What Is A CV Profile? (With Definition And Examples)

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Updated 5 February 2023

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A curriculum vitae or CV details your work experience, skills and educational background. A CV profile, also known as a professional summary or CV statement, is the first section of a CV that describes your strengths, experiences, skills and career goals. Knowing how to write a CV profile and what to include can help you when applying for a job. In this article, we discuss what is a CV profile, learn how to write one and review some examples.

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What Is A CV Profile?

Learning what is a CV profile and its contents is essential to composing one that gives you a competitive advantage during interviews. The aim of a CV profile is to summarise your skills, experience and achievements. This can also include additional information, such as certifications, coursework, research projects and publications. Including this information in your professional summary helps the hiring manager get a quick overview of your profile to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the job role.

The major elements of a CV profile include a statement of who you are, your career goals and what value you can provide to the organisation. There are different styles that you can consider while writing your professional summary:

  • Qualifications summary: A qualifications summary begins with a brief description of your professional achievements, milestones and awards. Professionals with extensive work histories or those with several achievements in related fields may find this resume introduction useful.

  • Objective summary: An objective statement explains how you would like to advance in your career path. Describe your career goals, what you hope to accomplish and how you can add value to the company.

  • Professional profile: A professional profile describes your relevant skills and abilities. If you have no relevant work experience or if you are a recent graduate, this resume introduction may be helpful, as it emphasises your credentials and training instead of your experience.

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Why Is A CV Profile Important?

A well-written CV profile provides hiring managers with a quick overview of your experience, skills and qualifications. It also contains details about your professional goals and career path. You can use your CV profile to show your enthusiasm for the position and create a positive impression. Using this information helps the hiring manager determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the position.

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How To Write A CV Profile

Follow the steps to write your CV profile:

1. Review the job description

Read the job posting carefully to make sure you are familiar with the employer's requirements. This includes reviewing the skills required and the educational requirements, along with any additional details, such as relevant courses or certifications. Include specific keywords in the professional summary that an employer may prefer.

For example, if a prospective employer seeks candidates with R programming experience to develop machine learning models and you have worked with R and R studio, include that in your resume.

2. Write a personal introduction

Start your professional summary by writing an introduction that states who you are and describes your personality. A CV profile that starts with a strong introduction can aid in promoting the hiring manager to read further. Consider the example to write your introduction:

Creative, energetic and ambitious writer with four years of experience in copywriting and marketing for reputed brands and small-scale enterprises.

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3. Expand on relevant skills, qualifications and accomplishments

In the body of your professional summary, include:

  • Relevant skills: Review the job description to highlight the skills that match the employer's requirements.

  • Experiences: Include past work experiences that align with the job description. Be honest in what you include in your CV profile without overstating or including details not relevant to your work experience.

  • Qualifications: Include your educational credentials or higher degrees to give your profile more credibility.

  • Accomplishments: If you are an experienced individual, consider including your achievements in your professional statement. Ensure to quantify your accomplishments.

This helps the interviewer gauge your hard skills and soft skills and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the position.

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4. Proofread your statement

After writing your professional summary, make sure you proofread and edit it. Verify that the information is accurate and grammatically correct. This demonstrates your professional conduct, strong writing skills and attention to detail. Read it aloud and identify areas for improvement, including:

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Awkward phrasing

  • Passive tone

  • Clarity

  • Simple and easy-to-understand language

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Tips For Writing A CV Profile

Follow these additional tips to write your CV profile:

  • Keep it concise. Limit your CV profile to three or four sentences. This ensures that your professional statement is easy to understand and effective.

  • Have a positive tone. Make sure your language expresses your enthusiasm for the opportunity and your passion for the field. Having a positive attitude helps you create a positive impression on the interviewer.

  • Use action verbs and quantify your achievements. Use action verbs when describing your previous work experiences and accomplishments. When you combine action verbs with quantifiable results, you can demonstrate what you accomplished and its impact.

  • Be unique. Write a CV that highlights your accomplishments and work experience instead of a generic one. For a strong professional statement, provide specific details and examples.

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Examples Of CV Profiles

Here are some examples that you can refer to while writing your CV profile:

Recent graduate

Here is an example of a professional summary of an IT fresher:

Dedicated and motivated individual with a solid foundation in machine learning and blockchain. Proficient in C, C++, Python and R. Winner of a national level coding event held across 500 colleges. A member of a non-profit organisation that provides animal shelter and veterinary care.

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Creative professional

Here is an example of a professional summary for a creative writer:

Creative, energetic and ambitious writer with five years of experience in copywriting for reputed brands and marketing agencies. Expert knowledge of SEO tools and customer engagement strategies. Lead a team of 10 writing interns to research and post articles on a bilingual online magazine that increased traffic by 20%.

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IT professional

The following is an example of a professional summary for an IT professional:

Motivated and diligent individual with a sound foundation in image processing, machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning. Proficient in C, C++, Python, R, Solidity, Java and Tableau. Designed a framework that reduced the training time of neural networks by 20% resulting in better performance and less hardware consumption. Lead a team of 12 data scientists and blockchain developers to implement an automated predictive smart contract solution for a manufacturing company.

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Digital marketing professional

Here is an example of a professional summary for a digital marketing specialist:

Dynamic and focus-driven digital marketing specialist with four years of experience in online marketing, PPC advertising and data-driven analytics for marketing agencies. Proficient in analytics, web content, marketing automation and CMS. Implemented a new customer funnel that led to 10 new business customers in two weeks.

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Customer service professional

Here is an example of a professional summary for a customer service representative:

Energetic and self-motivated customer service representative with five years of experience in resolving complex customer queries. Passionate about fostering strong relationships with customers, building brand loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction. Reduced customer churn rate by 5% and achieved 95% average customer satisfaction rating.

Human resource professional

Here is an example of a CV profile for human resources manager:

Dedicated human resources manager with 10 years of experience in recruitment, community service projects, staff development and managing payroll process. Participated in the onboarding process for new employees and helped organise over 1,000 hours of training and development. Determined and driven to achieve results, with a strong commitment to building and retaining high-performing employees.

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Finance professional

Here is an example of a CV profile for a financial analyst:

Motivated financial analyst with six years' experience achieving high revenue growth for renowned businesses and extensive experience with accounting, forecasting, modelling and internal controls. Provided a robust solution during a malfunction of a debit card processing system, enabling order processing of over75 lakhs.

Health care professional

Here is an example of a professional summary for an oncologist:

Passionate and dedicated oncologist with nine years of experience in providing quality care to cancer patients. Expert knowledge of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and radiology. Managed a team of oncology nurses and provided chemotherapy treatment for many types of cancer, including lungs, colon, melanoma and sarcoma. Engaged in government initiatives to educate the public about cancer prevention and awareness.

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