Prioritising well-being is a key differentiator in attracting and retaining tech talent; understanding how to advertise this to tech talent is paramount as well.

Despite recent layoffs, tech talent is still in high demand. In a recent Gartner study, 86% of CIOs reported facing more competition for qualified candidates, and 73% were worried about IT talent attrition.

To discover more about what motivates this highly sought-after talent pool — and how best to compete for them — Indeed surveyed 316 U.S. enterprise employers hiring tech talent and 1,059 U.S. workers who are currently in or were recently laid off from tech roles.

The results? Prioritising employee well-being, offering remote and hybrid work options and fostering a sense of belonging are key differentiators as companies aim to attract and retain talent in the tech space. 

This comprehensive study includes exclusive data insights to help HR and TA professionals keep up with new trends so they can compete for quality talent to fill challenging tech roles. Our survey also found that the majority of tech employees landed their current positions by searching for jobs and applying on their own, which can be daunting on the jobseeker. Instead, employers can tap into today’s tech talent pool with Indeed’s Tech Network. The Tech Network seamlessly integrates into your job advertising strategy on Indeed to distribute job ads to over 50 technology-specific job sites with over 50 crore total monthly visits.1 When using the Tech Network, employers experienced a 3.5X increase in relevant applications from skilled candidates.2

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