How To Write A Hotel Resignation Letter (With Examples)

Updated 22 April 2023

Due to several reasons such as family illness, personal issues, higher education opportunities or better job opportunities, you may leave a hotel role before your contract or tenure ends. When planning to resign from a hotel's job, it is essential to provide a letter listing your intent to resign and the last working day. Regardless of the reason for leaving the hotel, it is important to keep your resignation letter professional and respectful. In this article, we explain how to write a hotel resignation letter and provide templates, tips and examples to help you create this letter.

How To Write A Hotel Resignation Letter

To understand how to write a hotel resignation letter, follow these steps:

1. Include your details

When writing a physical letter, write your full name followed by the current position, hotel's name and address and date. If you plan to email a resignation letter, your personal information appears below your email signature or you can even omit it.

Priyanka Kukreja
Hotel receptionist
Crystal Hotel Services and Lounge
B 55 Savita Vihar
New Delhi 110067

December 5, 2021

2. Address the right recipient

Before randomly sending the letter to someone, look through the training manual or employee handbook to understand the details about whom to address. After knowing whom to address, begin your letter with a formal salutation. Start by saying "Dear”, followed by the recipient's name.

Example: Dear Shefali

3. State your intent to resign

The first paragraph of your resignation letter details your intention to resign from the hotel. Focus on including the last working day after serving the notice period. Usually, the notice period lies between one to two months from the resignation date. Mentioning your last working day removes miscommunication and confusion.

Example: This letter is an official notice of my resignation as front office supervisor at Crystal Hotels. My last working date is April 14, 2021.

4. Provide a reason for leaving the job

While providing reasons for leaving the job is optional, it can help you foster long-term relationships with employers. Sharing your reason for leaving the job can make your manager, supervisor and colleagues share your excitement and provide personalised support. If you plan to leave the hotel for a sensitive reason, do not delve into much detail.


  • Next month, I am joining as a General Manager at Liberty World Lodge.

  • I am locating in the Mumbai area soon.

  • I am expecting my first child in March and I plan not to return to work after completing the maternity leave.

  • I plan to pursue a hotel management course from Amirchand University, Indore.

5. Show your appreciation for your experience

In your next paragraph, highlight skills and opportunities you received while working in the hotel. Showing gratitude towards your colleagues and managers can help you build and maintain positive relationships. Expressing your appreciation boosts your reputation, encourages your existing employer to write a reference letter and motivates the hotel to hire you for any open position in the future.

Example: I want to thank you for the opportunity to work in this position. I appreciate your mentorship and leadership. Under your guidance, I have learned about the ins and outs of web designing.

6. Provide help in the transition process

Write a few lines to ensure a smooth transition process. When ending your letter, focus on offering help during the transition process. A small help during the last few days can help you convince your existing employers to provide a reference letter in the future.

Example: I am happy to provide training to my replacement and document the current processes to make the transition smooth.

7. Include your contact information

It is a good idea to include your email address and phone number to remain in touch with employees and managers of your current organisation. Including your contact information is essential, as they may contact you for queries related to previous work and growth opportunities.

Example: You can contact me on 9868845678 or email me at

8. Conclude the letter

Close your letter with a professional farewell message. When submitting your resignation letter via email, include your position, personal details and email address below your email signature.


Priyanka Kukreja

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Tips For Writing A Hotel Resignation Letter

Follow these tips to write a hotel resignation letter:

  • Remain positive: It is a great idea to leave the hotel positively. When writing your resignation letter, maintain a positive note and do not use the letter as a source of showing frustration towards anyone.

  • Keep it short: A short and crisp resignation letter conveys the right message to the recipient. Rather than telling a story, come straight to the point and tell the reason for writing the letter.

  • Offer help after leaving the hotel: To maintain a good working relationship with your manager and colleagues, offer help even after leaving the hotel. It can help you win references and recommendation letters.

  • Prepare for immediate departure: An employer may ask you to leave without serving the notice period. So, prepare, plan and organise your office work before sending the resignation letter.

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Template For Hotel Resignation Letter

When writing your resignation letter, you can use this template:

[Your name]
[Your position at the hotel]
[The name and address of the hotel]

[Date of resignation]

Dear [Recipient's first name],

This is to inform you that I am resigning from [your job position] at [hotel's name]. My last working day is [date of last working day].

[Give details about the reasons for leaving the job.]

Thank you for the [training, skills and experience] provided during my tenure. I am incredibly grateful for providing me with opportunities and positive experiences over the past [years of experience].

I want to make the transition process as smooth as possible. I am more than happy to help in the recruitment and training of the new hire over the next month. Please feel free to contact me on [your phone number] or email me at [your email address].

Thank you for the opportunity you provided.

Yours Truly,
[Your signature]
[Your name]

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Example Of Hotel Resignation Letter

Here is are two examples of a resignation letter you can use as inspiration when writing crafting your own:

Resignation due to a medical reason

Here is a resignation letter for leaving a job due to medical reasons:

Sunita Jain
Hotel manager
Sarv Nirman Hotels
H 4/7 Krishna Park
New Delhi 110072

December 10, 2021

Dear Amar,

I would like to inform you about my resignation letter effective February 10, 2022. I will no longer continue as a Hotel Manager with Sarv Nirman Hotels.

I have truly enjoyed working as a hotel manager and it was an enriching experience to work under your guidance. During my five-year tenure, I learned essential hotel management skills that improved my customer service skills.

I wish to make the transition process as smooth as possible for the new hire. Please let me know how I can help in the transition process. Please feel free to contact me after I leave the hotel. You can call me at 8744056124 or email me at

Yours Sincerely,
Sunita Jain

2. Resignation due to new job opportunities

Use this resignation letter as an inspiration to write a letter when resigning due to new job opportunities:

Falak Sachdeva
Hotel receptionist Nirman Vihar Boutique Hotels
H 4/7 Savita Kunj
Bengaluru 550078

December 10, 2021

Dear Sudesh,
Please consider this letter as my official resignation from the post of hotel receptionist at Nirman Vihar Boutique Hotels. After serving one month of the notice period, my last working day is January 9, 2021. I am joining a managerial position at Baddison Green Hotels and I believe the role would help me grow my career and gain significant management experience.

Thank you for providing a friendly work environment. I appreciate the growth opportunities you provided during the six years of my service. The experience I gained here will be useful in my future endeavours.

I am happy to help during the transition process. Please feel to contact me any time at 8178771787 at

I hope to remain in touch with you and others.

Yours Truly


Falak Sachdeva


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