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When you post your job on Indeed you can count on quality candidates, supportive customer service (as in real people on the phone), and a one-stop shop where you can centralise your hiring process (hint: that is our Employer Dashboard). But there is also more. Here’s what you can expect when hiring with Indeed.


Posting a job

Gather the information recommended in the Job Post Checklist. Then, go to Submit Your Job. We will walk you through the intake from there, asking pointed questions, geared at generating the kind of information that is most relevant to jobseekers. We will prompt you to add important information, setting you up for success.


Watch your job post go live

After you submit your Job Post, we will take it through our internal moderation process (this helps ensure that jobs are legitimate and reliable). When moderation is complete, we will process and place your post on Find Jobs within 24-48 hours of submission.


Resumes and applications

Check applications and resumes in your Employer Dashboard. When you go to your Candidates tab, you will filter applicants so that you can see and/or act fast to contact your most quality applicants.


Weekly summary

Every Monday, we will email you a Job Post Summary, including your number of applicants, Sponsored Jobs updates, and tips to help you optimise your results.


Sponsored job postings

Sponsoring your Job increases visibility. That is partly because Sponsored Jobs appear for longer than others. When you sponsor, you will also unlock Matched Candidates, which allows you to see a list of candidates whose resumes on Indeed fit your job criteria as soon as you pay to post. If you think someone is a good fit, invite them to apply. You may pausecancelchange, or remove your Sponsored Jobs at any time.

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