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About DSM

DSM's purpose: Creating brighter lives for all

From century-old roots as the Dutch State Mines, DSM has evolved into a purpose-led science company numbering 23,000 people worldwide and specializing in solutions for Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all.

Enabling a brighter future for all

At DSM we are implementing various initiatives to boost diversity and inclusion. We’ve already improved considerably, but we must continue to raise the bar: as evidenced by the fact that assessment and measurement is built into all these initiatives. Why? Because what gets measured, gets done.

Co-CEO Introduction

After a thorough process and external benchmarking, including the advice and input from an international search firm, the Supervisory Board has decide to appoint Geraldine Matchett and Dimitri de Vreeze, the two Managing Board colleagues of Feike Sijbesma, in a dual leadership as Co-CEO’s. Together they will maintain the focus on business performance, financial discipline, innovation, sustainability and people, as DSM continues its journey. This dual leadership structure is rooted in the long history of collaboration between them, which has been keenly observed by the Supervisory Board and is expected to create a strong basis for continued profitable growth. In conjunction with the Co-CEO role, Geraldine Matchett will retain her responsibilities as CFO and Dimitri de Vreeze will hold the COO responsibilities.

A healthy system

Right now, it’s more important than ever to have a healthy immune system. A healthy and balanced diet, and daily dietary supplements can play a role in safeguarding our bodies against everything from viruses and bacteria to allergens; and it’s a topic we know well at DSM as the world’s leading supplier of nutritional ingredients.

Striving for a world without waste

Our world is a sphere. Mother nature is a perfect circle of efficiency. So why has our society chosen to live in linear straight lines? At DSM we’re trying to change this through a range of products and innovations that help us move away from a throwaway and wasteful culture to one where we preserve the natural resources we have, and get the very most from what we use, today and for our future generations. How do we do it? At DSM we use the principles of reduce, replace, extend, enable & recover to make circularity a reality…

On the road to lower emissions

Today, our plastics can be found in most of the world’s cars. The reason? These tough yet lightweight materials are meeting the extreme needs of auto manufacturers - for example by reducing engine friction and performing in red-hot temperatures, long-term. Our plastics also meet the increasingly extreme needs of the planet. In the case of reducing engine friction, for example, around around 1 gram of CO2 emissions are saved for every km driven.


We’re looking for passionate individuals with the vision and ideas to propel our thinking; and the drive and energy to set our pace. In return we’ll give you a career path that you define. All this is supported by a deeply embedded culture of personal and professional development. After all, the world is changing and evolving: unless DSM’s people change with it, how can we hope to tackle the defining challenges facing our society?

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