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About Sutherland

Who We Are

We are Sutherland
At Sutherland, we help strengthen our client’s brands by improving how they work. We rethink the process and work together to streamline it, rebuild it, and deliver it back smarter than before.
We designed a system that allows video gamers to reset their password with an avatar, and worked with a healthcare client to develop a mobile app that updates family members on their loved one’s health real time. We provide exceptional customer experiences for the digital age, but making this happen takes process and most importantly, people.
Behind every screen, click or command, at the heart of each process transformation, is our people. It takes big ideas, strong designs, new technology, and top talent from around the globe to explore what’s possible.  We empower and inspire our teams and leaders to simplify everyday tasks and interactions with a common goal: providing the best customer experience out there. 
Want to help us support the world’s biggest and best companies in finding fun and new ways to interact with their customers?  
Join us. We are Sutherland. Where people and process come together.

What We Do

Sutherland is much more than the premier and preferred provider of technology enabled and process transformation services. We are a people business and that’s what matters most. We are a group of diverse, talented employees that partner together each day to make a difference and drive change around the world.
Join us.
Together we commit to:
- Deliver world-class customer service and support every single day
- Exceed customer expectations by providing enriched customer support
- Initiate revolutionary change throughout the industry through innovation
- Advance business models for next-gen outcomes
- Elevate insights into action for performance acceleration
- Drive results for unique global and industry needs

What We Offer

Explore Opportunities. Unlock your Potential.
When you are part of Sutherland, you are a part of something big. Our mission is to help our people grow and we are committed to developing your talents, maximizing your impact and empowering you to take action.
At Sutherland, we focus on:   
Building Skills: 
Skills for professional growth. Skills for life. Develop and strengthen your abilities to navigate challenges, operate efficiently in a dynamic and evolving industry and make a profound difference in the lives of others, every day.
Embracing Challenges: 
Tackle challenges head on through a trusted and supportive environment that rewards taking risks. Learn to think outside the box and be a creative problem solver.
Maximizing Potential: 
Imagine a world where hesitations and doubts are a thing of the past. At Sutherland, we encourage you to reach for the stars and we’ll help support your ambitions. We’ll work hard together and have fun along the way – we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you as part of our team!
Celebrating Success: 
We are a team in every possible way and that means that we love nothing more than celebrating our successes together. When you soar to new heights in your career, we will be right by your side rewarding and recognizing your growth. No success is too small for each victory is a direct result of your hard work, motivation and incredible work ethic that has made it come to life!

Why Sutherland

We are Sutherland. We are a Team.
At Sutherland, we are more than a group of employees working for the same organization. We are a synergistic team of innovative, diverse and ambitious peers working collectively to achieve unprecedented results. Every day, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our clients and deliver those results through our robust culture built on a foundation of passion and creativity. We are revolutionaries disrupting the industries we support on behalf of our clients.
Why Sutherland
To know what we do at Sutherland is merely the beginning of the story. For our people, we work tirelessly every day to provide our teams:
Growth:  Sutherland is consistently experiencing exponential growth as a direct result of our team of dedicated and trusted employees. We work together to grow one another.
Opportunity: We proudly represent and collaborate with top tier brands around the globe. Expanding our trusted teams each year. With us, you too will be able to see these opportunities first hand!
Impact:  Each day, expand our capabilities in how we positively affect our clients’ businesses and we couldn’t be more honored! We make a difference to our clients in so many ways and it’s unbelievably rewarding.
Development: We leverage our four growth pillars of personal development to help you push your boundaries and soar to new heights of success. We provide ample training, learning opportunities and development challenges to help you see what we see in you!
Empowerment: We trust you. Free yourself from your doubts and hesitations and learn to trust your judgement to do what you feel is best, giving our clients customer’s best in class service. Be curious, take action. Every interaction is an opportunity to do something great. This is how we grow.
Diversity and Culture:  We experience our greatest successes when we join our diverse backgrounds, knowledge and expertise to collectively face challenges and overcome them together. We view diversity as the cornerstone to our strength and infuse that mentality into every component of our culture. Come as you and be part of us.


“Sutherland means everything to me. It enables me to support my family and help my customers by doing what I love to do which is to resolve their issues and provide a solution.”
Mandeep D.
“Working at Sutherland gave me all the skills I needed to problem solve on a daily basis.”
Carlos R.
“The great thing that I love about Sutherland is that they really care about their employees. It’s a great feeling because at the end of the day my job is to make people happy.”
Maria Y.
"Sutherland feels like home to me. The people here have an energy you can’t find anywhere else – it’s so inspiring and contagious. My wife came to one of our recognition dinners and she was so moved by the way we recognize our employees. I’m proud to say we truly do appreciate how hard they work every day, and we go out of our way to celebrate their accomplishments. Our teams come up with creative, amazing solutions. Our company gives people a chance at incredible careers. I love that I get to help people realize their goals."
Mike D.
"At Sutherland, I have the opportunity to take on exciting new challenges every day which allow me to grow and learn along the way. And this work does not go unnoticed. Through our rewards and recognition program, all employees can acknowledge the value our peers bring to the organization."
Susan B.
"Sutherland offers me an optimal platform to showcase my abilities and enhance my skillset. I work daily with talented professionals with whom I exchange ideas and best practices. That information sharing continues to not only develop my skills but also the confidence and pride I have in my work."
Juan S.
"The outcome-oriented environment at Sutherland has really allowed me to focus on doing my best work and engage with truly innovative projects. I get to work with professionals at the top of their field, clients leading their markets, and technology at the cutting edge."
Ben L.
"I started at Sutherland in 2008 working for one of the client programs in Rochester before taking some time off to finish my graduate degree. Regardless of where you start, Sutherland offers the opportunity to advance your career through hard work and dedication. After only three years I now manage my own team, and have the ability to drive positive results for the company. I love working at Sutherland because of the people I work with, and the exceptional ability to gain experience and apply myself to difficult tasks almost every day."
Douglas S.
"After six years at Sutherland, I love the leaders, the people, and the culture. Being part of a global organization provides the opportunity to work with a range of professionals across various cultures. It doesn’t matter what time zone we are in, we find a way to collaborate and get things done. Sutherland not only supports diversity but a healthy work-life balance as well. Even with a pile of work on my desk, Sutherland allows me to be a mother and wife first. That support is invaluable to me and my family."
Jaziel D.
"I look up to a number of my managers who have helped to train, educate, and encourage me. I’ve been inspired by their accomplishments and success. I try to model my efforts after them to reach my own goals."
Edward S.
"I am energized by the great people I work with and our cohesive group. They have a great sense of humor and make our work environment fun. Another great part of my job is speaking to customers from all over the world and helping them solve their problem."
Rami S.
"My career at Sutherland has had a few ups and downs, but that path has been a very rewarding experience of discovery. I’m proud to now have the role of team manager so I can encourage and lead my own team to success."
P. Shane M.

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