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About CitiusTech

CitiusTech is a specialist provider of healthcare technology services and solutions, with strong presence across the globe. As a strategic partner to some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations, CitiusTech plays a deep and meaningful role in accelerating technology innovation and shaping the way healthcare is delivered to patients. CitiusTech – 

Our Vision

Our Vision Be the #1 Healthcare technology company in U.S. Be a recognized brand for technology, healthcare domain  expertise and exceptional customer experience. Become the employer of choice for IT profession

Our Values

Our Values Our values (PROUD) drive our conduct, work practices and our relationship with clients, colleagues, business partners & other stakeholders. Passion in our work Respect for clients and for each other Openness to ideas and opinions Unity of purpose, goals and vision Depth of understanding and focus

Our Culture

Our five cultural pillars AEIOU, acronym for Approachable,  Empowering, Innovative, Open & Upbeat play a very crucial role  in defining our morals, vision and values.  Approachable: As individuals and as an organisation, we are  friendly, welcoming and helpful. This makes us highly  approachable by our client teams, our peers and new joinees. Empowering: We are encouraging, rewarding and supportive of  others efforts. This gives every CTzen and CT team a feeling of  empowerment, especially when dealing with challenges and  pursuing new opportunities. Innovative: Continuous learning is not just an organisational  objective. All of us strive to learn new skills and drive innovation –  both big and small – in our day-to-day activities.  Open: CT has a transparent and collaborative work style. As a  company, we are not bound by hierarchy, which gives CTzens the  flexibility to reach out to other CTzens as needed.  Upbeat: We have an extremely fun and trusting work culture.  Having fun is an important part of our work style. It derives from  our team cultures which, while being competitive and  performance driven is also upbeat.

Learning at CT

At CitiusTech, we believe our success is intertwined with yours. We provide our incredibly skilled workforce the right opportunities to accelerate their career growth. Our employees are encouraged to explore beyond the routine and participate in various activities at CitiusTech, thus grooming them into well-rounded individuals. Learning & Development opportunities CitiusTech invests heavily in people, training & technology. Our teams are continuously groomed and upskilled to stay ahead of the curve by working on next-generation digital technologies and platforms across mission-critical healthcare initiatives. CitiusTech’s Integrated Modular Program for Advanced Competencies & Technologies (IMPACT) focuses on upskilling and reskilling new joiners across new technologies and the healthcare domain. IMPACT is a great opportunity for IT professionals to move up the value chain and build tools to accelerate their careers in healthcare technology. We have partnered with top ranking institutions like BITS Pilani, IIM Ahmedabad & Symbiosis International University for our CTzens to up-skill & progress in their career.  You can sign up for advanced Digital Technology courses, Management Development programs, get a chance to earn a degree in Business Management & much more. Get upskilled from the day you join CitiusTech!

Why Citiustech

As one of the world’s fastest growing healthcare IT companies, CitiusTech plays a significant role in shaping the way healthcare is delivered to patients. We are a team of world-class IT professionals, driven by a strong sense of purpose – to accelerate innovation in healthcare and make a meaningful impact to human life. We focus on building highly motivated engineering teams and thought leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset, centered on our core values of passion, respect, openness, unity and depth of knowledge. Our success lies in our ability to create a transparent, collaborative and non-hierarchical work environment that values opinion and empowers you to meet your personal and professional aspirations. This is what has helped make us India’s #1 healthcare IT company and the first IT Unicorn in this space. With the exponential growth in healthcare technology adoption, CitiusTech is uniquely positioned to drive disruptive change across the healthcare industry. At CitiusTech, you become a part of this incredible growth story. You get to work on interesting projects with some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations, build next-gen technology skills and accelerate career growth, in a fun, balanced and high-performance work environment. Join CitiusTech. Do something awesome! Visit our Careers page for more details.