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About A1 Affordable Garage Door Services

A1 Affordable Garage Door Services is a locally owned Garage Door Installation and Repair Company located in Plano Texas. Our showroom is located at 3303 N. Central Expwy, Ste 200. Our showroom is open 7 days a week and we do answer our phone 24/7 for any emergency a homeowner might have. A1 Affordable GDS is an authorized dealer for LiftMaster – 
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How to Choose a Garage Door Company

Hi I’m Kris O’Connor with A1 Affordable garage door services, and I’m so glad you stopped by today I wanted to share with you how to choose a garage door company. It can be very daunting out there on the internet there’s so many companies so many websites who do you choose and who is good reviews are very important of course but one of the things you should look for is do they carry general liability insurance and can they show that to you I feel that it is very important a company whose serious about their business needs to carry general liability and be able to show it to you and prove to you that they do it’s one thing to say they do but it’s another thing to prove it. Secondly, do they have a general price list that they can share with you this will prevent someone coming out to your home and seeing that you drive a really nice car and live in a really nice home so that $200 repair turned into a $1000 repair because they think you have a lot of money so is there a general price list that you ca look at and know that you’re not getting ripped off. Thirdly, do they have some type of showroom or office you can go to especially if you really love what they did and you want to go in a say thank you so much you did an outstanding job but also but what happens if they didn’t do a great job where can you go to have somebody or talk to somebody and say fix my problem I want it done right. Fourth, what kind of vehicle are they driving is it a great shape does it have company stickers on it does it have the phone number on it can they be reached that’s so very important because in our industry the majority of the companies use contractors and subcontractors and when they show up at your home the vehicles are unmarked the people are unmarked and in today’s world that can be very scary. Lastly, is it a local company or when you call in do you hear a lot of noise in the background more than likely that is a call center and they’re probably somewhere else in Austin Houston or could be in Florida so are they actually a local company that you can call so those are 5 tips that I feel are really important to look for when you’re trying to choose a garage door company and we would love to earn your business and we can provide every single one of those to you that we can thanks so much and have a great day Follow A1 Affordable Garage Door Services! Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1BruRoI Twitter: http://bit.ly/1CAzcdo Google Plus: http://bit.ly/1v70WFL YouTube: http://bit.ly/1CAziS8 A1 Affordable Garage Door Services provides garage door repairs, on-time appointments, same day service and free estimates with our professional customer service.

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