Guide On How To Get A DRA Certificate Online (With FAQs)

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Updated 30 September 2022

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Banks and other lending institutions appoint debt recovery agents as their representatives to collect pending debts and outstanding balances from borrowers. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made it compulsory for all recovery and collection agents to complete the debt recovery agent (DRA) certification. Knowing more about the benefits of this certification and how to obtain it can help you advance in your role as a debt collection agent. In this article, we share a step-by-step guide on how to get a DRA certificate online, discuss its importance and explore other related FAQs.

What Is A DRA Certificate And Why Is It Important?

The Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) provides DRA certification to qualified and eligible debt recovery agents who have completed a training programme from an accredited institute. Debt recovery agents help banks and other financial institutions collect pending loans, advances and other debts from borrowers. Their job responsibilities include locating, communicating and negotiating with debtors to create repayment plans and oversee the loan recovery process.

As the role requires agents to embody professionalism, empathise with customers and offer genuine customer service without intimidating clients, the IIBF has made it compulsory for all recovery agents to undergo the DRA training and receive the certification. Completing the training and passing the DRA exam provides the following benefits:

  • Helps recovery agents develop confidence and communication skills to interact with customers professionally during debt collection

  • Improves their knowledge of various banking products, procedures, processes and policies

  • Helps them enhance their soft skills for debt collection through fair practices

  • Gives them an advantage while applying for debt collection roles

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How To Get A DRA Certificate Online

Knowing the process of how to get a DRA certificate online can help you secure a job as a debt recovery agent and advance in your banking career. Here are the steps to follow to get the DRA certification:

1. Enrol in DRA training

The RBI has mandated all debt recovery agents undergo training before they can work in the debt collection departments of banks, non-banking financial corporations (NBFCs) and other debt collection agencies. The training helps DRAs improve functional knowledge about the debt recovery process and develop professionalism and competent soft skills to enable debt collection through fair practices. It also allows current recovery agents to improve their knowledge gap and sharpen their skills in debt recovery, collection and repossession of securities. Aspiring and current recovery agents can apply for the DRA training at any of the following places:

  • Indian Institute of Banking & Finances (IIBF) accredited training institutes

  • IIBF training programmes for employees of specific banks and NBFCs

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2. Receive training completion certificate from the institute

Once you enrol in the DRA training, the IIBF requires candidates to complete a specific number of hours of training. The training focuses on two core competencies:

  • The legal procedures and operational aspects of debt collection

  • Soft skill development, including interpersonal behaviour and personnel effectiveness

The IIBF specifies that a minimum of 50 hours of training is sufficient for candidates with prior work experience as a debt collection agent and those with higher educational qualifications like a graduate degree from an accredited institute. Candidates with no prior experience and those who have completed 10 + 2 are required to undergo a minimum of 100 hours of training to be eligible for the DRA examination. The training institute allocates 25 to 30 hours of training on the legal procedures and operational aspects of debt collection and 70 to 75 hours for soft skill development.

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3. Apply and pass the DRA examination

Once the DRA training is complete, you can register for the DRA examination using the application form available on the official website of the IIBF. The exam contains multiple-choice questions and is available in several languages, like English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. The IIBF conducts the examination monthly or with greater frequency, as per requirements. On completing the test with a minimum score of 50%, the IIBF issues eligible candidates with a pass certificate.

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4. Download the certificate online

Successful candidates can download the DRA certificate online by following the steps given below:

  • Visit the IIBF website ( and click on the login button at the top right corner. Enter your membership number, password and captcha code to log into the portal.

  • On the dashboard, select the Download DRA Certificate option.

  • Provide the required details like your name, membership number, mobile number and other identity details.

  • Clicking on the submit button opens the DRA certificate on the screen.

  • Click on the Download button to save a local copy of the certificate in PDF form in your system.

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FAQs About The DRA Certification

If you are planning to apply for the DRA certification, these FAQs can help you better understand the process and give your more details about the exam:

Who can take the DRA examination?

The DRA examination is mandatory for any individual who wants to build a career as a debt recovery agent at a bank, NBFC or other private collection agencies. The IIBF has made it compulsory for all existing debt recovery agents, direct selling agents and direct marketing agents currently employed at a bank or other financial institutions to undergo the DRA training and receive the certification. If you are engaged directly or indirectly in the debt recovery process, the DRA certificate is mandatory to continue in your current job or to secure a new role in debt collection.

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What are the eligibility requirements for the DRA examination?

Here are the eligibility requirements to apply for the DRA exam:

  • Completed minimum 18 years of age

  • Educational qualifications of 10+2 or higher

  • Mandatory training certificate of 100 hours for candidates who have passed 10+2 and 50 hours for candidates with higher qualifications

What is the documentation required for the DRA exam?

The IIBF requires candidates to provide proof of education, age, address and a photocopy of the original training completion certificate while applying for the DRA exam. You can upload digital copies of the required documents while filling out the online application form on the IIBF website. Candidates can submit any of the following documents for proof of identity:

  • Aadhaar card

  • PAN card

  • Election voter's ID

  • Driving license or

  • An employer-issued photo identity card.

What is the pattern of the DRA exam?

The DRA examination is a 100-mark test with 90 multiple-choice questions. It is an online exam and candidates can take the test by visiting an exam centre near them. The IIBF conducts the exams at multiple centres across the country. The exam duration is one and a half hours (90 minutes) and there is no negative marking for wrong answers.

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Does the DRA exam have a prescribed syllabus?

Candidates can prepare for the examination using the syllabus available on the IIBF website. Since it is a professional test, the IIBF advises candidates to read beyond the prescribed syllabus, focusing on recent developments and other relevant matters regarding debt collection. Candidates can read financial periodicals and financial newspapers like the IIBF Vision and Bank Quest to keep themselves updated on the latest happenings in the field. The overview of the syllabus for the DRA examination is:

  • Module A: basics of banking, principles of banking, structure and function of banking, retail banking, e-banking, Know Your Customer (KYC) norms, the outline of various banking products, including home loans, consumer loans, credit cards and agriculture credit products

  • Module B: soft skills like communication skills, telephone etiquette, interpersonal skills, negotiation and persuasive skills, personal etiquette, analytical ability, code of ethics, RBI guidelines, banking guidelines and case studies

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Where can candidates access the study material for the DRA examination?

The IIBF has published a list of books covering the DRA examination syllabus. You can find the recommended study materials by visiting the IIBF website, navigating to the education section, and downloading the eBooks available there. Interested candidates can purchase these books online or offline. As the banking field is dynamic, IIBF recommends candidates study materials beyond the scope of the prescribed textbooks for their exam preparations.

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