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Dispatcher salary in Ludhiana, Punjab

How much does a Dispatcher make in Ludhiana, Punjab?

Average base salary

below national average

The average salary for a dispatcher is ₹15,531 per month in Ludhiana, Punjab. 28 salaries reported, updated at 1 November 2022

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Top companies for Dispatchers in Ludhiana, Punjab

    127 reviews11 salaries reported
    ₹70,000per month
  2. ₹27,215per month
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Highest paying cities near Ludhiana, Punjab for Dispatchers

  1. Mohali, Punjab
    ₹24,318 per month
    118 salaries reported
  2. Gandhidham, Gujarat
    ₹23,165 per month
    6 salaries reported
  3. Noida, Uttar Pradesh
    ₹21,957 per month
    14 salaries reported
  1. Delhi, Delhi
    ₹21,466 per month
    11 salaries reported
  2. Amritsar, Punjab
    ₹19,839 per month
    8 salaries reported
  3. Jalandhar, Punjab
    ₹18,375 per month
    10 salaries reported
  1. Bengaluru, Karnataka
    ₹17,953 per month
    17 salaries reported
  2. Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli
    ₹17,302 per month
    7 salaries reported
  3. Patiala, Punjab
    ₹17,151 per month
    17 salaries reported
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Where can a Dispatcher earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Ludhiana, Punjab?

Dispatch Operator

9 job openings

Average ₹14,871 per month

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