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We aim to bring out the best in you, while helping you do the same for others.
As a company focused on human understanding, it’s imperative we reflect the world we live in. We celebrate and support the differences of our people. Kantar is a global company with a local feel. While we have global initiatives to bring us together – like our partnership with Special Olympics and virtual interest groups on plenty of topics – we also enjoy regular local events, from football teams and yoga clubs to choirs and local celebrations. You also get two days off each year to volunteer for a cause you feel passionately about.

Our Values

At Kantar, we believe how we work is just as important as what we do.
Business growth, positive client impact, and a great employee experience should underpin everything we do - and that means adopting behaviours that help us reach these strategic goals of Kantar. The 'how'; our behaviours, shape the way we all work together.
Our behaviours at Kantar are:
• Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Grabbing opportunities to learn, grow and inspire others, then putting ideas into practice to help the business succeed.
• Embrace Purposeful Collaboration: Collaborating proactively with colleagues, with clear purpose, towards positive client impact.
• Help others to Flourish: Facilitating a great employee experience by giving others room to grow, explore and achieve - with respect and encouragement.
Our Values guide us, both as individuals and as a company and while our business and our industry continue to change, our belief in our values remain consistent.

Inclusive culture

At Kantar we believe that Inclusion creates a culture of belonging, where everyone is empowered to succeed.
Our Inclusion and Diversity programme is run through a global I&D steering committee.
There are now 40 committees around the globe. Each I&D steering committee develops and delivers against an I&D plan specific to the needs of their region. The steering committees have spearheaded initiatives such as the creation of an LGBT network, delivery of unconscious bias training, and the development of flexible working policies.
Employee Resource Groups
Open to everyone, our Employee Resource Groups are active networks of like-minded employees who share knowledge and insights on issues that matter. Through regular events and communication, they support our goal of creating an inclusive culture for all.
Kantar Women in Technology
Kantar Women in Technology is an employee-led initiative, aiming to make Kantar a great place for women to work in technology roles while building a sustainable competitive advantage for the business. At Kantar, we believe that more diverse teams create greater innovation, bringing more diverse approaches, question and ideas.
The group's mission is to empower women in technology roles to foster mentorships, grow their careers and to showcase a supportive global community in which women can be inspired and encourage each other to realise their passion. We are committed to providing a platform to celebrate the contribution of women while attracting women to join our team and become role models for the next generation of technology talent.


Extraordinary People
Our ‘Extraordinary People’ Community Impact programme includes volunteering and pro bono efforts, fundraising activities, and our global partnership with Special Olympics… all of which deliver positive change in over 90 countries.
Our partnership with Special Olympics
At Kantar, we know the world is not just extraordinary, it is hugely varied. In the work we do (and the way we do it) we know the importance of inclusion and diversity. So, we are very proud to be global partners of Special Olympics, helping in their mission to end the ongoing discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities, and create an inclusive world for all. We contribute towards their Global Youth Leadership programme, which brings together youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities at nearly 200 global, national and local summits. These summits give youth leaders a platform to discuss and implement inclusion-based projects in their own communities, creating a generational shift in schools and communities around the world.

Mental Health

At Kantar, we recognise and promote mental wellness at work and are passionate about providing our employees with the tools and resources to support them every day.
We promote an environment where we work together to remove the stigma around mental health, allowing our people to be honest about what help they may need and providing support to colleagues when needed.
2020 was a unique and challenging year, for us as a business and for each of us individually.
Throughout a global pandemic, it is crucial to keep a check on our own mental health... and it can be hard to know how to ask for help.
We marked last year’s World Mental Health day with our “We are here” campaign to raise awareness of the different challenges that people can face, share resources that are available to help, and create a culture of openness: where all of us, whether we’re struggling ourselves or looking out for our colleagues, are able to ask for support.

What our people say

See what our employees are saying about us:
John-Paul (Senior Director)
"I love the fact that I’ve been given the opportunity to apply my skills and experience immediately whilst being supported when needed. My team within the Global Implementation Centre have been really welcoming and I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know colleagues across a diverse range of cultures and locations. Its really refreshing to work within an organisation where people are positive, motivated and passionate about their role and the part they play within the Kantar family. I’m really looking forward to getting to understand the business more and being part of something special."
Angharad (Client Executive)
"I joined Kantar straight out of university. I studied English Literature at Warwick and Monash University in Melbourne because that’s what I loved, and I had no clear career path in mind. What I did know is that the companies’ ethics was central to me and that’s where I found Kantar through Glassdoor. Something in the way that people were describing the company made me think that Kantar was somewhere I would be happy."
Simone (Executive Assistant)
"I would describe the culture at Kantar as very friendly and diverse. I am personally impressed by the way the BLM situation was handle within the company and the support for BAME community."
Thaisa (Talent Acquisition Partner)
"What I love about my role and Kantar is the variety, and I love the high level of people engagement. I’m sat behind a desk but most of that is on the phone speaking to candidates and hiring managers. I love finding out about new roles and how they fit into the overall business strategy and I relish the challenge of then going away and finding the perfect candidate."
Mustafa (Client Services Manager)
"I joined Kantar Worldpanel and I was drawn to the sophistication and elegance of the data analysis movement. I also believe that I am working with a socially responsible team which is creating wealth and prosperity for all stakeholders and leaving a lasting impact on future generations. This is why I love my job at Kantar."

Why Join Kantar?

Are you eternally curious? We know more about how people live, work, shop, vote, eat, drink, post and think than anyone else.
Do you love to learn and try new things? We encourage our people, like our clients, to flourish in this extraordinary world.
Want to have a real-world impact? We deliver insights that help our clients make better decisions, and inspire growth.

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