Smokey Bones

"With Indeed we can easily set our budget and maximize the return on every dollar spent."

Sarah Anderson, Recruiting Manager Smokey Bones
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Indeed provides a growing restaurant chain with more hires, at a lower cost per hire – and in hard-to-fill locations – than other online recruitment sources.


Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill is known across 17 states for its unique twist on big-bold flavors, hand-crafted cocktails and good times. Many of the chain’s nearly 70 restaurants are located outside of large metro areas, making it a challenge to reach the needed volume of qualified candidates for its hourly and restaurant management positions. “We wanted to expand our recruiting reach without adding excessive costs,” said Sarah Anderson, Recruiting Manager for Smokey Bones.

When evaluating the performance of its recruitment advertising sources, Smokey Bones pays close attention to cost per hire and candidate volume. “Indeed lets us get the most out of our budget and provides greater advertising flexibility than job boards,” Anderson said. There are no contracts and we can adjust our campaigns to increase candidate volume where and when it’s needed.”

"Indeed lets us get the most out of our budget and provides greater advertising flexibility than job boards."

Sarah Anderson, Recruiting Manager
Smokey Bones


Smokey Bones sponsored its jobs on Indeed to increase targeted candidates for openings at its various restaurant locations. “We were impressed with the volume of applicant flow from Indeed,” Anderson said. “Indeed reaches multiple audiences in areas that have proven difficult to recruit in historically. We’ve received candidates and hires for hourly positions and management roles, as well as highly qualified candidates for our corporate roles.”

To get the most out of its recruitment budget, Smokey Bones takes advantage of Indeed’s Bid Optimizer. Bid Optimizer evenly distributes Smokey Bones’ monthly budget by automatically adjusting its cost per click (CPC) throughout the day. This keeps costs as low as possible, while providing the desired amount of traffic. “With Indeed we can easily set our budget and maximize the return on every dollar spent,” Anderson said.

Indeed’s Client Services team assisted Smokey Bones to ensure the performance of its Sponsored Jobs campaign could be measured by its internal applicant tracking system (ATS) and provided a smooth transition when Smokey Bones switched to Taleo Business Edition, its new ATS.


Sponsoring its jobs on Indeed allowed Smokey Bones to reduce its usage of more costly and less effective traditional recruitment channels. “We really value sources that are both cost-effective and flexible, and Indeed’s performance has made it an increasingly important part of our recruiting strategy,” Anderson said.

Over a nine-month period, Indeed provided:

  • 10 hires for key positions including general manager, bar manager, restaurant manager and service manager, including roles in hard-to-fill locations
  • $550.80 cost per hire vs. average job board cost per hire of $689

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