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About Instacart

At Instacart, we believe that great people are the ingredients for success. We like to think that we are like a potluck, everyone brings something new, different and flavorful to the table. Our mix of thoughtful, inventive and neighborly employees work together to deliver our common goal, to make grocery shopping effortless, and give valuable time back – 
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Instacart Atlanta is home of our Customer CARE team




The "Mossy Carrot"


We believe in giving back to our communities, especially in ways that help fight hunger.

Life at Instacart

Our mission is to create a world where everyone has access to the food they love and more time to enjoy it together.
At Instacart, we believe that great people are the ingredients for success. We like to think that we are like a potluck, everyone brings something new, different and flavorful to the table. Our mix of thoughtful, inventive and neighborly employees work together to deliver our common goal, to make grocery shopping accessible to everyone and give valuable time back to our customers. We believe that just as meals are best shared together, success is best shared together. If this excites you, then Instacart just might be the place for you.
We're transforming the grocery industry
Groceries delivered to your door in as little as an hour. It seems simple, right? Well, it’s more complex than that.
From re-routing deliveries during snowstorms, to connecting customers with coupons and deals for their favorite brands, to updating over half a billion grocery data lines every night...our efforts bring Instacart closer to being the operating system for the grocery industry.
Solving these problems is what helps our customers get back time in their day, so they can do more of what they love.
No matter what you bring to the potluck, there’s a seat at the table for you.
Food has the power to nourish, unite, comfort, create conversations, strengthen bonds, remove barriers and honor cherished traditions, and more importantly, bring people together. We believe an inclusive culture is like a potluck—everyone brings something new, different and flavorful to our table. Together, we aim to build and foster an environment where people can bring their full, authentic selves to work. Learn more about our community groups who are working to support, attract, retain and grow underrepresented employees at Instacart.
* Nightshades — Black Employee Resource Group
* Women @ — Women’s Employee Resource
* Parents @ — Parents Employee Resource Group
* Rainbow Carrots — LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group
* Sazón — Latinx Employee Resource Group
As part of our efforts to raise awareness, educate and celebrate, we observe and honor celebrate cultural heritage months (Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Bring Your Kid to Work Day, and National Pride Month) with employee programming across the company in partnership with our ERG Communities.
Diversity & Inclusion
Women are at the heart of Instacart. Over 80% of our customers are women and 73% of our shoppers are women— and we’re working to build a team of talented women to build the tools our customers and shoppers use every day. Currently, our corporate offices have 40/60 gender split across the company, and while we have work to do, we’re working hard to increase our demographics of technical women and employees of color across the company to reflect the communities in which we operate.


Our software development, mobile, infrastructure, data science and security engineers each bring a different flavor to the table to solve a souped-up version of the classic traveling salesman problem.
Together, we’re building a four-sided marketplace that includes the mobile and web apps most Instacart customers use every day, white-label storefronts and data APIs for our retail partners, an ad-serving engine for CPG and brand partners, and a world-class fulfillment app and last-mile logistics chain for our shoppers and drivers.
When you link all of the pieces of this technology chain together, you get a lean platform, powered by historical data from millions of orders and deliveries, that can consistently get groceries from your favorite local and national retailers to your door in as little as an hour...that’s no easy feat!
Learn more on our Tech @ Instacart Blog, here and learn about how our engineers work together here.
We love generalists.
If you’re not an expert in one particular language, that is completely fine! We love engineers who are generalists and have experience with (or interest in) multiple languages and platforms.
We maintain a complex, interdependent chain of technology.
We’ve doubled down on machine learning and data science in order to maintain a massive data catalog (the largest grocery catalog ever), build our customer and shopper apps, identify lost demand in our fulfillment chain, and solve a souped-up version of the classic traveling salesman problem. There is no shortage of interesting models to improve, algorithms to optimize, and problems to solve.
Millions of customers buy their groceries on Instacart. Our backend systems support tight integrations with the largest retailers in North America and our engineers are working to scale operations across our iOS, Android, and web applications. We currently use Rails, Ruby, Python, R, PostgreSQL 9.6, React 0.17, AWS, Docker, RabbitMQ, Sidekiq, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Stripe, Twilio, Mapbox, and SiftScience, but don’t require folks to have experience with our stack.
We are so much more than code, pipelines, models, and metrics.
You can be one of the best engineers in the world, but how impactful your work is, depends on how well you communicate and work with your team. To build the most meaningful solutions, you need context not only from your immediate teammates, but also from relevant and adjacent teams. Furthermore, we have three main offices in San Francisco, Toronto, and Atlanta (though our engineers are based out of SF and Toronto) and several smaller operational locations across the US and Canada. Communication between these hubs is equally critical to our success.
Ownership is one of our key criteria when evaluating performance.
Everyone in Instacart’s engineering organization is expected to take ownership of their work. Ownership covers all of the ingredients – how you scope, plan, ship, communicate cross-functionally, and maintain your work. We value ownership so much that it is one of the main categories by which individual contributors and engineering managers assess performance.
We value engineers who can truly “own” their projects and communicate with design, product, comms, and other adjacent teams. As the company grows, it becomes increasingly important for individuals to possess both the EQ and IQ to manage a project from beginning to end. Ownership grows as you grow within the company, too. Over time, engineers will take on bigger projects that range across your team, the engineering org, or even the whole company.

Hybrid & Remote Work

As the future of work evolves, so does where we work
We asked our employees what they wanted the future of work at Instacart to look like, their response? Make it flexible. This feedback has guided how we’ll work going forward. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for how we do our best work, so we’re introducing a hybrid work environment for when it’s safe for our offices to re-open.
No matter where you work—from our offices or from home—we want every Instacart employee to feel engaged, productive and successful. Our high-impact and collaborative culture will continue to evolve as we provide our team the flexibility to support their lives, because work is just one ingredient for a full life.
Impact and growth
We believe that our employees can be productive and drive impact from wherever they work. We’ll continue to provide the technology, programs, and development opportunities so employees can grow with Instacart.
Community isn’t location-bound
Over the past year we learned to master the art of being virtually social, and will continue to be intentional about building our culture and investing in keeping everyone connected, across time zones and geographies.
Great, diverse talent exists far beyond the cities we have offices in
Opening up opportunities across the U.S. and Canada enables Instacart to find and hire the best, no matter where they call home.

Diversity & Belonging

No matter what you bring to the potluck, there’s a seat at the table for you.
Instacart welcomes you just as you are—we celebrate your unique paths and experiences that have brought you to our table.
First things first, diversity, equity and belonging isn’t something we view as “checking the box.” We know that for Instacart to be a successful, long-lasting company, we have to approach it the same way we do any business goal: intentionally and with the resources it requires.
This is a journey for us—we have work to do and we are not shying away from the conversations and actions that will get us there.
Our Approach
For us, Diversity, Equity and Belonging encompasses everything from increasing representation, focusing on inclusion, career development and opportunities, to social impact initiatives uplifting our communities, and ensuring we’re designing products that are accessible to everyone. We prioritize a race, ethnicity and gender equity-focused approach to achieve equality in all of our systems and processes.
Workforce Equity
- Drive equitable outcomes for employees throughout their career at Instacart.
Workplace Belonging
- Optimize for inclusion and belonging. No one should have to code switch at work.
Responsible Citizenship
- Evolve what we are known for outside our four walls. From our corporate reputation to our commitment to fighting hunger—because food insecurity is a social justice issue.
Product Inclusion
- Design accessible products for everyone, especially our most marginalized users, while uplifting brands from historically underrepresented entrepreneurs.
We are embracing being comfortable in the uncomfortable, so we can grow together.
These are the guidelines for how we interact, helping to shape an environment that creates space for growth where we don’t shy away from making mistakes or having uncomfortable conversations:
* Authenticity - Be you. Show up as you are and embrace vulnerability.
* Intersectionality - Aim to understand. Learning and sharing lived experiences is critical to ensure all historically marginalized voices are seen and heard.
* Intentionality - Be deliberate. Create space for voices who may have been historically overlooked.