Summary For A Customer Service Resume (With Samples)

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Published 26 May 2022

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Candidates may consider writing a customer service resume summary when applying for a customer service role. This can allow you to summarise your customer service skills and experience for potential employers. Knowing how to write a compelling summary on a customer service resume can increase your chances of getting shortlisted. In this article, we discuss what a summary for a customer service resume is, how to write one, its benefits and review examples of customer service resume summaries.

What is a summary for a customer service resume?

A summary for a customer service resume is a brief description of the objective listed at the top of a resume. It is a concise statement describing your experience level, academic background, knowledge and skills. Your resume summary also contains your goals for the job role. As a resume summary highlights your best skills and experience, if you have a strong professional experience in the field or have achievements that can make your resume competitive, you can consider including them in the summary.

A resume summary and resume objective differ as a resume summary emphasises significant experiences and skills gained through past jobs. Resume objectives detail your career goals to decide whether your goals match the company goals and mission. A resume summary is helpful when you have working experience, whereas resume objectives are better if you are garnering work experience.

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Benefits of writing a summary for a customer service resume

The key benefit of a summary for a customer service resume is that it allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and experience clearly and concisely. This helps the potential employer know if you are a good fit for the role. Other benefits of writing a customer service resume summary include your potential employers can easily notice you and you can also include keywords you find in the company's job description.

How to write a customer service resume summary

Keep your customer service resume summary brief and informative, summarising important information from the resume's body. Here are the steps you can follow for evaluating and organising the information in your customer service resume summary:

1. Create a list of your experiences and skills

Take a moment to think about your customer service experience. If you have already prepared your resume, go to your work experience, education and achievements section and review it to refresh your memory. If you have not completed your resume yet, list all your customer service job titles, education, certifications, achievements and other relevant information. After creating a list, consider career progression in this field. You can use the most important details to help you write your resume summary.

Here is an example of a list you can make:

  • Experience: customer service representative, customer care executive and customer service associate

  • Responsibilities and impact: boosted employee morale through company surveys, updated the communication system to prevent confusion and incorporated employee recognition programmes, perks and incentives.

  • Skills: persuasive communication, conflict resolution, strong attention to detail, efficient organisation, better situation handling, great patience and adaptable

  • Certifications: customer relationship management (CRM) certificate

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2. Consider job requirements

Evaluate the requirements for the position you are applying for to determine the information to include in your resume summary. Consider how your job role can help the company meet its goal. For instance, if the employer is looking for someone who has a licence for working in a specific industry, review your own specialisation and certifications to determine which ones can be most appropriate for your summary.

3. Concise your details

Summarise the most critical information into a single paragraph not exceeding four sentences. While summaries are usually broad, you can still consider including only useful details that support the significant points. Ensure that your resume summary is easily and quickly readable to your potential employer to help them understand your key skills and background.

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4. Proofread

After writing your resume summary, proofread it and make changes to correct any typing or grammatical errors. Ensure your summary's tone and phrase structure are professional, uniform and complementary. While proofreading, if you come across a word that does not add much value, you may remove it. Make your resume summary concise, specific and impressive to get your employer's attention.

Tips for writing a customer service resume summary

Here are some tips to help you write a summary of a customer service resume:

Review the job description

Consider reading the job description before writing a resume summary. This can assist you in including the elements necessary to meet an employer's expectations for a particular customer service job role. Determine which sections of the job description correspond to your qualifications. For instance, if a position requires the skill of maintaining a positive relationship with clients, you can emphasise your experience in resolving customer complaints or concerns in your resume summary.

Use keywords

A resume summary is an opportunity to demonstrate to an employer that you have read the job description and are familiar with the position's requirements. Consider making a note of any words or phrases that repeat. These are the job-specific characteristics. Those may include terms such as customer relationship executive, benefits, qualifications and skills. You can format your resume summary to emphasise the qualities your potential employer looks for in a candidate. Incorporating keywords into your resume summary can help you capture an employer's attention and give your application a competitive advantage.

Keep your summary brief

Prioritise the components of your resume that are most appropriate to the position you are applying for to keep your resume summary brief. Try to include a smaller number of important qualifications than a lengthy list of minor details. This enables your potential employer to scan your summary quickly and gain insight into your most valuable skills, knowledge and expertise.

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Be honest

Being transparent about your skill set and experiences enables your potential employer to match your personality and skills to the role and ensures that you can perform your duties efficiently. An honest description of your professional experience also demonstrates to potential employers how much and what type of responsibilities they may assign you in the job. Mentioning genuine experiences and knowledge helps you to be confident during the interview and can allow you to learn more during the job.

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10 examples of a customer service resume summary

Here are 10 examples of customer service resume summaries you can use:

Example 1

Results-oriented and passionate professional with over 10 years of customer service experience. Awarded as Representative of the Year for three consecutive years. Aspiring for a senior customer service position at CDF Clothing to utilise my leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

Example 2

Professional with seven years of experience in the hospitality industry. Supervised a team of 18 representatives that generated the highest revenue till now. Seeking a customer service position with The Lavish Cafe to increase customer retention and grow business revenue using my skills and experiences.

Example 3

Dedicated customer service professional with experience serving a diverse clientele at GFE Consultants. Experienced with strong attention to detail who can excel under pressure. Significant accomplishments in punctuality and increased customer satisfaction. Eagerly looking forward to working with a new customer base in New Delhi as a customer service team lead.

Example 4

Highly skilled, detail-oriented professional with persuasive communication skills and a problem-solving attitude. Experienced as a customer service representative with the ability to develop meaningful relationships with consumers over the phone. Excited to work as a virtual customer service representative at BCD Real Estate Corporation while using my knowledge and interpersonal communication skills.

Example 5

Interested in working as a customer service associate in DEF Consultancy Services. Experienced in working at a front desk assisting existing clients and attending to walk-in clients. Specialised in customer relationship management systems, spreadsheet software and data analysis.

Example 6

Customer service professional with over eight years of experience in the retail industry as a fashion consultant. Looking for working at New Delhi Luxury Villa as a front office executive. Adaptable, patient and skilled at resolving conflicts, effective verbal communication and excellent time management skills.

Example 7

Over five years of experience working in call centres for BCD Technology. Contributed to a 15% growth in customer happiness ratings. Looking for a customer service associate role to provide technical assistance to customers purchasing products at ID Technology.

Example 8

Dedicated customer service professional providing exceptional services and building relationships with customers. Leading a team of 25 customer service representatives. Skilled at using customer feedback in customer service processes to improve customer satisfaction rate.

Example 9

Competent and reliable professional with three years of experience as a customer relationship executive. Seeking a position with GHI Retailers as a customer service representative. Proficient in problem-solving and persuasive communication with strong CRM and timekeeping skills.

Example 10

Customer service professional with six years of experience in D2C sales. Increased customer retention rate by 11% through advertising and marketing. Looking for a customer service position at OPQ Business Association.

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