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Finding a Job

How To Change Careers

If you are planning how to change careers, there are several steps you can take to determine when to do so successfully.


Interview preparation primarily involves researching the job and the company and thoughtfully considering your answers to the interview questions.

Finding a Job

Learn the definitions of apprenticeship vs. internship, explore the major differences between them and discover how to find the right programme for yourself.

Finding a Job

Career ideas and guidance to pick the right role for you.

Highest Paying Government Jobs (With Salary And Duties)

Discover the highest paying government jobs with their salary and primary duties, explore the benefits of a government job and check out some tips to get one.

Read a list of the highest paid doctor jobs available to candidates qualified in medicine, and examine the earning potential and primary duties of each role.

A well-written job application letter can make a positive impression on recruiters and increase your chances of being shortlisted for an interview. Learn how to write one and review a letter template and letter sample.

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Resumes & Cover Letters

Writing and formatting tips to make your application stand out

Mastering Essential Communication Skills (2024 Examples)

Communication skills involve the effective and efficient transfer of information. Developing communication skills will help in the interview process and on the job.

Find out how to write about yourself, discover the situations where you might need to introduce yourself in writing and learn some tips for writing a short bio.

Learn how to highlight 10 of the best skills that employers look for on your resume, how to choose between hard and soft skills, and more with Indeed Career Guide.

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Common questions, answers and advice to help you prepare

Top 16 Interview Questions and Answers

Tips and example answers for ten common interview questions to help you leave a lasting impression and outperform fellow candidates.

How do you answer the interview question, “How would you describe yourself?” If you are unsure how to best sum up the qualities and attributes that will leave the best impression in a job interview, consider these examples.

Self-introduction for interview can be unnerving or a breeze, depending on how you prepare. Use these helpful tips to score that job in your upcoming interview.

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Starting a New Job

Best practices to make a strong impression and transition smoothly

How To Write An Immediate Resignation Letter (With Example)

Discover why it might be necessary to resign without a notice period, learn how to write an immediate resignation letter and see letter samples for reference.

Learn how to write a joining date confirmation email to HR with this guide that also includes a full professional email template and confirmation email example.

A job offer acceptance letter conveys your formal acceptance of the job and terms of employment. Here is how to write a professional acceptance letter.

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Pay & Salary

Data and tips for talking about money at work

Salary Negotiation Tips and Examples

Knowing how to negotiate salary offers is a valuable skill that can increase your earning potential and ensure you are fairly compensated for the work you do.

Begin with salary research before you ask for a raise and consider the many facets to successful negotiations including scripts of what to say.

Discover how to write a request letter for salary, look at some templates and examples of salary request letters and explore some tips to write one yourself.

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Career Development

Skills and steps to take your career to the next level

How To Delete A File Using CMD (With Advantages And Tips)

Discover the advantages of deleting a file using cmd, understand how to delete a file using cmd on Windows and explore some tips for using a command prompt.

Learn 61 different team appreciation messages for you to consider, as well as what to include in a note of appreciation for members of your team and 5 tips.

Discover 50 sample self-appraisal comments you can reference and learn the steps you can take to write a self-appraisal for your next performance review.

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How To Write A Compliance Officer Resume In 7 Steps

Discover how to write a compliance officer resume in seven steps, including a template and an example of a complete resume you can use as a reference.

Learn what a client relationship manager resume is, explore the steps to create a professional one and review a template and example to prepare your own.

Learn what a training manager resume is and why it is important, review the steps to write one and see a template and an example to help you draft your own.

Find out how to write a resume for a direct care worker, review tips to write one effectively and also see a template and an example to create yours better.

Learn the answer to 'What are the important parts of a resume?' by reading about what to include in one and some considerations for writing your own.

Find out why including strengths in a resume is important and review 35 examples you may consider while writing yours to increase your chances of getting a job.

Find out what retail management resume skills are, explore seven important examples and also review steps to list them and tips to improve them effectively.

Learn the steps to write an effective objective for a public relations resume and review templates and examples and skills to include to draft your own better.

Learn about call center skills for a resume, explore a list of example skills and review the steps you can take to improve these skills to do well at your job.

Learn what resume executive assistant skills are and review some examples of these skills and ways to help you highlight them for your job application.

Learn more about the meaning of HR manager skills and review a list of eight examples, see how to improve these skills and examine them in the workplace.

Discover what an orthotist resume is, understand the steps to write one, explore some resume writing tips and review a template and example as a reference.

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14 Best High-Paying Finance Jobs (With Salary Information)

Discover 14 high-paying finance jobs and find out their average national salaries along with primary duties to make an informed choice about your career.

Learn how to create a strong manager resume through examples, explore essential elements to include in your resume and find tips to help draft a good resume.

Learn about a home health nurse resume and the steps to write it along with essential job responsibilities and review a template along with examples to create your own.

Discover what occupational therapist resume skills are, explore how to list them on a resume and review a template, and two example resumes with these skills.

Review additional information you can include on your resume that can support your qualifications and help you present yourself as a strong candidate for a job.

Discover what content moderator skills are, explore examples and learn how to improve them, use them in the workplace and highlight them when looking for a job.

Learn what a Pega developer is, discover the steps involved in writing a Pega resume and review a template, and example to help you draft an effective one.

Discover in-depth information related to azure storage interview questions. Review a list of sample answers to additional questions to help you prepare for it.

Examine a list of important computer engineer skills, read a step-by-step guide on how to improve these skills and explore how you can use them at work.

Discover what test metrics are, learn why they are important, explore different categories with formulas and find out how to calculate them with an example.

Discover some examples of growth product manager skills, explore ways to enhance these skills and learn tips to highlight them during your job search.

Learn what an attention model is, its role in machine learning and neural networks, types, benefits and also read tips on how to implement it effectively.

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