an SAP MM consultant resume that might help you draft your own:

Dhara Kumar Shantipur, West Bengal

Professional summary

An ambitious, committed and enterprising SAP MM consultant with an exceptional functional understanding of SAP along with experience in configuration & support. Professional with a stellar record of being involved in the development of ideas, prototyping, testing and execution and subsequent deployment at multiple sites.
Seeking an opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic team and work for an international company that provides guidance and advancement and promotes from within based on proficiencies and accomplishments.

Work experience

Associate SAP MM Consultant
Shola Chems, Bengaluru, Karnataka, February 2020-Current

  • provides information on the troubleshooting of processes to the company's help desk staff

  • submits stock transport orders

  • tests the end-to-end scenarios of outbound and inbound deliveries

  • creates strategic plans for development practices

  • suggests proposals for basic procedural changes to increase production efficiency

Consultancy Intern
IVY Ton, Pune, Maharashtra, July 2019–December 2019

  • established workflow charts

  • designed first drafts of purchasing documents

  • devised a system for organising purchase information records


MBA in International Business and Project Management
The LPW School of Business at Pune, 2019
BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Xavier University at Malda, 2016
BTech in Computer Science
Thakur STEM Institute at Kolkata, 2012


  • successful completion of SAP training modules, certificates in SAP S/4HANA (Procurement) and SAP ERP


  • knowledge of pricing control principles

  • knowledge of markdown procedures

  • professional working proficiency in spoken and written English, French and Mandarin

  • ability to coordinate, multi-task and adhere to deadlines

  • familiarity with multiple types of ERP software, including SAP

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