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Interviewing at Venper Academy

See what people said about the interview process at Venper Academy.

Interview experience

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Interview difficulty

Based on 23 interviews

Interview process length

Based on 21 interviews
About a week

Interview process at Venper Academy

Overall experience

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Poor and 10 is Excellent, their rating is 4.

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Easy and 10 is Difficult, their rating is 4.

Interview process length
About a week
About a day or two
About two weeks
More than one month
About a month
Most reported steps
Not enough data
Least reported steps
Not enough data

What candidates say about the interview process at Venper Academy

  • Staff are really helpful and when you first join they make sure they have all the information they need to help you find the right job. They always keep you in the loop with what jobs they have found …
    Shared on September 27, 2019
  • Venper Academy interview process was quite professional. They keep the time. Panel are friendly. You will be interviewed based on your experience and qualifications. Confidence and good fluency of Eng…
    Shared on September 26, 2019
  • Profile screening with HRWritten test and demo session on fixed topicsNumerical testGroup discussion with SMEs' and Academics team
    Shared on September 26, 2019 - Faculty/Trainer - Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Interview questions at Venper Academy

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • What are your greatest professional strengths?
    Shared on October 7, 2019 - Senior Faculty - Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • They asked about my uniqueness of my teaching. my answer was like this...If I would be appointed here for Math classes, I would make sure that my students will learn about the subject as well as the …
    Shared on September 26, 2019
  • Asked all set of question from your favorite subject. Also asked a few conceptual question. I like the overall experience. However its on individual to find the difficulty level.
    Shared on September 26, 2019

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