"Indeed definitely has helped bring down our average cost per hire."

Lisa Hart, Talent Acquisition Manager Nokia
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The world leader in mobile communications uses Indeed sponsored jobs to lower its cost per applicant and cost per hire.


Nokia‘s promise to customers is to connect them in new and better ways. To do so, this pioneer of mobile devices and technology hires hundreds of high-performing individuals in software and services, media, sales and business development roles each year. And in such a competitive space, Nokia needs recruitment advertising solutions that deliver both top talent and a strong return on investment (ROI). “We’re looking at what we’re using to bring talent in, and we’re always reviewing the costs,” said Lisa Hart, Talent Acquisition Manager at Nokia. “We analyze cost per applicant and cost per hire a lot, and we are working to drive those costs down.”


Sponsoring jobs on Indeed was a way for Nokia to advertise all of its jobs at once, while also giving harder-to-fill jobs more visibility. By segmenting its sponsored jobs on Indeed, Nokia was able to prioritize certain areas where the company wanted to drive more targeted job seeker interest and invest more of its budget. “Indeed is a way to promote all of our jobs,” Hart said. “But it also allowed us to focus on certain areas, such as software and services.”

Because Indeed is a search engine for jobs, each click on a Nokia sponsored job sent the job seeker directly to that job in the client’s applicant tracking system (ATS), Taleo Enterprise Edition. There Nokia could clearly see which areas were receiving applications and hires from Indeed. “It’s great to drive candidate traffic directly to our site,” Hart said. “When you have limited resources, it’s nice to have that additional help bringing candidates to you.”

"Indeed delivered results for Nokia at a lower cost than other sources."

Lisa Hart, Talent Acquisition Manager


As a pay per click recruitment advertising solution, Indeed delivered results for Nokia at a lower cost than other sources, helping to decrease the client’s cost per applicant and per hire. “I was skeptical about the pay per click model,” Hart said. “But it’s been great to see the success stories we have had.” During the 10-month period of this study, Nokia received the following from Indeed:

  • More than 35,000 sponsored clicks direct to jobs in the client’s ATS
  • More than 4,200 applications, which converted into 13 hires
  • Cost per hire that was 74 percent less than the company average

“It’s a significant number of hires,” Hart said. “Indeed definitely has helped bring down our average cost per hire. When we look at what sites are working best, Indeed is providing value.”

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