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Laboratory technician salary in Haryana

How much does a Laboratory Technician make in Haryana?

Average base salary

above national average

The average salary for a laboratory technician is ₹18,198 per month in Haryana. 12 salaries reported, updated at 4 March 2023

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Top companies for Laboratory Technicians in Haryana

  1. Indian Institute of Technology
    814 reviews5 salaries reported
    ₹23,917per month
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Highest paying cities near Haryana for Laboratory Technicians

  1. Haryana, Haryana
    ₹18,644 per month
    5 salaries reported
  2. Panchkula, Haryana
    ₹17,390 per month
    7 salaries reported
  3. Gurgaon, Haryana
    ₹17,045 per month
    22 salaries reported
  1. Faridabad, Haryana
    ₹15,548 per month
    12 salaries reported
  2. Rohtak, Haryana
    ₹15,081 per month
    9 salaries reported
  3. Sonipat, Haryana
    ₹14,224 per month
    5 salaries reported
  1. Ambala, Haryana
    ₹13,442 per month
    38 salaries reported
  2. Pinjore, Haryana
    ₹13,000 per month
    6 salaries reported
  3. Panipat, Haryana
    ₹11,924 per month
    10 salaries reported
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Where can a Laboratory Technician earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Haryana?

Laboratory Assistant

8 job openings

Average ₹30,126 per month

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