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21 September 2022
ESG is critical to all stakeholders, including employees and customers. Dawn Wayne, COO, Stellar National Life, and Peter Settel, Enterprise Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at American Family Insurance, talk about #ESG, its purpose, and how it can provide smart #financialsolutions.


You are integral to our vision and plan because we are just a technology company; we are a 'people' company powering technology. Technology is just the tool that our people use to help other people and improve the world we all live in. That's not to downplay our technology, as it's a game-changer that's only made possible by the incredible experts at Infosys – by you. Without you, without our expert people, there would be no technology, and we wouldn't be able to help navigate the world's largest organizations into their future. The mission ahead of you is one steeped in adventure and pride as it's what's moving the world forward. What you will be learning and doing at Infosys isn't just about having a job and doing it well. It's foundational for any career that you may want to explore in the future because almost every business of the future is going to be technology-powered. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers - everybody will need to apply technology-led solutions, and everybody will need people like you to help them do it. This is what we mean when we say that at Infosys, you will move forward and take the world with you. Visit today.


At Infosys, shaping a better future is what we do and where we excel. However, this isn't just our promise to clients, it's a serious commitment we make to our people, too. Every career is a journey, which is why we ensure you have the tools, support, and opportunities you need to navigate yours. We want you to experience accelerated learning and growth from your first day at Infosys, right up until your last. At Infosys, your path forward is clear, and the speed of movement is determined by just three simple factors – your performance on the job, the potential you create for yourself through continuous learning, and the new positions we can create based on our collective performance as a team. If you aren't pushing your boundaries and growing, neither are we – and it's this symbiotic relationship that makes our focus on you mission-critical. At Infosys, it is our commitment: You get a platform from which you can make an impact on the world. You get the tools, opportunities, and support for personal development beyond expectations. You experience all of this in a creative, dynamic, and inclusive environment.


None of the amazing things we do at Infosys would be possible without an equally amazing culture, the environment in which to do them, one where ideas can flourish, and where you are empowered to move forward as far as your ideas will take you. This is something we achieve through cultivating a culture of inclusiveness and openness, and a mindset of exploration and applied innovation. A career at Infosys means experiencing and contributing to this environment every day. It means being part of a dynamic culture where exciting minds are united by a common purpose to navigate further, together.


At Infosys, we have people from over 100 nationalities operating out of almost 200 different locations. Our global team really does cover the full spectrum of diversity and inclusiveness. For us, building an open, fair, inclusive and welcoming workplace is not just the right thing to do, but a smart thing to do - because with diversity comes new perspectives, ideas, and innovation. We counter gender-based stereotyping. We create opportunities for war veterans and build programs to include the marginalized segments of our population. We work hard to nurture a balanced workforce where each of us is brought together by our common desire to move forward. Apply today at

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