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"We’ve demonstrated we can live without the others. We cannot live without Indeed."

Kathlene Collins, Publisher Inside Higher Ed
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The leading online resource for higher education uses Indeed to draw targeted job seeker traffic directly to its online job board.


Inside Higher Ed is the online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education. The site features breaking news, daily commentary, practical career columns and a powerful suite of tools to help higher education professionals get jobs. The site also includes job postings from colleges and universities looking to identify and hire employees.

In its pursuit to draw targeted job seekers to its job board, Inside Higher Ed chose Indeed’s pay per click (PPC) model to drive traffic at a low cost.

“Traffic to our news pages has been very strong, but we needed to build the traffic on the jobs portion of our website,” said Kathlene Collins, publisher of Inside Higher Ed.

"Working with the PPC model, you get what you pay for. And working with Indeed versus other PPC models, there's no comparison."

Kathlene Collins, Publisher
Inside Higher Ed


Having worked with other pay per click models in the past, Inside Higher Ed was looking for a solution that provided the benefit of the PPC model without having to put in extra effort.

“With the others, getting set up created too many headaches. With Indeed, getting set up required next to nothing,” Collins said. “Really, all I said was ‘yes, go for it,’ and that was it for the technical requirements.”

Once the sponsored jobs campaign on Indeed was up and running, the client focused on measuring the difference in the traffic coming from Indeed versus other sources.

“Working with the PPC model, you get what you pay for,” Collins said. “And working with Indeed versus other PPC models, there’s no comparison.”


Since beginning the sponsored jobs campaign, the client has seen an enormous increase in high-quality job seeker traffic:

  • Nearly 750,000 clicks directly to Inside Higher Ed’s jobs from Indeed
  • An average of six page views per visit, two and a half times the average of visitors from all sources
  • Double the traffic and clicks compared with the next highest competitor

Not only did working with Indeed show Inside Higher Ed great results, it also helped in growing its business.

“Colleges and universities view our relationship with Indeed as a selling point for Inside Higher Ed. Our clients not only appreciate that we work with Indeed, they expect it,” Collins said.

“We’ve demonstrated we can live without the others. We cannot live without Indeed.”

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