How To Write A Work-From-Home Resume (With Template)

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Published 6 August 2022

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If you are planning to apply for remote working opportunities, it is important to have a resume that reflects your self-discipline and ability to work remotely. It is important to know what to include in your resume before you begin writing one. Having a well-written resume can help you impress recruiters and improve your chances of advancing to the next step in the hiring process. In this article, we explain what a work-from-home resume includes, list the steps for writing one and provide you with a resume template and example to guide you through writing your own.

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What Is A Work-From-Home Resume?

A work-from-home resume is a document you use to apply for remote positions. It is like resumes used for other jobs, but it highlights the candidate's ability to work remotely without any supervision. Having a well-written resume not only strengthens your chances of securing a position but also reflects your ability to work in a remote setup efficiently.

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How To Write A Work-From-Home Resume?

Follow these steps to write your own resume for a work-from-home position:

1. Add your personal information

Adding your personal information helps the hiring manager contact you with any initial questions or to schedule an interview. Place your name at the very top of your resume. Follow this with your contact number and email address. You can also add a link to your work samples or portfolio if you have one. Ensure that your name is in a legible font and is larger than the rest of the content.

2. Write a professional summary

A professional summary is a two- or three-sentence introduction of you and your work experience. It is a good opportunity to highlight your skills and previous work achievements. You can also describe why you are the right candidate for the job and how efficiently you work in a remote position. Also, be sure to include any relevant keywords that match the employer's job description. You can also include quantifiable metrics to highlight your previous success in similar jobs.

Example: Skilled and self-disciplined virtual assistant with two years of experience managing projects and collecting databases. Increased customer service satisfaction by 25% and increased organic reach on social media by 35%.

3. List your skills

The skills section is an opportunity to highlight your abilities that are relevant to the job for which you are applying. You can use the keywords you picked from the job description and include them in this section. It is ideal to include at least five relevant skills on your resume.

4. Write about your work experience

Including your work experience shows the hiring manager if you have worked in similar roles previously. Write about positions you have held, and describe three or four of the duties you regularly performed. Highlighting your contributions and achievements in your previous workplaces demonstrates how you can help the hiring organisation.

List each duty as a bullet point and explain how you successfully used your skills remotely. Highlight your contributions to the job and how you added value to the company. You can use numbers, figures and percentages if they are available.

5. List your educational history

The next step is to provide your educational history. If the job you are applying for requires a bachelor's or master's degree, mention yours on your resume. List every degree, including your high school education, in this section. Write the name of the degree followed by the name of the issuing college or university and the years you attended. You can also include your academic achievements, like awards or medals, in this section.

6. Include certifications

Along with your educational background, you can include your relevant certifications. Although this is not a requirement, it can add value to your resume. If there is any specific skill you developed through a certified course, it helps to include that information in this section. Mention the name of the certification followed by the name of the institution that issued it. For example, if you are a remote marketing specialist, you can include your digital marketing certification.

7. Proofread

The final step before submitting your resume to the hiring manager is proofreading it. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Check that the font is legible and avoid using any overly stylistic fonts in the document. Submitting a neat resume that is free of errors shows the hiring manager your high level of professionalism.

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What To Include In A Work-From-Home Resume?

Hiring managers filter resumes according to a candidate's listed skills and experience. It is important to highlight your skills and experience that can appeal to the hiring manager on your resume. Here is what to include in your resume:

Remote work experience

The most important aspect of your resume is your experience working remotely. This demonstrates your ability to work independently. Make sure you list any work-from-home companies you have worked for and your accomplishments there.

Key skills

Including key skills in your resume shows that you can succeed in the role. You can pick keywords from the employer-provided job description and match them with your relevant skills. Many hiring managers use software to shortlist resumes based on these keywords. Here are some skills relevant to remote work roles:

  • Self-motivation

  • Ability to work remotely

  • Reliability

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Time management

  • Communication skills


Sometimes your education can set you apart from other candidates. It is important to include your educational background if the employer is looking for candidates with a specific degree. Provide the name of your degree and the issuing college or institute.

Professional summary

Your professional summary is the most important section of your resume. It is a great opportunity for you to highlight to the hiring manager the reasons you are the best candidate for the position. Combine your skills and accomplishments in a way that demonstrates your experience with powerfully persuasive writing. Using quantifiable achievements is also a good way of demonstrating the value you can add to the organisation.

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Work-From-Home Resume Template

Use this template as a guide for writing your own remote working resume:

[First name] [Last name], [Degree or certification if applicable]

[Phone number] | [Email address] | [City], [State]

Professional Summary

[Two to three sentences that highlight years of experience, relevant skills, education or certifications and achievements as a professional]


(For the most recent role, list five experience items. For previous roles, list three.)

[Job title] | [Start date–End date]

[Company Name] | [City], [State]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Job title] | [Start date–End date]

[Company Name] | [City], [State]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]


Option 1

[Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]

Option 2

[Category]: [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]

[Category]: [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]


Option 1

[Degree and major], [Name of school or university]

Option 2

[Degree earned]

[Name of school or university], [Graduation year if you graduated within the past three years]


[Certification, with date received/renewed]

Remote Work Resume Sample

You can refer to this resume sample to help you write your own when applying for a remote position:

Hardik Gupta, Bachelor of Commerce

+555-555-5555 | | Mumbai, Maharashtra

Professional Summary

Dedicated and self-disciplined professional with three years of experience working as a virtual assistant. Worked with a variety of local and international clients to perform tasks like copywriting, bookkeeping and tele-calling. Efficient in working remotely and delivering tasks on time.


Virtual Assistant, January 2020–March 2022

Mehta Infocorp, Remote work

  • Scheduled company meetings and ensured they ran smoothly

  • Maintained and collected data using various software

  • Completed research for company projects and submitted my findings

  • Managed company email accounts and responded to relevant emails

  • Sent cold emails to potential clients

Remote Assistant, February 2019–December 2019

Ziva Fashions, Remote work

  • Managed the company's social media accounts

  • Responded to customer enquiries

  • Made monthly sales reports


  • Interpersonal skills

  • Communication skills

  • Social media proficiency

  • Content writing

  • Time management

  • Organisation


Bachelor of Commerce, The SVK College of Commerce

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