How to Screen Candidates with Your Team on Indeed

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When you hire collaboratively, you build a culture of feedback, transparency and unity with your hiring team. People on your team will know that they have a voice and are an important part of the vision you are all working toward.

More than that, getting feedback from your colleagues can decrease your stress, improve the candidate experience, educate hiring managers on the candidate market and even cut down on time-to-hire.

Here’s how you can screen candidate applications on Indeed in a collaborative way.


Invite team members to view applications

With Indeed, setting up a collaborative hiring is easy. When you provide access to your dashboard via Communications Settings, you can share Notes with one another. Basically, you have got a one stop shop where you can all weigh in on candidates’ qualifications.

To invite your colleagues to view applicants:

  1. Click on the profile icon in the top right hand corner of your Employer Dashboard
  2. Choose Communications Settings from the dropdown menu
  3. When prompted, provide your colleague/collaborator’s email address(es)
  4. Set their access level


An overview of access levels on Indeed

To give your hiring team the right access to your Indeed account, it is important to understand what levels of access are available. Here’s a quick breakdown of access levels on Indeed:

  • Admin: Full access to all features on Indeed. Grants the ability to add and remove other users, edit company information, manage sponsored job campaigns and more.
  • Jobs: Allows users to post, sponsor and manage jobs on Indeed.
  • Candidates: Gives users the ability to view and contact applicants to posted jobs.
  • Analytics: Grants users the ability to view analytics overviews and all reports.
  • Billing: Allows users to submit payments and edit billing information.


Take and share candidate notes

Candidate Notes provides an easy and quick way to compare feedback on a candidate’s resume, skills and interview performance.

Jot down your first impressions of a candidate’s resume and/or cover letter and take notes during phone screens and interviews to refer back to later. If you are using an interview scoring rubric, you can use your interview notes to help you assign a score to candidates to make your hiring process more objective.

During interviews, consider taking notes on a candidate’s body language, any interview answers that stand out to you and whether they meet your must-have and/or nice-to-have qualifications.


Forward resumes to your colleagues

When you see a resume that stands out to you, click Forward Resume to send it to your colleagues for feedback. Here are some tips for effectively screening resumes.

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