List Of Skills To Include On A Digital Marketing Resume

Updated 30 September 2022

Digital marketing can be an interesting career choice for professionals who like marketing activities, are tech-savvy and enjoy working in fast-paced environments. This profession requires a combination of content marketing skills, social media skills, organisation and data analysis skills. If you are interested in a career in digital marketing, knowing about the skills recruiters look for in candidates can help you frame your resume well and also prepare for the job. In this article, we look at a list of skills to include on a digital marketing resume and also explore ways of improving them.

List of skills to include on a digital marketing resume

Here is a list of skills to include on a digital marketing resume:

Social media marketing

Social media marketing skills are one of the most important skills that digital marketers require, as several businesses have multiple social media channels. They use these channels to communicate with their audience and also build an online presence. They utilise targeted paid ads to reach a wider audience and improve their sales figures.

Recruiters look for digital marketers who can handle multiple channels at once, reply to their customers through the channels, build an online community and create a cohesive brand story. Learning about the different social media platforms, understanding the different features and using tools to automate some processes can help you perform social media marketing activities easily. Doing social media marketing internships can also help you develop this skill and learn how to apply the concepts.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation helps businesses improve their online presence, rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP) and appear frequently for relevant search queries. This can have a significant increase in the size of their customer base, traffic to their website and revenue. For this, businesses may look for digital marketers who have SEO skills and have previously helped other websites rank higher on the SERP.

You can develop this skill by enrolling in a course or watching educational videos available on the Internet. You may also find several industry leaders regularly publishing their lessons about SEO and changes to search engine algorithms that you can also apply at your job. You may also create your own website and apply your technical knowledge to improve its ranking. Mentioning this on your resume can act as practical experience and show the recruiter that you are an expert.

Content marketing

Often, digital marketers may be responsible for creating content for blogs, social media posts or post captions. Another responsibility may be to distribute the content through channels where your audience may be present. Having content marketing skills can help you write engaging content and also identify the highest-performing channels to promote the content. You can build this skill by attending creative writing workshops or enrolling in short content marketing courses. You can also follow industry leaders on social media channels to learn from their expertise and advice.

Email marketing

An important aspect of digital marketing is email marketing, where brands make announcements, offer discounts and engage in conversations with their customers through emails. You can develop this skill by enrolling in an email marketing course. These courses are usually short and you can also enrol in them remotely. A good idea is to sign up for some good newsletters and observe the different elements in them to get inspired.

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Data analysis

Digital marketing involves a lot of data about website traffic, ad performance, social media post engagement, reach and keyword volume. Recruiters look for candidates who can process large volumes of data and make meaningful interpretations from them. Digital marketers are then required to apply their interpretations and finding to campaigns to improve the results. Having professional data analytics certifications on your resume can help you get noticed by the recruiter. There are several online and offline courses that can help you get certified in data analytics for social media.


An important component of a digital marketer's job is to build a cohesive brand image and tell a story about the brand. This involves bringing together different modes of communication and multiple social media channels. A good way to develop this skill is to follow brands that have a well-established brand presence. You can also enrol in brand management courses to learn about storytelling for companies in a structured way.


Digital marketers may be responsible for multiple social media profiles of a company, content creation for blogs, changes to websites and many other tasks. Each of their tasks may have separate deadlines and may also require them to coordinate with several teams. Being organised can help you plan your work and prevent you from getting overwhelmed in high-pressure situations. You can mention the tools that you use to improve your productivity and organise your workflow. Mentioning this skill can tell the recruiter about your professionalism and your ability to handle multiple responsibilities smoothly.

Strategic planning

This skill helps digital marketers allocate resources to different projects proportionately, prioritise their tasks and predict problems that may arise in the future. Strategic planning also ensures that the steps you implement in your digital marketing campaigns align with the objectives of your brand. By mentioning this skill on your resume, you can tell the recruiter that you follow a systematic process and look at situations from multiple perspectives. This can help you avoid failures and prepare contingency plans.

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As a digital marketer, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the digital space. You may also be required to do in-depth research before writing blog articles, creating social media posts and implementing SEO strategies. While you can mention this skill on your resume, you can also briefly mention the method you follow for your research.

Computer literacy

Almost all the job duties and responsibilities of a digital marketer require them to be good with computers. They handle the online presence of businesses and maintain the websites of the organisations. Being tech-savvy can help them manage these tasks easily and also help them use the latest tools and software to improve their productivity.

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How to improve your digital marketing skills

Here are some step-by-step instructions that can help you improve your skills as a digital marketer:

1. Enrol in a course

If you are new to digital marketing, undergoing professional training can help you start your career as a digital marketer. You can enrol in a full-time course in a college or an online course on the Internet. These courses follow a structured curriculum and help you learn concepts, starting from the basics. Structured courses also provide you with the opportunities to apply your knowledge through projects, assignments and tasks. During interviews, having a professional certificate shows the recruiter that you can do the job well because of your training.

2. Apply for an internship

Once you have completed your training, it is important to practise your skills so that you can become an expert. It is a good idea to apply for an internship where you can learn the practical aspects of social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and SEO, among others. After completing your internship, mention the responsibilities you had on your resume. Highlight the skills that your internship helped you develop for a digital marketing job.

3. Keep updating your knowledge

Even after you begin working as a digital marketer, it is necessary to keep updating your knowledge about the latest digital marketing techniques. There are several resources available online that can help you research different digital marketing concepts and related news. You can also update your knowledge by reading articles written by industry experts, following their contributions on social media channels and watching educational videos online.

4. Learn from your seniors and team members

Your seniors and team members may have more experience than you in several areas of digital marketing. You can observe their work, ask questions or opinions and notice how they organise their projects. You can also ask them for suggestions on tools that can help you streamline your work, schedule posts for a later date, automate newsletters and research hashtags.

If you have a mentor, you can also periodically ask them for feedback on your performance. During performance appraisals, you can ask your manager to help you identify your strengths and the areas where you could improve.

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