How To Write A Teacher Resume (With Example)

Updated 26 January 2023

Your resume helps showcase your skills, educational qualifications and experience as a teacher. It is essentially a representation of your career, achievements and introduces your candidacy to the recruiter. To increase your chances of getting a call from the recruiter or hiring manager, pay special attention to your resume format, tone and information. In this article, we discuss how to write a teacher resume, share some tips on how to write it well and provide a template and sample to help you write your own.

How To Write A Teacher Resume?

To find out how to write a teacher resume, follow these steps:

1. Start with your name and contact details

Begin the resume with your full name and contact information. Write this prominently towards the top of the resume to ensure that the hiring manager or recruiter can find it easily and reach out if they want to interview you. You can also add your current city if you are applying for jobs outside your state. Make sure to add an operational phone number, email address and, if you wish, a link to your profile on professional networking websites.

2. Add a career objective statement

An executive summary or objective statement is a way to introduce your job application to the hiring manager. It usually consists of one or two sentences that explain your credentials, experience and future career goals. Make sure your objective statement highlights relevant skills and knowledge for recruiters to determine if you are a suitable candidate. You can also change this statement as per the job description and the institution you are applying to.

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3. Mention your educational qualifications

Next, list the educational qualifications you hold that make you suitable for the job. You can list them in reverse chronological order, beginning with the latest degree or certification first. Mention the college or institution where you have studied and the degree programme. Most schools and educational institutes require teachers to complete a Bachelor of Education, or BEd, degree to be eligible for a teacher's job. A further specialised degree may be necessary if you wish to teach secondary or senior secondary students. Remember to mention the duration and the dates of the degree or programme.

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4. Explain relevant work experience

This is often the most critical section of your resume as it helps highlight your hard and soft skills and showcases your professional achievements, abilities and experience. Work experience in a teacher's or a teacher's assistant role can significantly improve your chances of making it to the next round of the hiring process. Since most schools and recruiters prefer candidates with some practical experience teaching students, it is vital to include all recent and relevant work experience, alongside your role, responsibilities and achievements.

To mention all this information clearly, you can start with your job role, duration of employment, employer's details and follow this with the responsibilities in a bullet format. If you do not have formal teaching experience and are a fresh graduate, be sure to highlight any information teaching experience, like tutoring students or assisting teachers. Additionally, you can also mention any internship or workshop you have completed.

5. Add a list of your skills

This section can mention some of your strengths, skills and competencies. Make sure you include a mix of both hard teaching skills, like subject matter expertise, lesson planning and facilitation skills, alongside soft skills like communication, organisation, time management and leadership skills. Teachers usually require to be good in many non-teaching roles, like an administrator, to excel as an educator. You can prepare this list of skills as per the job description and finalise the top skills you want to focus on in your resume.

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6. Edit and format your resume

It is important to proofread, edit and format your resume before finalising it. Ensure that the spacing, alignment, font and formatting are all professional-looking and consistent. Proofread the entire document for any spelling or grammatical errors and check the accuracy of your contact information. You can also ask a trusted friend or colleague to review the resume once and give you feedback on how to improve it. It is usually a good idea to have a resume that does not exceed one or two pages and includes only relevant information.

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Tips On Writing A Teacher Resume

Writing or updating your resume can be intimidating, especially if you are a fresh graduate with no professional experience. Here are some tips on how to write a teacher's resume more effectively:

  • Use more action-oriented phrases and words. While explaining your responsibilities and achievements in the section detailing your professional experience, use strong action-oriented verbs like organised, created, planned and trained. These words and phrases can reflect your ability to perform all the tasks and duties of an educator successfully and apply your skills.

  • Include numbers and figures. To highlight your skills and accomplishments, try to include how many students you have taught, what has been the average results of your students, how many events or extracurricular activities you have organised and other such details. This can help the recruiter understand the scope of your experience and professional achievements.

  • Add the right keywords. To increase the chances of a recruiter noticing your resume, include all the relevant keywords that highlight your skills and experience. Analysing the job description, school website and any other communication from the institute is usually a great way to identify these keywords, so make sure you research carefully.

  • Mention digital skills. Remember to mention the level of your digital and computer skills as most schools use some technology and digital devices in their processes. You can also mention if you have expertise in using specific teaching tools, applications or devices.

  • Add a customised cover letter. Add a short and effective cover letter introducing yourself and your candidacy with each job application. Remember to customise the cover letter as per the job description and the employer.

  • Include any other relevant information. There is no one universally-acceptable format for a teacher's resume. If you think your resume requires an additional section to list your awards, certifications, language expertise or volunteer teaching experience, you can add one right before the last section where you mention your skills.

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Teacher's Resume Template

Here is a template for a teacher's resume as per the format described above:

[First name] [Last name]
[Your email address]
[Your phone number]


[A short statement of one or two sentences that showcases your experience, skills and career goals]

Education qualifications

[Name of institution or university]
[City], [State]
[Name of degree and specialisation]
[Year and duration of the programme]

Work experience

[Job title #1]
[Name of school, organisation or institution]
[City], [State]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #1]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #2]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #3]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #4]

[Job title #2]
[Name of school, organisation or institution]
[City], [State]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #1]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #2]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #3]

  • [Describe your responsibility or achievement #4]


  • [Skill #1]

  • [Skill #2]

  • [Skill #3]

  • [Skill #4]

  • [Skill #5]

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Teacher's Resume Example

You can refer to this resume example while writing your resume:

Meenaxi Guha


As a primary teacher with over four years of experience, I have taught more than 800 young students. I am seeking a role where I can use my passion for teaching and help students learn.

Education qualifications

Punjab University
Bachelor of Education
July 2014 to March 2017

Work experience

Primary teacher
Wavewood School
July 2018 to Present

  • Plan lessons and learning activities for students of fourth grade

  • Class teacher for two academic years

  • Organised the annual day event celebrations with a group of 80 students

  • Supervisor of several extracurricular clubs

  • Awarded 'Teacher of the Year 2019'

  • Organised seven excursions and field trips

Primary teacher
Wavewood Academy
July 2017 to June 2018

  • Class teacher for students of second grade

  • Organised fancy dress competition for more than 100 students

  • Additional in-charge of moral education classes

  • Started the student book club with more than 50 students

  • Helped conduct weekly assemblies and competitions


  • Lesson planning

  • Creativity

  • Empathy and sensitivity

  • Time management

  • Flexibility


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