How To Write a Secretary Resume Objective (With 10 Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 2 July 2022

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It is important to highlight your skills and qualifications in your resume objective, whether you are applying for an entry-level secretarial career or an executive secretary role. Your resume objective is often the first section of the resume a hiring manager notices. An effective objective statement allows you to emphasise your most relevant qualifications to potential employers and increases the chances of your application getting shortlisted.

In this article, we define the secretary resume objective, discuss steps to write an effective one and provide templates and examples to guide you while writing your own, along with useful skills to include and important tips.

What Is A Secretary Resume Objective?

A secretary's resume objective is a clear and concise summary of professional goals and qualifications that apply to a position. An objective statement is an effective way for an entry-level job seeker or someone wishing to change careers to demonstrate that their skills match the employer's requirements. Some objective statements are as short as a single sentence expressing the type and degree of employment you want, while others can be as long as four sentences describing your talents, experience and credentials. The resume's objective section can make a good first impression on potential employers.

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How To Write A Secretary Resume Objective

A well-written objective can make a positive impact on hiring managers. Here are some steps to consider while writing your secretary resume's objective:

1. Engage your audience

It is critical to find exactly what the employer is looking for in a candidate. You can personalise your resume objective statements for each position and organisation. Review the job description for required skills and competencies and look for similarities in your experiences.

Many objective statements, such as to be, to achieve and to work with, begin with the adverb "to". Use adjectives like dependable and committed or verbs like striving and seeking in your resume's objective to make it compelling. By utilising these techniques, you can increase the possibility of immediately getting the employer's attention.

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2. Keep it concise

While it is crucial to emphasise what qualifies you for the position, it is important to keep the objective concise. You can utilise other sections of your resume to highlight the rest skills and accomplishments. This helps concentrate on just a few qualities that best match the employer's requirements in the objective statement. As hiring managers often review many resumes, keep each component brief to improve readability.

3. Include your transferrable skills

If you are looking for your first secretarial job or have little experience in this field, you can focus your resume objective on your skills and desire to work as a secretary. Instead of stating what you intend to acquire or learn, use your statement to show what you can offer. If you have worked in an office environment, you can emphasise your past similar duties or responsibilities to the job you are looking for. Consider utilising your objective statement to highlight your qualifications and experience while mentioning the transferrable skills you have.

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4. Highlight your value

Matching your talents to job description keywords can help you enhance your resume. Include any degrees or certifications that apply to the industry or job title. Most job postings include a list of prerequisites that you can match to your own experience. Highlighting your values can help specify what makes you a useful addition to the company based on the organisation's requirements.

5. Customise for the job

A resume objective can communicate why you want to work for the company you have applied to and how you can contribute to its success. When tailoring your resume aim, it is often good to add the company's name and the title of the position you are pursuing. Because recruiters typically search for candidates who most closely fit a position's specifications, tailoring your resume objective to meet the job description's needs may be useful so that a recruiter can easily imagine you in that role.

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6. Format and proofread

Put your objective at the top of your resume after your contact information. It is one of the first parts employers see when they review resumes. It is critical to check for spelling, grammar and format issues. The length of your resume objective depends on the level of experience or relevant qualities you have that apply to the role. The most common format is a single sentence objective.

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Objective Templates For A Secretary Resume

You can create your unique objective using the following resume templates by adding in your details, experience and education and changing their structure:

  • An experienced [soft skills] candidate looking [job title as per the job description] to apply my [hard skills] and contribute to your [organisation name].

  • I am a [mention soft skills] candidate looking for a position at [company] as [job title] where I can contribute using my [hard skills].

  • Looking to work at [organisation] as a [job title] to explore opportunities in the [industry]. As an enthusiastic, fast learner, I have gained [hard skills] that I can apply to fulfil my duties efficiently.

10 Objective Examples Of A Secretary Resume

Here are ten examples of resume objectives for novice and experienced secretaries as inspiration for writing your own:

  1. Dedicated and reliable professional aiming to make the most of my potential to help achieve company goals.

  2. Looking for a secretary position with a progressive company seeking an early career as a team member.

  3. Highly organised and dependable candidate eager to get an entry-level secretarial position that requires strong administrative support and knowledge of computer software, clerical and organisation skills.

  4. Looking for an entry-level secretarial position in an office environment to leverage a strong work ethic and an enthusiasm to learn and contribute.

  5. Looking for a secretary position in a company that provides an opportunity to use my experience in handling clerical, secretarial and administrative support functions.

  6. Recent business graduate seeking to utilise my clerical, customer service and organisational skills to fill the secretary role in a dynamic workplace.

  7. Searching for the ideal position in a company which needs a dedicated secretarial candidate focused on ensuring smooth and efficient office operations.

  8. Top-performing secretary with seven years of experience in administrative support in dynamic environments aiming to apply my customer service and communication skills to fill the secretary's role at a fast-growing company.

  9. Striving to become a more fulfilled administrative professional in an expanding organisation that provides an opportunity for career advancement.

  10. An executive secretary with 12 years' experience seeking to apply my office management and IT skills to allow for smooth administrative operations.

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Useful Skills To Include In Your Resume Objective For A Secretary Job

Following are some key skills you can consider while writing your resume objective:

  • Interpersonal skills: These skills allow you to communicate and engage with others effectively. They help you form relationships with others and handle a variety of social circumstances.

  • Time management: Time management abilities help you organise and prioritise tasks most efficiently. As a secretary's work involves diverse responsibilities, they require significant time, dedication and organisation.

  • Critical thinking: As a secretary, you often analyse data to thoroughly understand a topic or situation. Critical thinking allows you to come up with excellent answers and tactics.

  • Adaptability: Adaptability is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and still perform the best. It is a crucial ability for a secretary who often encounters unanticipated scenarios.

  • Problem-solving: Problem-solving abilities allow you to clearly understand the problem and develop a viable solution.

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Important Tips For Writing The Resume Objective

Here are a few tips to help you write an effective resume objective for a secretary job:

Examine the job description

Examine the job description before writing your resume objective. Write an objective relating your skills and experiences to the role by understanding the organisation's requirements, expectations and values. When preparing your application, demonstrating that you read and consider the job description can show your interest in the role. Many employers use keyword filters for short-listing applications. Including keywords from the job description in your application may help you pass the online filter.

Evaluate your formatting

Correct formatting improves your application's visual appeal and makes your objective easy to read for the employer. Include the objective statement near the top of the resume to make it easily accessible and serve as an introduction to the resume's body. Using a standard font and size can help improve the readability of the resume objectives.

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Update your objective for each organisation

If you are applying for multiple jobs, change your objective for each job. Review the job description for each position to learn about the organisation's specific requirements and expectations. Write an objective statement based on each job description addressing the company's requirements. As you customise your content, consider examples of instances when you have demonstrated the skills and abilities listed in the job description so you can describe them during an interview.

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