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About Caption Call and CaptionCall provides captioned telephones to those who have hearing loss and have difficulty hearing on the telephone. Similar to captioned television, CaptionCall uses advanced technology and a captioning agent to quickly provide written captions of what callers say on a – 
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Why work with CaptionCall?

CaptionCall Communications Assistants talk about why they enjoy working at CaptionCall and discuss some of the reasons that make working at CaptionCall a rewarding experience

About Us

CaptionCall is a captioned telephone service that lets people with hearing loss read what the other person is saying. It is a no-cost ADA service available to people who qualify.

Our CaptionCall Phone

CaptionCall phones are optimized for individuals with hearing loss. The unit uses voice-to-text technology, assisted by captioning agents and automated speech recognition, to transcribe your conversation so that other speakers’ words appear on your CaptionCall screen.
Easy to use
- Our simplistic captioned phone is basic and intuitive to use. It can be incorporated effortlessly into your life.
Fast and accurate captioning
- CaptionCall transcribes your phone call in real time so you never miss a word or the point of the conversation.
No-cost service
- CaptionCall is federally funded as part of Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), so there’s no cost for qualifying individuals.

Why Choose Us?

No cost for captions — ever!
Telephone captioning is provided as an ADA government service. CaptionCall does not charge for the phone, captioning service, delivery, or any customer support.
Exceptional phone technology
CaptionCall provides smooth, easy-to-read captions in real time. Our captioning agents and automated speech recognition technology help give the most accurate transcripts.
Outstanding customer service
CaptionCall customer satisfaction scores rank alongside the world’s best-known brands. Our staff is known as much for their friendly personalities as their exceptional skills.


We are always looking for talented individuals to help us bring our cutting-edge phone, no-cost captioning service, and world-class support to anyone who has trouble hearing on the telephone.


At CaptionCall we care deeply about our employees and we provide a generous, comprehensive benefits package. Benefits begin quickly after the date of employment and many benefits are extended to spouses, domestic partners and qualified dependents. Benefits include medical and health, work/life balance and financial benefits and more.
Medical Health
- Medical Coverage provided through UnitedHealthCare
- Low-cost coverage
- Dental, vision, short-term disability coverage, supplemental life insurance, accidental death and -dismemberment
- No-cost employee life insurance
- Organized ongoing wellness programs and employee participation events
- Flexible spending (cafeteria) plan for medical reimbursement, dependent care, child care and transportation
Work/Life Balance
- Eight paid holidays for full-time employees
- Personal holiday
- Bereavement leave
- Vacation time
- Sick time
- A generous 4% 401(k) matching program to all qualified employees
- Long-term disability plan
- Plus much more…