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Human resources manager salary in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

How much does a Human Resources Manager make in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra?

Average base salary

as national average

The average salary for a human resources manager is ₹29,010 per month in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. 4 salaries reported, updated at 3 December 2023

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Top companies for Human Resources Managers in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

  1. ICICI Bank Ltd
    7,161 reviews6 salaries reported
    ₹1,11,798per month
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Highest paying cities near Bhiwandi, Maharashtra for Human Resources Managers

  1. Aurangabad, Maharashtra
    ₹70,732 per month
    12 salaries reported
  2. Mumbai, Maharashtra
    ₹36,403 per month
    550 salaries reported
  3. Thane, Maharashtra
    ₹32,924 per month
    92 salaries reported
  1. Pune, Maharashtra
    ₹32,372 per month
    369 salaries reported
  2. Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
    ₹31,238 per month
    71 salaries reported
  3. Nashik, Maharashtra
    ₹28,932 per month
    38 salaries reported
  1. Nagpur, Maharashtra
    ₹26,701 per month
    131 salaries reported
  2. Kalyan, Maharashtra
    ₹24,713 per month
    9 salaries reported
  3. Vasai, Maharashtra
    ₹23,174 per month
    14 salaries reported
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Where can a Human Resources Manager earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra?

Human Resources Specialist

Job openings

Average ₹19,543 per month

Human Resources Generalist

Job openings

Average ₹35,307 per month

Human Resources Business Partner

Job openings

Average ₹5,17,000 per year

Director of Human Resources

Job openings

Average ₹4,87,321 per year

Director of People & Culture

Job openings

Average ₹6,10,731 per year

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