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About Teva Pharmaceuticals


Many things in life can be counted. At Teva we focus on the things that count.

Career Growth

Join Teva on its journey of growth. Teva has been cultivating excellence for over a century and is today a worldwide leading generic pharmaceutical company and one of the top 15 companies in the industry.
With 43,000 employees in 60 countries worldwide, we are proud to say that our employees are the reason for our sustained success. Their skills and dedication make us an industry leader. The diversity of perceptions, qualifications and talent are the key to our ongoing accomplishments.
Got Great Ideas?
Teva is a place where great ideas flourish. We believe in empowering our employees, presenting them with new challenges and letting them grow and develop professionally. We provide our people with:
- A wide variety of jobs and fields of expertise
- A unique creative organizational culture
- A wealth of opportunities for personal growth
Want to See Your Career Grow?
Our employees enjoy prospects for genuine personal, professional and organizational growth as well as extensive human resources programs that offer:
- Empowerment to manage your own career path and direction
- Generous rewards for achievements
- Tuition reimbursement to pursue your next degree or

Guiding Values

What we do everyday matters.
Our values express what we believe in, they represent the best in us, and they guide us in all we do. Our mission and values were uncovered by our people. They evolved from stories that demonstrate our special spirit and culture, and they represent those qualities that make us unique.
Teva’s mission is to be a global leader in generics and biopharmaceuticals, improving the lives of patients.
It gives meaning to everything we do and it is the reason we come to work each morning. It is about us, the people of Teva, applying our dedication, capabilities, and skills, as well as our passion and human touch, to make better days and better health for millions of people worldwide. Our mission and values guide us to ensure that you - our patients, our customers, our colleagues, and our communities - are at the heart of every decision we make.
Leading the way
We aspire to be an industry leader and a mark of excellence in a constantly changing environment. We are passionate about being first to market and realizing opportunities. We believe that leadership happens with and through people.
Focus and Accountability
We are focused in everything we do. We define clear objectives and concentrate our efforts, attention and energy to deliver. We do what we say and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and results.
Getting it done together
We all work for one company, Teva. By working together more effectively, in close collaboration and alignment, we tap into our full potential and drive our success.
Innovating Where We Create Value
We innovate to create value for patients, our partners in the healthcare system and our
stakeholders. We constantly look for original and better ways to excel, creating solutions for current and future unmet needs.
We care. We care about the wellbeing of patients, care-givers and the communities we touch. We care about our colleagues; creating a respectful, diverse and inclusive working environment.
Making our families proud
Teva improves health and contributes to people’s wellbeing each and every day. We do so by acting with integrity and maintaining the highest standards of quality, ethics and compliance.


Our vision is to consistently develop individuals and improve overall performance to support Teva in attaining its strategy of business growth. Career development at Teva is considered an essential element and perceived as a shared responsibility of managers, employees and the organization as a whole.
At Teva, we believe that you are at the helm of your career and each Teva team member is encouraged to be ambitious and carefully plan and drive your own career development.
Our managers create and maintain a climate that engages individuals with training and development as a part of the ongoing performance management process. This unique work environment supports both your career aspirations and Teva’s business strategy.
Teva provides the support, tools, and infrastructure for employees to develop and enhance their capabilities with the ultimate goal of continuous growth within the organization.
Teva Leadership Development
Talent Management is about establishing and maintaining Teva’s competitive advantage through its people. It is strategic and critical to our sustained performance and continued growth.
The main objective of the Talent Management strategy is to ensure the right employees are in the right positions both now and in the future. This involves the identification, development, motivation and retention of Teva's top talent.

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