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About Meesho

Meesho is on a Mission to Create 20M Entrepreneurs by 2020. Meesho is India's Largest Reseller Platform, poised to be the next big e-commerce distribution channel, where homepreneurs sell on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Meesho's network is 10,00,000+ strong, spread across 500+ towns. Meesho is a Y Combinator S16 startup and Series B funded by Sequoia – 
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Meesho CEO interviews Expert Reseller Ms Daksha

Meesho received Series B funding from one of India's top investors. To celebrate this occasion, Mrs Dakshayini Janardhan, one of Meesho's oldest Resellers, was invited to Meesho Office to share her Reselling experience. More than her experience, she shares very useful and insightful Reselling tips that will help every budding Reseller. If you want to build your own business without any investment, do watch this video. Mrs. Dakshayini's inputs will help you grow!

Meesho reselling work from home without investment / online business

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