How To Create A Web Developer Resume (With Template)

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Published 22 November 2021

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Having a well-written resume is an integral part of a web developer job application process. As a web developer, it is important to incorporate relevant technical skills, languages known, work experience and other accomplishments into your resume. Understanding how to draft a good resume can help you effectively communicate your personal and professional details to the hiring manager, thus increasing your chances of getting selected. In this article, we discuss how to write an effective web developer resume and provide a useful template and an example to help you draft your own.

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What is a web developer resume?

A web developer resume is a document that outlines a developer's work experience, knowledge of different programming languages and website and software development skills. Web developers usually work in teams and collaborate with other developers. They follow strict procedures to ensure that the development process meets the budgetary and time constraints set by the client. While some freelance web developers offer their services to multiple clients, others work for a single client like a software company or an organisation.

Therefore, some key skills to include in a resume for web developers include problem-solving, attention to detail, good communication skills, teamwork and building web applications through programming. Work history, notable professional accomplishments, primary work duties, educational qualifications and certifications form an integral part of a resume, offering an in-depth glimpse into a candidate's background. A well-rounded resume can also include an objective statement describing the candidate's professional journey along with contact details and other personal information.

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How to draft a resume as a web developer

As a web developer, here are certain important aspects that you can include in your resume:

1. Create a header

The first section of your resume can include your personal information like your full name, phone number and email address as a header. This serves as the primary point of contact for the hiring manager for any further communication. You can include social media profile links as well in this section, but this is optional. If needed, you can also add your mailing address in this section.

2. Include a resume objective

An objective statement briefly combines aspects of one's personality, professional aspirations and work experience in one well-formed sentence. A good resume objective is clear, concise and to the point. If written well, it can get a hiring manager's attention and improve your chances of qualifying for an interview. An example for a developer resume objective would be: "Web developer with seven years of work experience seeking a position in a fast-paced software company."

3. Describe your education

In a resume, educational qualifications immediately follow the objective. It is an essential part of a resume and is the primary detail that a hiring manager uses to screen through applications. Start with mentioning your most advanced degree, the name and location of the educational institution, the degree or diploma you received and the course duration. Additional details that you can add here include the marks you scored and the awarded grade.

4. Highlight your work experience

The fourth section of your resume demonstrates your relevant work experience in reverse chronological order. Each entry can state the name of the company you worked for, your job title, the location of the company and the duration of employment. You may also mention your primary responsibilities and duties, along with promotions or accomplishments under each job in this section.

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5. List your technical skills

As a web developer, your technical skills are a vital aspect of your resume. Don't forget to include a list of the primary programming languages you know and your skill level for each of them in your resume. Some hard skills essential to a web developer include HTML/CSS, responsive web design, SQL and basic backend knowledge, Javascript, testing and debugging skills and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Essential soft skills for web developers are interpersonal and analytical skills.

6. Include relevant certifications

Relevant certifications along with the name of the certifying organisation are valuable pieces of information to include in a resume. Certifications show your willingness to learn, your professionalism and your adherence to industry standards. Adding certifications on your resume can attest to your expertise in a particular area to the potential employer and demonstrate your commitment to excel in your profession.

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Tips for writing a resume as a web developer

Here are some tips for writing a developer resume to increase your chances of being noticed by the employer:

1. Include the specific skills outlined in the job posting

One of the best ways to improve the chances of your resume getting screened for the job is to include key terms as mentioned in the job posting. Many companies adopt an automated selection process where they identify specific terms and skill names from applicants' resumes and select or reject applications accordingly. Including industry and employer-specific terminologies can help your resume stand out among other job applications.

2. Review latest industry-specific samples

You can do some research on resume templates to figure out the format that developers commonly use in their industry and experience level. Regularly adapt your resume to reflect these improvements and additional elements. Always keep your resume up to date as per the latest industry standards.

3. Keep it simple

Include all important details in your resume, but also keep it short and simple. Hiring managers receive hundreds of applications on a daily basis and may not have time to go through a lengthy resume. A concise, well-organised application that is easy to scan is preferred.

4. Highlight key successes

Apart from making your resume easy to read, ensure that you include and highlight all your key achievements. Include significant achievements under each of your previous jobs. You can also attach critical metrics to the accomplishments to help make them more quantifiable.

5. Customise your resume

Consider formatting and customising your resume to suit various jobs instead of sending the same resume for every job application. Every job is unique and requires a set of special skills and characteristics. Formatting your resume to include the desired aspects of every job can help your resume stand apart from other applications and thus improve your chances of getting hired.

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Resume template for web developers

Use this template to help you create your resume:

[Full name]
[City and state]
[Phone number]

Objective [Outline why you are creating the resume and what experience qualifies you for the role]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Company name] [location]
[Duration of employment, the first and last month of working, along with the year]

  • [details of projects, duties and responsibilities]

[Degree or certification]
[Name of the institution] [location]
[Year of completing degree or certification]


  • [Web development-related certifications]

Technical s**kills**

  • [Technical competencies or soft skills]

Language proficiency
[Professional or working proficiency]

Example resume for web developers

Consider this sample to help you draft your resume:

Ashwini Mishra

Web developer with eight years of experience seeking a full-time development position with a growing, fast-paced software start-up.

Work experience
Permisson Technologies
Bengaluru, KA
Full-stack web developer
July 2015-present

  • involved in the migration of a multi-page application into a single page application to improve customer engagement by 15%

  • mobilised cross-platform testing on five different web apps and four standalone applications in web and cloud base

  • mentored, trained and motivated a team of 5 junior developers to produce high-quality code

  • optimised existing web pages and mobile apps and implemented enhancements to improve speed and functionality

Avira Solutions
Pune, MH
Junior web developer
April 2011-July 2015

  • implemented best SEO practices to improve customer's web presence with top 10 Google ranking on competitive keywords

  • co-developed rich user interfaces and responsive websites for customer

  • worked under senior developers to strengthen skills in C++, Java and HTML

  • helped senior developers in debugging their code for performance improvement and optimised user experience

Savitribhai Institute of Technology
Mumbai, MH
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science
August 2007-April 2011

Full-Stack Web Development with React Certification
ACE Web Specialist (Adobe)
Technical skills

  • HTML5, PHP, Java, C++, and Bootstrap: expert

  • jQuery, Python, CSS3, .NET and ActionScript: moderate

  • Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, ColdFusion, AJAX and WordPress: proficient

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