How To Write A Team Leader Resume Objective (With Examples)

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Published 28 May 2022

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Team leads supervise their team members directly and collaborate with mid-level and upper-level managers to set goals for their teams and develop strategies to achieve them. Writing an effective resume objective can highlight your suitability for the role and express how the company can benefit from hiring you. Understanding resume objectives and why they are important can help you write one that emphasises your best professional qualities and achievements.

In this article, we discuss what a team leader resume objective is, explain its importance, show you how to write one and review templates and examples of resume objectives for a team leader role you can use to write your own.

What is a Team Leader Resume Objective?

A team leader resume objective is a brief statement of two to three sentences that appears at the top of a resume, usually beneath your name and contact information. It explains why you are applying for a job and includes your most relevant skills and experiences. Writing a resume objective is a great way to convey what you intend to contribute as a team leader to the company for which you are applying. If you have less experience as a team leader or are changing your career, an effective objective can be helpful to attract the attention of recruiting managers and get selected for the next round of the hiring process.

Why writing a resume objective is important?

As a resume objective provides a brief and specific description of your career goals and most relevant skills, the hiring manager can better understand why you are applying and how those relate to the position. The hiring manager may better understand your qualifications based on your objective, which can help them decide if you match their hiring criteria. An effective objective statement of a team leader's resume demonstrates skills like organisation, communication and attention to detail.

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How to write a resume objective for a team leader role

As employers may not always have time to read your entire resume, creating a concise and informative resume is important. Here are the steps you can follow to write a resume objective for a team leader:

1. Include skills and qualities relevant to a team leader's role

Curate a list of common skills that a team leader may require to be successful in their position. Select two or three of the most suitable abilities that you may use for your resume's objective. Accountability, critical thinking, conflict resolution, verbal and written communication, patience and active listening are some of the soft skills that a team leader possesses.

2. List your accomplishments

List your most notable professional and academic achievements that relate to a team leader's position. You can include any honours you have received or educational and administrative programmes you have finished. Review the job description to find the position's requirements and qualifications that apply to you and include them in your resume objective accordingly.

3. Describe your work experience

If your resume objective is effective and is more appealing in terms of qualification and experience, it may increase the chances of the hiring manager reading the rest of your resume. Hiring managers often want to evaluate if candidates can perform their roles and responsibilities efficiently. Describing all your relevant job experience in the resume objective shows that you are a competitive candidate. You can highlight your previous education and training or acquired skills to show that you can be a successful team leader.

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4. Keep your resume objective precise

Recruiting managers prefer to hire a candidate who is most suitable for the position in terms of skills and experience. This makes it important to make your resume objective specific and only include the most relevant points in the most precise and concise manner possible for it to be effective. You can read your resume objective aloud or ask a friend or family member to review it to make sure it is concise and includes all the relevant skills and experiences.

5. Revise and proofread your draft

Once you complete writing your resume, review it and make necessary changes for clarity, organisation and tone. Proofread thoroughly to verify that it has no spelling or grammatical errors. You can also read your objective aloud to yourself or ask someone else to read it for you. Listening to your writing can help you in identifying and correcting minor errors. When you take the time to draft an effective and professional objective pertinent to the position, it demonstrates your commitment and sincerity in the job application to recruiting managers.

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Important tips for writing a resume objective

Here are a few tips to help you write your resume objective for a team leader role:

Read the job description

Consider reading the job description thoroughly before writing your resume objective. Write an objective that relates your skills and experiences to the position by understanding the organisation's requirements, expectations and values to which you are applying. Some companies use applicant tracking systems to filter suitable candidates. Including relevant keywords from the job description can increase the chances of getting shortlisted for the job.

Customise your objective for each application

If you are applying for multiple jobs, modify your objective for each accordingly. Read the job description for each position to learn about the organisation's specific requirements and expectations. Write an objective statement based on each job description that addresses the company's specific requirements. As you customise your objective's content, consider previous professional experiences when you have demonstrated relevant skills and abilities listed in the job description, so you can describe them during an interview if required.

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Consider your formatting

Proper formatting enhances your resume's visual appeal and makes your objective easy to read for the hiring manager. The objective statement is typically located near the top of the resume, making it easily accessible and serving as an introduction to the resume. By using a standard font and size, you can improve the readability of the objectives. You can also consider including a subheading to help the hiring manager quickly identify the objective.

Team leader skills to include in your resume

Some skills you can consider including while writing your resume objective for a team leader role:

  • Communication: Team leaders require communicating information consistently and clearly to their team. A good team leader is also an excellent listener, capable of accepting and reacting to team members' feedback, suggestions and concerns.

  • Fair: Team leaders require communicating and applying the rules and guidelines clearly and consistently. When creating a schedule or assigning tasks, aim to create an equal and non-discriminatory office environment.

  • Integrity: Leading by example helps team leaders build confidence within the team. It also allows them to establish mutual respect and appreciation with each team member they lead.

  • Goal-oriented: A good team leader knows which parts of a project to manage and which tasks to delegate to specific team members to fulfil organisational requirements and achieve maximum efficiency. This practice helps the team meet goals and feel more entrusted and confident in their work.

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Resume objective templates for the team leader role

By adding in your details, experience and education, you may create your own unique objective using the following resume templates and modifying their structure:

  • [A few suitable adjectives] experienced candidate looking [job title from the job description] to apply my [skills] and contribute to your [organisation name].

  • Looking for a position at [organisation] as a [job title] to explore opportunities in the [field]. As an enthusiastic team leader and fast learner, I have gained [skills] that I can use to lead my team effectively at your [company name].

  • I am a [mention soft skills] candidate looking for a position at your [company] as [job title] where I can contribute using my [skills].

Resume objective examples for the team leader

Here are resume objectives examples of a team leader to help you write your own:

Resume objective for candidates without prior leadership experience

Professional with a strong work ethic and a desire to advance into a full-time team leader's position at BBRC Marketing Ltd. With over four years of marketing experience, I am looking to use my skills and knowledge of effective marketing to lead my team and accomplish all departmental goals. I hope to strengthen my leadership abilities through this position while assisting my team with my extensive knowledge of marketing trends.

Resume objective for candidates with leadership experience

A competent and enthusiastic leader with six years of team leading experience looking for a full-time team leader role at Access Management Solutions. Seeking to utilise my time management, problem-solving and team motivation skills to successfully lead sales teams and accomplish department goals. Willing to learn management industry standards while promoting productivity and professional development through exceptional leadership.

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