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Attract candidates to your jobs with Company Pages

With more than 10 million employer reviews, Indeed's Company Pages help potential employees find the right company based on their values and interests. Companies with detailed profiles and positive reviews attract more qualified applicants.

Build your talent brand
Provide trustworthy and authentic information for prospective hires
Encourage employees to share your story
Increase traffic to your jobs
Company Page content attracts more visitors to your jobs
Followers get updates on your new jobs and content
Raise your visibility — at no charge
Add photos, logo, company information, social accounts, and more
Include Twitter, Facebook, and blog accounts to deepen relationships

Add photos to your Company Page on Indeed!

Sep 13, 2012 from the Indeed Blog

What does your work look like? Job seekers want to know and it’s easy to show them. Now, you can add photos to your Company Page on Indeed to give people an inside look...

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Employers: claim your Company Page on Indeed

Feb 15, 2012 from the Indeed Blog

Company Pages offer a new way for employers to promote their company to more than 60 million job seekers on Indeed. Employers can claim their Company Page – for free...

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