Creating UI Developer Resume (Examples, Skills And Tips)

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Published 26 May 2022

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When applying for UI developer jobs, an effective resume, commonly called a CV, can help you explain your career objective, your work experience and your skills. It also demonstrates how you meet the qualifications of each job description and conveys your attitude to hiring managers. Using specific techniques can help you create a more effective CV, increasing your chances of being shortlisted by hiring managers. In this article, we list steps to write a UI developer resume, share a template and example and provide some CV writing tips and relevant UI skills to mention on your CV.

How to write a UI developer resume

To create your UI developer resume, follow these steps to ensure it includes the important details about you and highlight them properly:

1. Create a header

The first section of a CV includes your personal information, such as your name and address. This helps the hiring managers to identify you and learn about your location quickly. Including your email address and contact number allows potential employers to contact you easily for additional information or to schedule an interview.

2. Include an objective

Add your CVs objective beneath the header. The objective is ideally a two to four lines brief paragraph that tells about your experience, skills and the type of web development role you are pursuing. Creating a short and clear objective is essential to helping your CV stand out.

Example: Web designer with three years of experience seeking a UI developer role with a fast-paced software company to utilise my design skills.

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3. List your work experience

The third section of your CV includes a summary of your relevant work experience. Include your most recent positions first, then your older positions. For each role, include your job title, name of the company where you worked, the company's location and the duration you worked there. Below that, include bullet points outlining your important tasks and duties and any promotions or extensive projects you handled in your capacity.

4. Describe your education

Create a section after the work experience section that describes your education. Begin with the name of the highest qualification your hold, followed by the location and state of the institution and the dates you attended. You can also include information about any relevant groups or projects you were a member of while at the respective institution.

5. Mention your technical skills

Your technical skills are a crucial component of your CV for a UI developer. Include a list of the major programming languages or design software and your proficiency level for each. You can look at the job description to find the kind of software and languages that are most preferred.

6. Add certifications or projects

UI developers can get a variety of certifications. List any relevant certificate you have received in this section of your CV and the organisation that awarded them. If you have done any relevant notable projects, you also include them with a one-line description.

Resume template for UI developer job

Use this template to help you create your CV for the UI developer role:

[Full name]
[City, State]
[Contact number]
[Email address]


[Two three sentences emphasise your professional achievements and skills relevant to the UI developer role.]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Name of organisation]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

[Job title]
[Name of organisation]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]


[Name of degree]
[Name of college or university] [City, State]
[Years of attendance]

Technical skills

  • [Skills with proficiency level]

  • [Skills with proficiency level]

  • [Skills with proficiency level]


  • [Certification name and details]

  • [Certification name and details]

UI developer resume example

You can consider this UI developer resume example to help you get started:

Ram Sharma
Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
+91 99888 99777


Web developer with six years of experience seeking a UI developer role with Dev Box Studio to apply my graphic design and communication skills.

Work experience

WordPress developer
Think Web Technologies, New Delhi
November 2018–present

  • redesigned e-commerce website to improve user engagement resulting in a 47% increase in conversion rate

  • trained 10 junior developers in various WordPress functions

Graphic designer
Sharma Media Technologies, Lucknow
July 2016–August 2018

  • designed brand identity for two startups

  • crated various design assets like posters, social media posts, brochures


Bachelor of Science in computer science
DTCT University, New Delhi
August 2013-April 2016

Technical skills

  • HTML5, CSS and JavaScript: Expert

  • Figma and InVision studio: Moderate

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and WordPress: Proficient


  • Certified front-end developer by W3School

Tips for writing a CV for a UI developer role

For job applications, having a strong CV might help get shortlisted for the next stage of the hiring process. To make your CV as effective as possible, follow these tips:

Include the skills mentioned in the job listing

Ensure your CV includes the relevant skills and talents the job description mentions. Emphasising relevant skills can help show that you are a strong candidate. You can include skills like graphic design, website wireframe design, or app prototyping for a UI developer role.

Study industry-specific resume samples

Analyse the CV of other UI developers in your industry. Try to find what elements people in your industry use in their CV to get UI developer jobs. Edit your CV to include similar components.

Keep it simple

Ensure your CV is well-organised, concise and scannable. Hiring managers often receive hundreds of CVs for each position. They may not have much time to look into your most relevant information. A simple CV highlights the pieces of information as per their importance and makes them easy to find.

Highlight key successes

Choose a few of your top achievements for each of your past roles. Highlight these accomplishments by including them first under each role. You can also quantify your achievements with relevant statistics and it helps them look accurate and trustworthy.

Customise your CV

Instead of submitting the same CV to every company, tailor it to each job. This allows you to incorporate specific keywords and highlight the most important skills for a particular position to the hiring manager. If a particular job description mentions working on mobile app UI, you can include your app prototyping experiences.

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Important UI developer skills to list on your CV

Here are some important UI developer skills to include on your CV:

Programming skills

It is critical for UI developers to be proficient with web programming languages to make code changes and build elements. Front-end development languages are required to create critical user interface components, such as layouts and interactions. Some languages to list on your CV may include:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby

  • SQL

  • AJAX

  • .Net

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Communication skill

You can list your ability to communicate effectively on your CV. As UI developers are often responsible for fulfilling clients' requirements, it is very important that they communicate effectively with clients and team members. They also collaborate with web developers and user experience (UX) designers to create a functional and visually appealing product.

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Graphic design

A UI developer's primary task is to plan and implement a design style. They are usually well-versed in design principles such as symmetry, balance and colour theory and they apply these principles to make websites that are both practical and pleasing to the eye. Most organisations want UI developers to know how to use common graphics, layout and photo editing applications. Listing such skills on your CV can help you show the hiring manager you possess excellent graphic design skills.


UI developers are supposed to make sites and applications easier to use, even in case of complex features. It is critical that they can identify the potential challenges a user may face and develop solutions for those issues. To reflect your problem-solving abilities, you can include some of your past accomplishments, such as the time you came up with a unique solution to solve a challenge.

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Dev tool

Dev tool makes it easy to modify, debug and optimise websites for best performance. They can help a UI developer inspect and modify the document object model (DOM), alter a website's cascading style sheets (CSS) and interact with JavaScript by debugging code in the browser console. Listing your experience with such tools on your CV can help show the hiring manager you can be proficient in working with web apps or website development.

Understanding of human psychology

Although UI designers are not psychologists, they seek to understand and predict user behaviour so that their products can align with human behaviour and increase their chances of product success. A fundamental understanding of human psychology can help you assess what people desire from your product and how they can react to various features. You can list such skills on your CV to demonstrate that you can take key design decisions.

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